Interlude: Favourite Robots Pt1: 10-6

To celebrate the return of the internet to my laptop, and because we have officially reached the half way point of the 7th wars recaps, I thought it would be nice to have a little interlude, split into a couple of parts because why not. If you wondered why I decided to go backwards with the recaps, I actually started watching Robot Wars quite late into its run, around about the 5th wars. Of course, I’ve watched every episode now, having caught up, but it also means that most of the robots I initially liked and knew were from later on. The 7th wars is a lot easier for me to recap that the 1st, basically.

And, as such, a lot more of my favourite robots on this list will come from the back end of the series.

Anyway, without further delay, here we go:

10. Overdozer/Wyrm


MDF Nightmare

Of course, I was going to be difficult and actually have 2 robots in the number 10 spot, but as they both came from the same team, I’ll allow it.

Overdozer made its debut in the 8th wars, in Week 3 alongside robots such as Dantomkia, TR2 and King B. Whilst the 8th wars, the first wars of the current run, brought with it an age of steel, Overdozer had a much more classic feel… Because it was made of wood. It was a brilliant abomination, and one that only actually lasted about 20 seconds in the arena before dying and becoming cannon fodder for Dantomkia.

Wyrm was supposedly an upgrade for the 9th wars, but although the wooden shell had been replaced with a metal one, it was lacking in armour of effective weaponry, two vital components. After immobilising itself in the initial melee, it got a reprieve and competed in the Head to Heads, where it lost its spinner proof scoop… after contact with a spinner, then managed to drive over it and immobilise themselves in the very next fight. IT was gloriously awful, and the team behind it are so much fun that I had to include it on the list.

What a pair of robots.

9. Behemoth

Tipping the volcano

Behemoth are one of those robot that have been around for a very, very long time. It may not have been there from the very start, but after first appearing in the 2nd wars, the robot has gone through countless upgrades and updates. If you ever want to see how a robot evolves over time, Behemoth is your best case study.

I’ve been to a few live events over the past few years (All of them in Gloucester, incidentally). And I’ve always found myself cheering Behemoth on in fights. Watching it on TV, I never actually cared that much for it, but at the live events I started to really get behind them. In an arena dominated by flippers, Behemoth’s unique bucket scoop adaptation drew me in. It was something different.

Behemoth also hold the record of my first ever ‘Out of the Arena’ on Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. Is that a crap reason to like a robot? Maybe. But it certainly did its chances no harm.

8. Tornado


Tornado are a robot that you either love or you hate. Whilst some people don’t enjoy what they perceive to be a box on wheels pushing things around, I was taken by the sheer power and domination you can get over a competitor simply by ramming into them. It was rather mesmerising.

There are ups and downs as with every robot, but Tornado also courted its own controversy, especially in the later wars. Most infamous of course for the 6th wars grand final against Razer, where it bolted on a massive metal cage that stopped Razer from reaching the vital organs of the robot. There was also the 7th wars incident with Storm 2, where supposedly they went over the pit as it was going down, only for the pit to rise up again so they could continue.

I’m not saying these controversies don’t count for anything, but in my opinion Tornado was a bloody good robot.

7. Terrorhurtz

Killer Blow

Terrorhurtz brought something different to robot wars. Not only was it an axebot, as opposed to the more popular flippers and spinners, it was a robot that went for blunt force trauma as opposed to piercing armour and components like most other axes did.

It first appeared in my first wars, the 5th wars, and brought down a rain of hammer blows right from the word go. It didn’t have the greatest 5th wars, but the 6th wars is where it shone. It battered pretty much everything in sight into a pulp, and I think it was that war that made me admire the robot so much. I’ll never forget the absolute annihilation of Panic Attack, a great robot in its own right, in the Heat I final. It was the changing of the guard.

Of course, they then got kicked out of the 7th wars, but we’ll ignore that.

And, aside from their brutal robot (Which eventually brought success on the live scene), John Reid is a cool guy and someone that brings plenty of entertainment to the show, especially in the 9th wars when everything suddenly started going quite wrong. What a guy.

6. Carbide

Hitching a ride

The unofficial mascot of the this blog, or at least the robot that adorns the front page’s header, Carbide stole my breath away when the 8th wars first hit our TV screens, and from then on I’ve been hoping to see as much devastation and destruction as possible come from the frighteningly powerful bar spinner weapon.

Of course, as much as I like this robot, you can imagine my displeasure at seeing Behemoth AND Terrorhurtz get drawn in the same heat as it. I didn’t know back then just how powerful it was going to be.

They came oh so close to winning the title in the 8th wars, before eventually losing to Apollo because their weapon fried itself. But they were back and, somehow, even more deadly than before once the 9th wars rolled around, and my admiration for them went up several steps on the ladder.

I have no idea what’s going to happen for the 10th wars, but I have a feeling they’re going to be right up there once again.

So that’s it for part 1! There are 5 more robots on the list, but who could they be? I mean I expect you to know who at least one of the robots is, if you have read my earlier work on this blog, but the rest shall remain a mystery.

Until next time.

Update: Internet Issues

Usually I leave a few days between each article before writing the next one, and so I should have a new article out by now, but unfortunately my internet has decided to go to shit in the last couple of days. I’m writing this on my phone, and there’s no way I could do an actual article like this without wanting to throw said phone out of the window.

Hopefully my internet makes a triumphant return soon, but incase it doesn’t and I’m stuck without it for a while, this is your warning that I won’t be here.

Technology sucks.

Robot Wars S07E08 Part 3: It’s A Revolution

We’re half way through the second round of Heat H, having just witnessed St Agro narrowly beating Dutch robot Scraptosaur. It looked as if it was going to end one way, before suddenly switching the other, showcasing the unpredictable nature of this show. Next up we have a classic battle- it’s spinner versus flipper as Ceros comes up against Revolution 3.

Both of these robots would fancy their chances, but with Ceros suffering problems in the pits with a solenoid failure, how badly will that affect their chances? Can Revolution 3 take advantage? Bear in mind Revolution 3 looked worse for wear at the end of its own melee too.

Your house robots are Shunt and Sgt. Bash, let’s get ready to rumble!

Revolution 3, almost straight away go for the pit release button (Though they do run into the Refbot first).. It activates, but Ceros come in and pin them against the wall, but then miss their flip. Ceros seems to be working fine despite the earlier problems they had, but now they need to put the robot into action.

Revolution 3 escape and drive away, but Ceros come back at them, slamming into them. Revolution 3 don’t take kindly to this, and the robot practically seems to enter shutdown mode. It dies, right there on the spot, from that one hit. Ceros get in underneath and flip Revolution 3 towards the flame pit, but there is just no response from the troubled robot.

The Winner and The Unresponsive.png
The Winner & The Unresponsive

Ceros flip them again, pushing them towards Shunt and his CPZ. Revolution 3 makes the tiniest of movements, but there definitely seems to have been a failure of some kind that has caused the robot to cut out. Shunt can now come in and play around for a bit, though Ceros fancies having a go at the house robot too!

Punching above your weight
Punching above your weight

Shunt apparently doesn’t fancy it anymore, so retreats and lets Sgt. Bash have a go instead. But as Bash is manoeuvring into position, Ceros decides to try their hand at flipping them too! They can’t quite do it, but Bash does end up slightly in the air for a while. Something tells me both house robots are getting somewhat annoyed at their treatment.

As Revolution 3 is counted out by the Refbot, Shunt takes to chasing Ceros around the arena, at one point even capturing them and brining the axe down on them. But Ceros has the last laugh, getting round Shunt’s side and finally tipping them over. Mission complete!


The battle may have ended a long time ago, but the war must go on! Sgt. Bash takes revenge for the flipping of Shunt, actually grabbing hold of Ceros with the jaw, leading to an epic tug of war between the two robots. Bash tries to get Ceros into the pit, but when they get close, sometimes right to the edge, Ceros pushes back, and Sgt. Bash is in peril itself. Refbot rights Shunt, who tries to help by pushing Ceros back. Now Ceros are hovering over the pit and unable to get traction anywhere, but Bash’s jaws are stuck! So now they’re both trapped together!

Shunt meanwhile has gone back to Revolution 3, and taken them over to the drop zone, one of the old favourite hazards. This time? Not a washing machine or an ocean buoy, this time the item to be dropped is none other than a TV. There’s only one thing coming away from this in one piece, and it’s not the TV.

Cease is finally called. Still no word on whether Ceros actually ended up in the pit…

The final. St Agro fought hard to get into it, whilst Ceros couldn’t have asked for an easier ride (In the actual battle itself). Ceros did have to contend with the house robots afterwards, and who says they won’t remember going into this battle? For St Agro, they’re facing yet another flipper. Running both sides up has never seemed such a good idea as it has now.

There’s a switch up in the house robots, with pig menace Matilda joined by the archfiend of doom himself, Mr Psycho. Let the heat final begin!

Both robots start off tentative around each other, looking for an opening. It’s difficult to find one when both robots are looking for the same thing, but eventually Ceros manages to get round the side of St Agro- however, their flip misses its target, and Ceros end up on their ass! St Agro, not ones to miss a chance, then flip Ceros themselves, leaving them in an awkward position where it doesn’t look like they can self right.

So, of course, Refbot comes in and pushes Ceros onto their back, a position from which they can self right. Wouldn’t want the battle to finish so soon, would we? *Insert producer interference comment here*.

With Ceros back up and running, they go for St Agro again, and this time their side on assault does land a hit, and they send St Agro flying. Means nothing in the context of trying to KO your opponent, but it does build aggression points. St Agro retaliate, but Ceros survive this one by landing back on their wheels. But St Agro aren’t done, and go for another one straight away, this time it does tip over Ceros (And we get a little dance too).

Interpretive Dance
Interpretive Dance

Ceros look to be struggling, and something in the drive system looks to have gone. They aren’t moving right, that’s for certain. St Agro decide that this is the ideal time to open up the pit, and they’re pretty much right. Ceros can’t seem to get itself away from the pit, and St Agro’s pushes and little flips aren’t helping them achieve it either. But Ceros almost have revenge! And infact, their flip on St Agro almost sends the double sided flipper into the pit instead!

So, so close
So, so close

There’s an added complication to this fight other than the pit, because where they are is right next to Matilda’s CPZ. And, as St Agro recovers from almost going down the pit, they drive right next to Matilda, who brings the flywheel out and slices a rather hefty piece straight out of St Agro’s wheel.

So now St Agro have only one fully working wheel.

In the end, it doesn’t matter. St Agro still have enough traction to mount another attack, flipping Ceros against the arena side wall. Ceros try to push themselves off, but only push themselves into Matilda and bounce straight back onto it. Now they’re out of gas and out of options, and there’s no coming back from there for Ceros.

Ceros' Goodbye
Ceros’ Goodbye

St Agro are deserving winners, but once again it could well have been a very different story if Ceros had managed to put them into the pit.

End of the fight, end of Ceros. But there is still enough time for Matilda to come charging in with the flywheel, delivering a blow so powerful it not only splinters Ceros’ underside, but propels them out of the arena too. Game, set and match.

So there we have it, the genesis of the flippers continues with St Agro joining a whole host of robot brothers in the semi-finals. This also marks the half way point of the heats. 8 more to go… Until next time.

Robot Wars S07E08 Part 2: Crush Crush Crush

Heat H rolls on into the second phase of its existence with yet another special event. This is one of the one off special events, as opposed to a featherweight battle or a World Championship Qualifier. We’ve had spinners and flippers, even axes. But now it’s time for a corner of the Robot Wars not often touched upon. It’s the crushers! Yes, this is the “Crusher Crunch Up”, featuring 3 of Robot Wars’ piercing friends. No Razer, who of course is the most famous crusher of the lot, but still several worthy contenders. We must also remember of course that now departed Ming Dienasty’s predecessor was Ming 3… A crusher.

But, to the actual battle, and first up is Mantis. Despite weighing the full 100kg, Mantis looks like something of a skeleton when compared to most robots out there. Everything has holes and gaps in it, from the armour to the weaponry. Talking of weaponry, Mantis not only has a large crushing pincer, it also has a set of lifting forks, making it doubly efficient in trapping a robot- now it can lift them off the floor and trap them with the claw. Is it going to work against two fellow crushers?

Next up we have Pinser, which takes a somewhat different approach. Clad in full armour and with a shorter, smaller and more enclosed beak than Mantis, Pinser looked to get underneath its competitors with the front scoop, then bring their crushing arm down. It features a 4 wheel drive system and side skirts to protect the high ground clearance, but should they ever get turned over, they do also supposedly have a self righting mechanism. How effective it is remains to be seen.

Finally we have R.O.C.S., a machine that is built much like Mantis in the sense that the armour is basically blue coloured scaffolding. Still, it has experience on its side, having fought in 3 wars before this (Though the 2nd and 3rd wars versions of the robot were significantly different in design). R.O.C.S. can use two of the aforementioned scaffolding poles to self-right, but whilst it is highly manoeuvrable, it is incredibly slow at just 5mph. Does that make it an easy target, or does experience count?

Your house robots are a pair of new boys, in Mr Psycho and Cassius Chrome. Let’s get the crushing crusade underway!

Unfortunately, unlike some battles in which the robots will just pile into each other, these 3 robots seemed more than content to spend the opening exchange keeping to themselves. Well, R.O.C.S. couldn’t really go anywhere at such a low top speed, but nobody else tried either. Eventually, eventually both other robots made their way over to ganging up on R.O.C.S., but the build-up was quite pathetic.

However, now they’re there, the fight can really begin. Not so good if you’re a R.O.C.S. fan, because they can’t catch a break. Pinser don’t do too much with them, but Mantis manage to get underneath the robot and lift them partially off the floor, before driving them all the way into Mr Psycho’s CPZ. Psycho brings the hammer down, but it actually ends up hitting Mantis on the crusher.

Psycho's Corner.png
Psycho’s Corner

Psycho does manage to split R.O.C.S. and Mantis apart, allowing Mantis to escape. R.O.C.S. are now very much trapped in the corner, and Mr Psycho isn’t really willing to let them go, instead happy to play around with them, driving them up against the wall or attempting to tip them over. The hammer comes down again, landing hard onto one of R.O.C.S.’ scaffolding poles arms. But, they do eventually have to be set free, allowed once again to join the wild west.

Meanwhile, Mantis is now trying to have a go at Pinser, but can’t get underneath anywhere near as easily. Instead they end up driving up Pinser’s wedge, and now Pinser can bring their own crushing arm down. Unfortunately for them, because Mantis is pretty much made of nothing, they can’t actually really get a grip on anything. They have Mantis in their grasp, but they can’t do any damage.

R.O.C.S. has now rejoined the battle, but it seems very unsure as to whether it should actually go in for a bite, or to hold back. It goes in, hesitates, then gets back out of there. Rattled? Either way, Pinser decide to take their capture of Mantis one step further, and drive the robot over the flame pit.


Mantis, somehow, survives this. And now R.O.C.S. has decided to join the party, but by attacking Pinser. They can get underneath, and they do bring the crushing arm down. They don’t, however, seem to do any damage. They decouple, and Mantis, released and free, goes after Pinser, looking for revenge. They tangle, and Pinser is shoved into the pit release button, something that leads Mantis to almost drive down the opening pit. They just about survive.

With Mantis driving wild, Pinser grab hold of R.O.C.S., and this time they do manage to do some damage. The hydraulic pincer comes down, tearing through the vital organs of their opponent. You can hear the popping sounds as cables and pipes are ripped apart. Somehow R.O.C.S. are still mobile, but the weapon looks completely out of commission. Pinser are looking like the robot on top at this moment in time.

But then Pinser explodes.

It’s the hydraulic system that explodes, really, over one of the arena flame jets. Made a very loud, rather impressive bang when it went too, along with a flash. And that isn’t good news for the robot.

Hydraulic Powered Kaboom
Hydraulic Powered KABOOM!

Mantis and R.O.C.S. are completely tangled together, with Mantis’ lifting forks jammed into R.O.C.S.’ scaffolding chassis. Pinser meanwhile is now very much on fire, and not going anywhere. All 3 robots are fucked.

3 robots, no hope
3 robots, no hope

Cassius Chrome comes in to break things up, to see who is actually still mobile. Pinser aren’t, not really. And once the Mantis/R.O.C.S. coupling is split apart, it becomes clear that Mantis are infact still mobile, whilst R.O.C.S. are not. And so there can only be one winner.


So, after what was a very entertaining special event, one of the best I think we’ve seen so far, it’s back to the main competition. St Agro, Ceros, Scraptosaur and Revolution 3 all made it through, in various stages of disrepair, into the second round.

But our first battle concerns the double sided flipper of St Agro, and the Dutch destroyer Scraptosaur. Two very different flipper bots going head to head.

Your house robot are Cassius Chrome- complete with a new set of boxing gloves- and Sir Killalot. To battle!

Unlike the crushers, Scraptosaur and St Agro aren’t afraid to get up close and personal to each other early on. Scraptosaur do most of the actual work, although the robot does looks somewhat hard to control, and the first flip levelled against St Agro missed its mark completely. The second one, however, landed. This doesn’t make a whole lot of difference, with St Agro able to run both ways up effectively, and in no danger yet of going out of the arena.

Now it’s St Agro’s turn to go on the attack, but they can’t get underneath Scraptosaur properly, and the flip misses. This allows Scraptosaur to get in themselves, and get yet another flip on St Agro. It’s going well for the Dutch boys so far.

Over and over
Over and over

St Agro are in no way giving up, but they’re finding it somewhat more difficult that their first round fight. Scraptosaur is proving rather tricky to get underneath, which is entirely necessary when you’re a flipper. That said, Scraptosaur aren’t having it all their own way, and both teams are missing flips.

Scraptosaur, changing things up, go for the pit release button, adding an extra hazard into play. They’re still going at St Agro, but seem to be becoming a little sloppy, a little unfocused with their attacks. Now, more often than not, the flip misses. Conversely, St Agro have barely tried to actually make a flip all fight. Scraptosaur, getting round the side of St Agro, manage to land a couple of quick blows, but that actually ends up coming back to bite them when it lines St Agro up for a flip of their own. They haven’t done much this fight, but now they’ve put Scraptosaur upside down!

Now the tables have turned, because Scraptosaur can’t get themselves back the right way up! Having tried so many flips earlier on, Scraptosaur look to have run out of CO2 gas, or they just don’t have the power. Now the house robots can come into play, first Sir Killalot has a glance, then Cassius Chrome comes in to land a few right hooks.

Boxing Match
Boxing Match

Refbot comes in to count them out, and that is the end of Scraptosaur’s journey. It was a valiant effort, and one which they looked like they might emerge from with a victory, but all it takes is one flip for the entire fight to turn upside down.

Sir Killalot comes to take away the stricken robot, only to place them right onto the drop zone! This time we get the pleasure of watching a metal ocean buoy drop, bouncing off Scraptosaur and then rolling about a bit. Cassius Chrome then comes in to clean up, boxing Scraptosaur right into the pit. Game.

So, we know one heat finalist. But will it be an all flipper affair between St Agro and Ceros? Or will Revolution 3 stick a spinner into the mix? Until next time.

Robot Wars S07E08 Part 1: End Of A Dynasty

I’m not even trying to hide the results before I write this anymore, am I? It’ll become clear what I mean when you read the title after I introduce the robots in this episode of Robot Wars the 7th Wars. We’re getting into it, and we’re almost half way through the heats, this being the half way point. Some great robots have gone through, but some equally exciting, destructive bots of hell have fallen at an earlier hurdle. This time around we have more chaos, more carnage. We also have one of the less successful seeded robots seen throughout the entire 7th wars and beyond in 15th seeds Ming Dienasty, along with a variety of other robots. Ceros is here, which of course became Rusty in the last wars, with Metalis, Scraptosaur, Revolution 3, St Agro, The Scrapper and Mega Hurts LT also joining the crew. Not going to lie, they do collectively sound like the cast members of a film about a 31st century scrapyard… Or Transformers. Put Michael Bay in the director’s chair and I’m sure you could probably get a decent film out of those names.

Turning our attention to the actual melees going on, and we start off with the fight concerning our seeded friend Ming Dienasty (15), Metalis, Scraptosaur and Ceros.

First off is our seeded robot, Ming Dienasty. The latest in the line of Ming robots to grace our screens, Ming Dienasty is a complete overhaul from the robot’s last incarnation, Ming 3. Gone is the silver paint job and the giant central crushing claw, and in comes a wider body, new drive system and a rather large drill for a weapon, with a self righting arm to complete the picture. The drill itself goes at 3000rpm and the robot can reach speeds of 20mph, but will this Ming be able to rule over the arena?

Next we have Metalis, which is quite honestly a bizarre looking robot, and one that wouldn’t look out of place on a sci-fi show. The front of the robot features a 3-sided scoop made out of what looks like a colander, whilst the top of the robot has something resembling a shark fin on top of it, which doesn’t give it an air of stability. There is also a small clamping claw on the front of the robot which acts as another weapon. Will it work? Who knows.

Next up we have Scraptosaur, the first of two robots in this heat incorporating the word ‘scrap’. It comes from The Netherlands, which has already given us violent flipper bot Gravity, so the bar has been set pretty high. The robot looks like a mediaeval dinosaur and has a CO2 powered flipper as a weapon, whilst the robot itself can go at speeds of up to 15mph. The flipper is not a conventionally shaped wedge flipper, instead featuring a small panel protruding off a vertical face. An interesting design, but how far can it go?

Finally we have Ceros, the series 7 version of Ceros. It looked like a Titanium Rhino and was yet another robot featuring some kind of flipper in this melee (The 7th Wars was flipper heaven I swear). This flipper is more of a short and snappy kind like Scraptosaur, and can also act as a self righter for the robot, useful given the competition.

So we have the competitors, now for the guardians of the arena. For the first battle, the custodians are Dead Metal and that vicious guard dog, Growler!


The battle begins, and for the first few seconds everyone is busy getting their bearings. But once that is all sorted out, they all pile towards Ming, aiming to get their flippers in underneath the one robot that doesn’t possess one. And one of them, Ceros, succeeds, punting Ming through the air and onto their side. Mind try to use the lifting arm to self right, but they are at an awkward angle, and all they really do is just spin themselves around.

With Ming currently out of the way, the three flip kings go at each other, starting out with Scraptosaur and Metalis. Whilst Metalis’ cheese grater doesn’t actually seem to be working, Scraptosaur can’t seem to get in underneath. So, instead, Ceros joins the fight, and flips Metalis over themselves. Now we have two robots on their sides and struggling.

Those who have been flipped
Those who have been flipped

Growler has a short bit of fun with Ming, pushing them towards the flame pit, but it’s looking likely now that Scraptosaur and Ceros are going through with little difficulty. But Ming, having now gone full upside down rather than at an angle, can self right. They’re back in the fight. They’re not really fighting much though, more running away. Eventually Scraptosaur catches up to them, and flips them up onto their rear end… But they come back down on their wheels. Survival.

Balancing Act 2
Balacing Act

Scraptosaur aren’t done though, flipping Ming over again and again, this time putting them in some real trouble. Ming just doesn’t have the time to self right or attempt to fight back because Scraptosaur are on them within an instant. It’s relentless.

Metalis, meanwhile, have been counted out to nobody’s surprise. They are actually flipped back over afterwards, but that’s irrelevant. They’re out. Ming are still whirling around on the floor having survived Scraptosaur’s attempts to put them out of the arena, until Ceros come along and flip them back onto their wheels. Growler grapples with the now immobilised Metalis, despite it trying to run away, whilst Ming runs straight for the pit release button to try and save itself.

This seems to invigorate Ming, who go on a late rampage, putting the drill to work against both Ceros and Scraptosaur. Unfortunately, the drill never seems to get a proper contact, and can only do cosmetic damage. But is it too little too late? Metalis ends up in the pit as the clock counts down, and we’re off to the judges!

Despite Ming’s late foray into the world of battle, the early blows were too much for it. And so the judges, having looked over everything, went for Scraptosaur and Ceros as the victors! The seed has fallen. And now the heat is wide open.

So onto our second melee, and the second half of the scrapyard demons fighting it out for the right to join Scraptosaur and Ceros in the second round of the heats.

First on the list is Revolution 3, hoping to bring its own robot revolution to the arena. A 4 wheel box shaped robot, Revolution 3 is very, very different to its predecessor. Whilst Revolution 2 looked like a remote controlled combine harvester of death and destruction, Revolution 3 is a lot more reserved, with a much smaller front drum to act as weaponry, spinning at approximately 2,500rpm. The robot is invertible, which is good given the high number of flippers in this heat, and has a top speed of 12mph.

Second into the arena is St Agro, one of the many flippers in this heat but also one taking a slightly different approach! Instead of having one sole flipper to rely on, St Agro can actually run both ways up, and as a result has a flipper on each side of the robot. Kind of ingenious if you ask me. Like Revolution 3, the robot runs at 12mph, but it is susceptible to running out of CO2 and has rather large, heavily exposed wheels. They may turn out to be a problem.

Next up is the other robot in this heat with ‘scrap’ in its name, The Scrapper. It’s a taller box shaped robot, invertible, with a 20kg, 950rpm horizontal front disc acting as the robot’s form of punishment. It is unsurprisingly, given the name, made out of scrap, and has 6mm Polycarbonate armour on top of that. It is a brand new robot, so that makes it hard to judge just how well it’ll do in its first ever battle.

Finally we have Mega Hurts LT, a robot that looks like the comic relief of the episode, but with these things you never quite know. The reason it looks comical is mainly due to the drawn on cartoon style eyes. But going on to the actual robot itself- a robot that initially fought in the 2nd wars- we see a machine that might even be capable of doing something. It features a unique double flipper system, one which flips up and another which flips forward. The bottom one looks like a keyboard. It only weighs 91kg, which could prove a problem in the long run against flippers, but supposedly the robot itself can self right.

Dead Metal and Growler keep their place as the resident house robots, either because they’ve refused to move or because the production team is too lazy to change them. Either way, it’s time to let the battle begin!

The fight begins with the robots pairing off, St Agro and Mega Hurts going one way and locking flippers, with The Scrapper and Revolution 3 going disc to disc on the other side. Whilst Mega Hurts clashed flippers with St Agro on the first pass, however, their flipper failed to come down quick enough, and on the next pass St Agro had a free run to get in underneath and toss them over. Mega Hurts does however land on its wheels.

The Scrapper attempts to come into play next, but the disc seems to do little damage to Mega Hurts, and soon Revolution 3 is back and out for blood. Their attack on The Scrapper does result in damage, with a piece of the polycarbonate flying off and away. Mega hurts meanwhile has given up moving, which allows St Agro to come back on the attack and this time, the flip sends them onto their side.

Side on
Side On

Mega Hurts do fall onto their back, which allows them to self right after the second attempt, but they are rattled. Revolution 3 takes over the attack on them, pushing them around for a little bit before dumping them by one of the flame jets. Mega Hurts, it has to be said, does seem to have some tough armour though. Maybe not as useful in this case as a functioning drive system.

The Scrapper, a fringe figure so far in this fight, still looks more menacing that it actually is if this battle is anything to go by. They’re next on St Agro’s list, and do make a rather acrobatic turn onto their disc after the first flip, then come back to rest. St Agro aren’t done with them though, and chase them down before getting back underneath them, just close enough to the arena side wall to try it… OUT THEY GO!

On the end

Mega Hurts, meanwhile, are still not moving. Revolution 3 push them first, but then leave them to St Agro, the real aggressors of this heat. St Agro tries to recreate what just happened with The Scrapper, but Mega Hurts holds on, bouncing off the side wall rather than over it. Now in a CPZ, the house robots come over to play, and Dead Metal decides it’s a good idea to drive over St Agro’s flipper. It isn’t, but fortunately for Dead Metal, St Agro’s flip doesn’t quite cause them to topple over. A lucky escape.

Growler, having avoided St Agro, instead grabs hold of Mega Hurts, shakes them around a bit like every good guard dog, and then throws them into the arena side wall, where St Agro promptly flips them over. Cue Refbot’s inevitable countdown. However, Revolution 3 also seem to have given up the ghost, and St Agro’s flippers are wedged open. They may be going through, but just how battle worthy will they be?

Growler now gets to have its fun with Mega Hurts, and after shaking them around like a chew toy again, then positions them on the floor flipper, where they fly. Always a fun end to a robot’s life, the floor flipper. But St Agro and Revolution 3 are going through!

So there we have our 4 worthy robots- St Agro, Revolution 3, Scraptosaur and Ceros. 3 flippers and a spinner, so the flippers have numbers on their side. That and, well, Revolution 3 wasn’t actually moving by the end of their melee.

What impact will that have? Who will be going through?

Robot Wars S07E07 Part 3: Nuclear Power

I’m currently trying not to die in the mini heatwave, currently being experienced in the UK, whilst I write this. Bear with me and I hope that I won’t die.

So, after S.M.I.D.S.Y. got past a stubborn Mean Streak by pinning them against the wall on their side, the second spot in the heat final is now up for grabs. In one corner we have Hellbent, a lifter/axe combo that pretty much dominated their melee, putting both weapons to good use and making sure to be able to withstand anybody else’s attack. In the other corner is Atomic, a scoop based flipper that was one of the leading contenders in their melee along with the seeded S.M.I.D.S.Y., and even enjoyed a nice tussle with them at the end.

Both robots look good, both robots were impressive early on. But only one robot can progress into the heat final.

Shunt and Matilda make up your pair of prowling house robots. It’s time to get the fight underway!

Atomic are the first robot to make a move, trying to get in round the side of Hellbent and flip them over, but their flip misses. In doing so, they leave themselves vulnerable to a counter attack, which Hellbent goes for, but their lifting spikes weren’t strong enough to take advantage. So after the opening play, neither robot has an advantage.

Atomic seem a lot more desperate to get a flip in than Hellbent, firing off the flipper several times without effect as the two robots begin to circle each other, looking for an opening. But then, with the robots lined up head to head, Hellbent charges straight into Atomic’s flipper. Atomic, with the lower ground clearance, is able to scoop up Hellbent and toss them into the air! Hellbent actually fly backwards over Atomic, but land on their wheels, ready to continue the fight.

Full Frontal.png
Full frontal assault

Hellbent are shaken, and Atomic are looking to capitalise on that. We know now that, at least at the front, Atomic have the advantage when it comes to ground clearance, so a Hellbent attack there does very little, and they’re too far away to use the axe. What it does do is allow Atomic to deflect the drive, then scoop Hellbent up whilst it’s sideways, push it all the way over the edge of the arena…

… And then toss them out completely. Just like that, the battle is over.

Hell bent on its own demise

Atomic, the very powerful, very impressive robot that it is, they’re going through into the heat final.

So here were are, it the Heat G final between two very good lifter/flipper robots. It seems, after the brief interlude with Tornado and X-Terminator that the flippers are well and truly back at the forefront, although I suppose S.M.I.D.S.Y. is more of a rambot than a flipper. It is the 13th seed though, which gives it an inherent advantage for no other reason than because I said it does.

Atomic, on the other hand, look very, very deadly. If S.M.I.D.S.Y. aren’t careful, they might just find themselves out of the arena about 15 seconds in. It doesn’t make Atomic invulnerable to attack- the only invulnerable robot in the whole show is Sir Killalot, and even then he still sometimes loses his head. Atomic could probably blind everyone with their paint scheme before they even need to use their flipper, but it still comes in handy. Are Atomic favourites? I’d say so.

Your house robots are Dead Metal and Growler. The jaws and claws of pain and suffering. To battle!

Both robots seem to start out slightly nervously, drifting in and around each other, but nobody fully committing to an attack. Atomic especially are getting more erratic, driving into the arena side wall on their way to an attack stance. S.M.I.D.S.Y. actually get the first attack in, getting to the side of Atomic and starting to push them, but Atomic are very quick to turn, and instantly pull the situation in their favour, getting round  S.M.I.D.S.Y.’s side and flipping them over onto their back, via a nice little break-dance.


S.M.I.D.S.Y. backs into Atomic as retaliation, landing a hit with their disc. But Atomic’s scoop is heavy armour, and the disc does little in the way of real damage.  S.M.I.D.S.Y. are invertible of course, but it’s a bit of a pain for them now because they’re the way up that means the jaw is useless for getting underneath and pushing or lifting. They try to rectify this by driving straight up Atomic’s scoop, but despite a lovely little pirouette, they remain the wrong way up.

Not to worry though, Atomic don’t give up easily. They come back at S.M.I.D.S.Y., and in one motion drive underneath and flip them over. If this fight doesn’t work for them,  S.M.I.D.S.Y. should look for a job in acrobatics. And, they’re now also the right way up again.

Acrobatics 2

And now the driving is back to being how it was when the fight first started. It is nervous, erratic somewhat. Neither robot able to get a grip on their life. S.M.I.D.S.Y. tries to drive into Atomic with the disc, but it backfires, with Atomic again managing to turn the situation around. The flip though, doesn’t do much to S.M.I.D.S.Y. this time except put them off balance. As S.M.I.D.S.Y. tries to recover, Atomic manage to get round the side, and get in underneath properly.

You know what’s coming next. Oh yes! S.M.I.D.S.Y. is going out of the arena!

The 13th seeds, they’re gone. Unlucky for some? Unlucky for S.M.I.D.S.Y.

So we have another robot joining the legion of flippers in the series semi-final. Atomic are well worth their place, and it’ll be interesting to see how they match up against everyone else. I’ll be back at some point with Heat H, when the weather isn’t trying to kill me, but until then…

Robot Wars S07E07 Part 2: Ending The Streak

After two rather entertaining battles that made up the initial melees, Heat G is really starting to come together. Seeds S.M.I.D.S.Y. have managed to get their way into the second round, along with Atomic, Hellbent and Mean Streak. But, of course, this is the point at which we take a break from all that and go to our special event, which this time is a World Championship Qualifier.

This battle is actually Ireland v South Africa, which makes it sound more like a rugby matchup than anything. In the corner for South Africa we have everybody’s favourite crab bot, Crushtacean. Crushtacean is of course novel because of the way the weapons are controlled. The two crushing crab claws are controlled by a set of motion gloves- if the gloves are closed, the claws close too. As for the actual robot, Crushtacean is a silver dome, which can run both ways up on a 2 wheel drive system, but has a rather large ground clearance in doing so. The robot is fast at 20mph. Can it crush its way to victory?

For The Republic of Ireland we have Topbot, which is something strikingly different to Crushtacean. A yellow and red art exhibition, Topbot can’t quite escape looking like a cheese grater. It has a rather hefty looking flywheel that weighs 30kg, so 30% of the entire robot. It is also invertible, with 4 wheels on both sides of the robot. I don’t know exactly how fast that flywheels spins at, but it looks like it could cause some real damage if it connected with something. Frightening. World’s deadliest cheese grater.

Your house robots for this intercontinental showdown are Sgt. Bash and Mr Psycho. What a line-up. Let’s get down to the fight!

Crushtacean is fastest out of the starting gate, going straight for Topbot and grasping them between the claws with enough purchase to shove them into the CPZ corner, where Topbot can’t really do anything. Eventually, Topbot do manage to escape the crab’s grasp. But as the battle unfolds, Topbot cant’ really seem to get any real contact on a slippery Crushtacean. But, likewise, Crushtacean aren’t really doing anything now. And Topbot’s disc has started getting up to speed.

Now, I don’t know if Topbot was being controlled with a potato, but apparently they thought it was a good idea to drive the robot straight into the arena side wall. Now I said the disc looked hefty, and it is hefty enough to actually smash the side wall into a few pieces. Crushtacean cleans up quite nicely, grasping hold of Topbot and pushing them away from the wreck zone.

The wall
The wall

Crushtacean continues to push Topbot around like a trolley through a supermarket, before pushing them into a different section of the arena side wall. This time it doesn’t break, fortunately. But regardless, Crushtacean are well on top.

Crushtacean’s next move is to manoeuvre Topbot into the pit release button… Eventually. Infact they more take the pit release button apart than just press it, such is the problems with the way the thing is constructed. Now Crushtacean has just one aim, and that is to get Topbot down the pit. And so they push them, slowly, until they’re right on the edge. With one final push, Topbot go falling into the great chasm that is the pit. And so, they are out.

Pit push
Pit push

Crushtacean are flying the flag for South Africa all the way into the 3rd World Championship.

Back to the main event.

We know that Hellbent, Atomic, Mean Streak and S.M.I.D.S.Y. have made it through, and the first second round matchup sees the seeded S.M.I.D.S.Y. come up against Mean Streak. It’s the wedge lifter versus the dual spinner. Which one will come out on top? Will the seeds survive?

Your house robots are unchanged from the last fight, with Mr Psycho and Sgt. Bash retaining their place in the CPZs, looking for trouble. Let’s begin!

Both robots charge head on at each other, but as S.M.I.D.S.Y. have the low wedge with zero ground clearance, they can get underneath Mean Streak, which sails over the top of them. Mean Streak land a couple of hit with the disc in retaliation, but it does minimal damage to S.M.I.D.S.Y., although it does produce some nice sparks for effect. The two robots are similarly shaped, so when they both try to reach around each other to make contact with their weapons, they just end up going round and round in circles with each other.

Round and round and round
Round and round and round

When they finally separate, S.M.I.D.S.Y. start pushing Mean Streak around, trying to get them into a compromising position, but Mean Streak are fighting back, as much as they can. But they’re not doing any of the aggression themselves. Eventually S.M.I.D.S.Y. lets them go, but only when they are in the vicinity of Sgt. Bash. Bash is waiting to pounce, and is almost able to snatch S.M.I.D.S.Y. first. But soon They find Mean Streak in their CPZ, under siege by S.M.I.D.S.Y.

Sgt. Bash take a few bites at Mean Streak, before S.M.I.D.S.Y. comes along and takes them away, once again pushing them across the arena floor. This time they end up in the opposite CPZ, where Mr Psycho is on hand to deliver one hell of a hammer blow to Mean Streak, who are quick to get out of there as quick as possible.


But, in trying to get away from Mr Psycho, Mean Streak end up over the pit as S.M.I.D.S.Y. hit the button. It’s a close thing, but they do manage to get themselves away just in time. This allows S.M.I.D.S.Y. to come back in and push them over the CO2 jet, whilst Bash comes in for a bit of fun too. S.M.I.D.S.Y. start to lift Mean Streak, which is now in real trouble.

And S.M.I.D.S.Y., channelling all the might of its machine, uses the lifting scoop and slowly, slowly begins to tip mean streak over. It’s agonising, and at one point it looks like they’ve lost their grip. But then, with one almighty shove, Mean Streak are on their side against the arena side wall, and immobile.

Refbot comes in and starts to count them down, ending the Mean Streak. The counter hits 10 and they are officially counted out, leaving Mr Psycho to the cleanup job. The claw goes right through Mean Streak as Psycho hoists them up, then dumps them back down onto the floor flipper to watch them fly- and they almost bounce all the way out of the arena.

Well, if Mean Streak were going to go, at least they went out with some flair. S.M.I.D.S.Y. are through.

So now we know the first of our heat finalists, with the 13th seed S.M.I.D.S.Y. going through. But who will join them, Hellbent or Atomic? Find out next time…