Robot Wars S07E10 Part 1: The Kronicles Of Robot Warfare

Coming up with the titles is one of the best parts of doing this. Seriously, I love it.

We’re now back into the realm of normality, with the previous episode changing things up by not having a special event. And now we’re onto the back 8, we’re starting to count down the seeds, until we get to seed number 2 in episode 16. Short way to go before we get there though, it has to be said. For now we are onto seed number 14, which is the ever loveable red lobster, Thermidor 2. A robot that either does very well or very badly, and not usually anywhere in-between.

We’re joined by a variety of other animal based robots in this heat as well, including Mighty Mouse and Cobra, but I’m pretty sure you could also count Kronic The Wedgehog and The Kraken on that list too. Other than them, we have Mobot, 8545T 2 (BEAST 2 if you want to try and convert the numbers into letters, so that it makes more sense when you think about it) and Pinser- a slightly cuter version of Tiberius. I say that only because the bolt holding the hydraulic ram in place makes it look as if the robot has eyes.

Now we know the robots, time to know who is facing who.

So the first heat, and the first robot we are introduced to is Mighty Mouse, a robot that is unsurprisingly modelled on- you guessed it- a mouse. A small, compact robot, Mighty Mouse seems to be more about agility and tenacity than just smashing its opposition into little pieces, and as a consequence it weighs little over 80kg. It does have weapons in the form of some ramming spikes and a couple of rear spinning discs, but its 23mph top speed is its main asset in escaping any oncoming danger. It also has a roll hoop on top, with the express aim of righting the robot should it be flipped. Like I said, tenacity.

Next up we have Mobot, one of the wackier entries to this series, and certainly the most interesting design of the heat. It’s almost like an optical illusion in the way that the robot is horizontally long on one end, then vertically tall on the other end. It does have a nasty sounding rotary blade for a weapon, weighing in at 20kg, mounted underneath the robot PP3D style. The team behind it, however, don’t seem to give the robot much of a chance, which is perhaps why they fitted it with a petrol driven motor. I’m hoping to see flames.

Next on our list for this melee is the seeded robot themselves, Thermidor 2. Like a less destructive version of Dead Metal, Thermidor combines a set on grabbing pincers with a second, more powerful weapon. In their case, however, the second weapon is a flipper. A robot that reached the semi-finals in the 4th wars, but then dumped out in the first round of the 5th and 6th wars, it could well be time for a lobster revival. Or not. Who knows? (I do but that’s not the point). It can run at speeds up to 15mph and the flipper is very powerful, but the robot can’t store that much CO2, making every flip valuable. See also: Exposed wheels.

Last on this list is 8645T 2, also known as Beast 2, a nightmare of literacy but a decent robot on its day. It’s wedge shaped with a powerful flipper, but a flipper connected to a rear facing axe. When the flipper fires upwards, the axe comes down, giving it duel weaponry to be used on demand, through the same system. Has a rather cool paint job too, just to scare everyone away. However, despite being a flipper, it still has problems self-righting.

So we now know the robots, and we’re ready for battle. But there are two more robots to introduce, those being the house robots for this battle. So here’s to the guardians of the arena for this fight, Sgt. Bash and Dead Metal. BEGIN!

Mighty Mouse, owing to that mega top speed, is right in the fight instantly, connecting with Thermidor 2 before backing out and running away. Thermidor instead turns its attentions to 8645T, getting in underneath the robot and flipping them up onto their rear end, but the robot is able to get back onto its wheels. Mobot, trying to stay out of the way, is then targeted by 8645T, which manages to get a slight lift on it out of the flipper. Nothing that’s going to set the world alight though.

Mighty Mouse, after their first escape, have now driven straight into Dead Metal, which manages to get the claws around the roll hoop, a fairly easy target for Dead Metal because of their shape. But the mouse survives and escapes, just as Thermidor and pushing 8645T towards the arena side wall. They flip them, pinning 8645T on its side and against the arena wall.

Upturned Beast
Upturned Beast

8645T 2 is now beached, on its side with no way of righting itself. Good, I never have to spell out that name again.

On the other side, Mighty Mouse is taking on Mobot, who is still in one piece. Granted, there aren’t many robot here that can do great damage to it, so I don’t think it’s going to be coming out of the arena in a bin bag, but it’s still an achievement. What isn’t an achievement is the fact that the spinning disc attached to the bottom of it seems to do not very much at all.

After Mighty Mouse is done, Thermidor 2 goes after them next. I talked earlier about Mobot having an odd shape, well that odd shape in the end is what finished them off. Thermidor 2 get the flip in, and the Mobot then proceeds to bounce OVER the arena side wall, and out of the competition. A more sensible shape and I honestly don’t think it would have gone over. But hey, it was fun to watch.

Mobot? Mo More

And just like that, we know who is going through to the next round. Admittedly Thermidor did most of the work, but Mighty Mouse helped out where it could. And now that Thermidor aren’t crashing out in the first round, does this mean they’ll make the semis?

For now, Thermidor is more concerned with taking on Mighty Mouse, and they actually manage to flip them over and pin them in the CPZ. It doesn’t matter because 8645T were immobilised first, and they’re now being counted out. Once that happens, Thermidor actually rights 8645T, prompting a mad run around the arena versus the house robots hunting it down. Eventually they drive over the floor flipper, which then sends them flying backwards across the arena. Stunned but alive, they then drive themselves straight into the pit. Great fun to watch, even if they ultimately won’t be going any further.

Crash Landing 2
Crash Landing

Thermidor 2 and Mighty Mouse going through.

So our second melee now, and a chance to see the other four robots in action. A couple of crushers, a flipper and a snake. Sounds entertaining enough to me.

First in the arena for this fight is Pinser. Its first foray into Robot Wars, Pinser is like any other crusher in many way. Strong titanium armour over a triangular wedge shaped body, which can entice another robot into its grasp. The crusher itself if hydraulic powered, something that we’ve seen once backfire on them in the “Crusher Crunch-Up, where the robot basically exploded after the hydraulic fluid caught fire. It weighs the maximum 100kg, and is one tough robot (Barring any hydraulic based explosions). It does have other flaws though, including a low top speed and a high ground clearance.

Next we have Cobra, not to be confused with the Cobra which entered the 9th wars, which is a box shaped robot with angled sides, just to make it a little bit different. It can run both ways up, but that’s about the only good thing it can do. The weaponry is a ramming spike concealed by a plush snake mascot that rides the robot, but the spike can only perform up to 6 attacks per battle, and even then it doesn’t seem worth it. Also the perfect shape for a crusher *Cough* Pinser *Cough*.

Thirdly is The Kraken, another robot that features a crushing arm, but this robot has some interesting details that set it apart from opponent Pinser. The fact that the robot is black is possibly the least important of all of them. More importantly, The Kraken features two crushers- a pneumatic one to grab an opponent, and then a hydraulic one to crush then. The shape is different too, with the robot somewhat elongated horizontally compared to Pinser, with a long lead in ramp. However, the robot looks lightly armoured, which could make it a target.

Finally we have Kronic The Wedgehog, based on a certain blue video game hedgehog, a robot that is no stranger to Robot Wars. Having been through several iterations since its inception in the 4th wars, Kronic is now a mad flipper complete with yellow foam spikes that often catch fire. It actually has two flippers, with the side flipper meant for self righting purposes, but actually being faster to flip than its sister flipper. The wheel guards however ate gone, leaving the wheels somewhat exposed. It’s not had amazing success so far, can it go any further this time?

Your house robot for this battle are Mr Psycho and Sgt. Bash. Here’s hoping for some flames for those yellow foam spikes. Begin!

Kronic is straight in at a sluggish Cobra, instantly getting underneath and flipping them over. They go round the other side to look for another attack, but this time all they flip off is one of their own yellow foam spikes. Having decided against staying with Cobra, Kronic go after Pinser, but they turn out to be a lot harder to get underneath, and the flips miss their target.

The Kraken, barely touched upon so far, are struggling to get to grips with Cobra in the background, but the main event going on now involves Pinser, who have now managed to grab hold of Kronic, and are bringing that hydraulic crushing arm all the way down, pinching the flipper. Hard.

To catch a hedgehog
To catch a Wedgehog

Pinser move their catch over the a flame jet, just as the other two robots come to join them. Kronic is burning, and going nowhere, until The Kraken comes along and separates the two robots. So now it’s a 3 way fight with Cobra to idly watching them. That leads nicely to Cobra becoming a target again, although they’re too busy being wedged into the arena side wall to do anything about it. The Kraken come in and, for the first time, are able to bring the hydraulic pincer down to do some damage. Entirely cosmetic damage, but still something.

Pinser, perhaps jealous, come in and take Cobra away, but once again it repeats the fatal error of driving over the flame pit. Now there isn’t quite the explosion we had last time, but there are certainly flames coming out of the robot. Hydraulic fluid fuelled flames.

Up in flames
Up in flames

The thing is, because Pinser was latched onto Cobra when the hydraulics set alight, the robot is now stuck there. The arm won’t retract, so Pinser is stuck, holding on to Cobra, which is also not really going anywhere. Mr Psycho takes a look at the pair, sizing them up before actually driving over Cobra. I mean that’s what you get for having angled sides.

Refbot comes over, has a look, and then promptly counts out both robots at once, allowing Mr Psycho to come back in and start raining hammer blows. I’ll admit, the hammer never looks quite as impressive as I’d like it to when it comes down, but I’m sure it packs quite a punch when it lands on a robot.

Not content with just the hammer, Psycho moves both robots onto the floor flipper. If you though that would be a way to split them apart, then you’d be wrong, because even as they fly through the air, they remain coupled. Next up? Drop Zone. But as is often the case, the falling TV does more damage to itself than to Cobra, the robot it lands on. In the end it doesn’t matter- both robots are out, Kronic and The Kraken are going through.

Reality TV

So there we have it, our eight have been cut down to four. The seeds Thermidor 2 are going through, along with Kronic, The Kraken and Mighty Mouse. *Animal theme intensifies*. But which one of these will take their place in the series semi-final?

Until next time.


Robot Wars S07E09 Part 3: Nerves Of Steel

I’ve had a rather nasty cold for the past few days, but I don’t want to go more than a week without writing an article so here I am! I’ll try and stay alive long enough to finish this.

So, when we were last here we’d just seen the rampaging Storm 2 go all the way with Trax, an interesting robot but ultimately one that lacked traction and pushing power against Robot Wars’ most powerful full body hammer. This leaves two more competitors vying for a place in the heat final, Steel Avenger and Rhino. It’s an experienced axebot versus a not so experienced flipper, where only one can reign victorious!

Mr Psycho and Growler make quite a pair, and they’re once again in the arena together, ready to cause some mayhem! Let’s get this fight underway!

Both robots seem instantly attracted to each other, though Rhino miss their first attack with the flipper, giving Steel Avenger the chance to bring their axe down, not that it does too much visible damage. The axe then comes down again almost straight away, and this one does put a dent in Rhino’s armour.

Rhino are trying to get out of there and away from that axe, but not before Steel Avenger put a hole in the top of the robot’s armour. That, and Rhino’s attempted escape leads them right into Growler- and in trying to evade them, the arena side wall. Steel Avenger come in once again, but this time they start swinging at nothing and miss 3 or 4 axe shots. Rhino can now get in under Steel Avenger, but the flipper is weak and can’t actually lift them over.

Now it’s Steel Avenger’s turn to take back control, and get under Rhino’s flipper before the other robot can bring the flipper back down, and now they have the perfect push point. That and they can bring the axe down once again. And again. Now there’s a nice big dent in the side of Rhino.

Axe Mad
Axe Mad

They eventually decouple, and Steel Avenger go and hit the pit release button, once again tearing it into several different pieces like Storm 2 had before it. Then the past repeats itself- Rhino go in for a flip and miss, allowing Steel Avenger to get underneath that flipper and gain some leverage. Rhino get away, but they are moving very, very slowly now. It’s not hard for Steel Avenger to catch up, and push them towards Mr Psycho.

Unfortunately, Mr Psycho misses with the hammer. So much for that.

Steel Avenger don’t miss with their next attack though, and Rhino is starting to resemble something akin to Swiss Cheese. Any more holes and there wouldn’t be much of Rhino actually left. But in their attacks, Steel Avenger have now managed to push Rhino very, very close to the pit. Surely it’s only a matter of time before they go down?

Death Trap
Death Trap

Well, Steel Avenger almost shot themselves in the foot, trying to use their rear flipper to get Rhino in, and almost going in themselves! In the end, Steel Avenger take things nice and slowly, because Rhino aren’t moving at this point. They could probably have left Rhino and let Refbot count them out, but as it is, they tried a frontal assault. Rhino, despite not moving, did still have a working flipper, and they got one last attack in before Steel Avenger push them down!

Oh how different things could have been. Steel Avenger through.

Well, now we have our final two for this heat. The ever impressive Storm 2 against the axe wielding knight of honour, Steel Avenger. You would think that Storm 2’s superior pushing power would give them the edge, but they are the perfect shape for Steel Avenger to land that axe on full blast…

Growler makes a return for the house robots once again, although Psycho has been dropped from the line-up in favour of the dastardly Cassius Chrome. Let battle commence!

Both robots start of quickly, circling each other and looking for an opening. Storm 2 is the first to make a move, rushing underneath Steel Avenger so fast that, when Steel Avenger try to bring the axe down, Storm 2 are already long gone. Not only that, but the axe strikes the arena floor, hard, where it subsequently gets stuck.

Nice one guys.

Dropping The Anchor
Dropping the Anchor

They eventually manage to wrench it free, but of course Storm 2 is already ready and waiting, and instantly pick them up and ram them into the arena side wall. I’m honestly amazed that Storm 2 haven’t actually driven themselves or another robot through the arena side wall yet, they are that powerful. My god.

Apparently Storm 2 decide that now is the perfect time to forget about Steel Avenger, and go after the Refbot instead. I’m not sure why they try, but they’re more than capable of doing it, if only for a few seconds before turning their attention right back onto Steel Avenger. This time, instead of the arena wall, they send Steel Avenger into Growler’s CPZ, but the axebot is able to make an escape. Of course, only so that they can be targeted by Storm 2 again.

Storm 2 most certainly aren’t letting them get away, following them at every turn. There’s another trip to Growler, who to be perfectly honest has been quite useless in this fight. Then again, it’s not Growler’s fault that Steel Avenger is too tall to fit in its jaws. So Steel Avenger escape again, but when Storm 2 attack this time, they’re aiming for another corner.

It’s a long way from one side of the arena to the other, and in the process of traversing the distance Storm 2 get quite a speed up, so much speed, so much momentum that when they slam Steel Avenger into the arena wall, they bounce up AND OVER!

Yes, Storm 2 drove Steel Avenger into the arena wall so hard they went out of the arena!

The moment
The moment before fate took hold

What a way to go. Storm 2 are heat winners, and they’re going through.

Well, that’s all from this heat, and what a heat it was. There’s a reason I liked Storm 2 so much. Hopefully my cold will clear up soon, and I’ll be back with the next heat. Until then.



Robot Wars S07E09 Part 2: A Sinking Ship

Yes, I dedicated an entire article last week to Storm 2’s opening melee, I know. But I can get away with it because there’s no special event this episode, which is going to make this a little different. First off we’re going to have the second melee of this episode, and then the first of the second round one on one battles. After this everything gets back to normal. So, without further delay, let’s get on with melee number two.

First robot to enter the arena is Shredder Evolution, which we have seen before in this wars, in one of the many special events. As the name suggests, Shredder Evolution’s goal is to shred its opponents, which it attempts to do with two front facing spinning discs, which run at 1500rpm. The robot itself is a low box shape, but it’s speedy at 25mph and agile enough to skate across the arena, but the exposed tyres are a risk. Can the discs do the damage? Only time will tell.

Next up we have Trax, a robot whose name is even more self explanatory than Shredder Evolution, at least in terms of its locomotion. Not many robots run on tracks, other than Sir Killalot, but Trax makes use of them. It’s maybe not surprising to hear that the mad hammer man of Robot Wars, Shane Swan, was a part of the team behind this robot. In terms of weaponry, Trax makes use of a lifting arm coupled with a low wedge at the front of the robot, with the arm firing forward a la Firestorm style. A unique robot for the 7th wars, that’s for certain.

Up next is Sub-Version 1.1. If you read between the lines of what is an unusual name for a robot, it’s fairly easy to guess what this robot is supposed to resemble. Yes, the Sub is shaped like a submarine. It has a periscope that acts as a self righting mechanism, along with some front spikes and a rear cutting disc for weapons. Personally, I think Sub-Version 1.1 looks a little out of its depth.

And finally, we have Steel Avenger! Probably the most well known of the robots in this battle, Steel Avenger is a robot that has entered in wars 3, 4 and 5, but without the success it would want, having never gone further than the heat final. An almost triangular prism shaped robot, Steel Avenger has a rock solid front end and a deadly axe on top. The odd shape can lead to some perilous positions if it’s turned over, and to that end it possesses a couple of side axes that can wither function as weapons or turn the robot back over. Probably the favourite to come out of this melee in one piece.

So now you’ve met the competing robots, meet the house robots that will be presiding over this fight- Dead Metal, and Sgt. Bash!

Sub-Version 1.1 become instant targets with the battle underway, first doing a running jump over Trax before getting a side slam by Shredder Evolution. Steel Avenger soon joins the fight by going after Shredder, but the speedy robot manages to escape to the other side of the arena. With Shredder away, Steel Avenger goes after Trax, but like Sub-Version they drive up the wedge, where Trax use their reverse lifting arm to push Steel Avenger over and onto their side!

Who did that
Who did that?

Steel Avenger can of course self right, and they do so with ease, but it’s a sign of intent from Trax. Sub-Version meanwhile is once again under attack by Shredder Evolution, which is exploiting the sub’s weak armour to do some extensive cosmetic damage. Then comes a little switch around with Steel Avenger going after Shredder, bringing the axe down and jamming it into Shredder’s wheel, stopping it. Meanwhile Trax are now after the Sub, but can’t quite get them high enough up the robot to use the lifting arm.

Now that Steel Avenger have full control of Shredder Evolution, they expertly position them over the flame pit, letting the robot roast. Sub-Version, meanwhile, have a very close call with the lowering pit, one which would have been fatal had they not managed to pull a last second escape. All the robots are now congregated around the flame pit, which is still busy torching Shredder Evolution until Steel Avenger finally lets them go. They are limping but alive, and certainly alive enough to rip through the front of Sub-Version in their next attack.

Trax go after Steel Avenger, the only robot they’ve so far managed to flip over, and do it all again. Once again, however, Steel Avenger is more than able to get back on its wheels, and then launch an attack of its own- but theirs on Shredder Evolution, the axe making good contact with their opponent’s robot.

The clock is now counting down, and it looks like all four robots are going to survive to take it to a judges’ decision… Until Trax gets a hold of Sub-Version, and then drives them all the way across the arena, and down into the pit with two seconds to go!

Last Man Down
Last man down

Of course, now the judges only have to make a decision out of three robots, but a decision they still have to make. Shredder Evolution was good against Sub-Version, causing some hefty, albeit cosmetic, damage. Steel Avenger was good against Shredder, landing a good few blows and getting Shredder rather Chargrilled. Trax was good against Steel Avenger, utilising their weapon well to tip them over a couple of times, and they put Sub-Version in the pit.

It’s a tough decision. But in the end, a decision has to be made…


We now know our four, and they are four very good robots. Storm 2 and Rhino come in from the first melee, with Steel Avenger and Trax moving through the second battle which we just recapped. But who is facing who? Well Rhino find themselves up against Steel Avenger, but first we have Storm 2 against Trax!

Two pushing powered robots in Storm 2 and Trax, which means this could well end up being a push and shove contest. The difference is that Trax has a front hinged lifting arm, whilst Storm 2’s is a *more conventional* four bar lifter. So on the occasion that they might have the chance to use their weapons, both do it in different ways, and I think Trax has the advantage in tipping Storm 2 over. But, we shall see what happens (Like we don’t know the result already, ha).

Your house robots for this magnificent battle are Mr Psycho and Growler, the terrible twosome! And of course, Storm 2 is the perfect shape and size to fit in Growler’s jaw. Let battle commence!

Both robots start fairly tentatively, sizing each other up. That is until Storm 2 manages to get around the side of Trax, ramps up the power to maximum and slams them against the arena side wall so hard that they catch air. That’s followed up by another instant attack, which pings Trax straight into Refbot, and then another one sends them front on into the arena side wall! It’s relentless!

Taxi Service

Trax try to compose themselves and get away for a breather, but the tracks themselves can’t seem to get any real traction, and the robot is sliding around all over the place. This is perfect for Storm 2, who can just wait to line up their perfect opportunity. It doesn’t take long before they back again, this time actually getting underneath Trax as they push them, allowing them to use the lifter as well.

Major Lift
The lift

Trax can doing nothing about it, the robot suddenly looking weak and uncontrollable in comparison to Storm 2. Storm 2 of course is a much smaller robot as well, which just adds to Trax’s image as a cumbersome giant. Storm 2 just keep coming and coming, exploiting every opportunity they can find. But no killer blow as yet, unless you count their demolition of the pit release button.

Now Storm 2 are looking to end this, preferably by way of the pit, but Trax aren’t making it easy for them, weaving and ducking away as much as they can from Storm 2’s attacks. They still seem to have next to zero grip, but that’s working more in their favour right now, making them a slippery customer. Although, it does lead them to almost getting hammered by Mr Psycho as they try to escape, the hammer inches away.

The clock starts to count down, and Trax are going to survive right to the end. They almost goad Storm 2 to try and catch them, luring them to the pit, but Storm doesn’t bite, instead letting the clock run down.

It goes to the judges, sure, but there can only be one winner from this. STORM 2 ARE GOING THROUGH!

So who will Storm 2 face, Rhino or Steel Avenger? Well, that’s what we get to find out next time… Until then.


Robot Wars S07E09 Part 1: The Oncoming Storm

Oh I have been looking forward to this one. We have now passed the half way stage in the 7th Wars heats, and begin our venture down the back 8 with Heat I. Now, having gone through all odd numbered seeds from 1 to 15, it’s time to do the even seeded robots, from 16 down to 2. And who do we have seeded at number 16, having been given the place thanks to their victory in the New Blood Championship at Robot Wars: Extreme 2? It’s only one of the most devastating rambots to have ever graced the competition, Storm 2. And now you know why I’m excited.

Along with Storm 2, there are a fair few heavy hitters also joining in this heat. Steel Avenger for one, looking to finally get out of their heats after several failed attempts. We’re also joined by TraxMayhem, Rhino, Shredder Evolution, Supernova and Sub-Version 1.1. Yes, I didn’t understand the name of the last robot either when I first heard it, but don’t worry, it makes sense in the end.

Now you know the robots’ names, let’s get down to the fighting.

Starting off with the first melee, naturally, and our first robot out into the arena is Mayhem. You’d be forgiven if you mistook Mayhem for Supernova, which is another robot competing in this episode, because they bear a certain striking resemblance. As it is, Mayhem is another robot with a front facing, horizontal disc wedged between the top and the bottom of the robot. The weapon itself is a hefty 16kg spinning disc which goes at 2000rpm, a rather menacing speed for this era of Robot Wars. However, whilst the weapon looks spectacular, the robot has some rather exposed rear wheels and a high ground clearance, which isn’t good for coming up against spinners or flippers.

Next up we have Rhino, which unsurprisingly looks like a Rhino. It’s a tall, silver robot that comes complete with horns, the central horn running low to the ground to make the robot’s front facing weapon- a flipper. But that wasn’t everything, with a 2,500rpm rotary weapon on the back of the robot, making it double trouble and ready for anything. The flipper, however, isn’t so useful for self righting like most flippers are, due to Rhino’s shape, so the team do have to make use of a separate srimech, which can be slow to work.

Thirdly, and the robot we have all been waiting for, is Storm 2! The 16th seeds have a robot built like a tank, and as powerful as one too. A 6 wheel drive, box wedge shaped robot, Storm 2 was built around its capabilities as a rambot, and subsequently featured a low front scoop to get in underneath other robots- and by low, I mean almost zero ground clearance- and a top speed of 23mph to smash, bash and crash them all over the arena. The 7th Wars’ rules did mandate that all robots have active weaponry, and to that end Storm 2 features a front mounted four-bar lifting arm- not quite a flipper, but capable to tipping a robot over and leaving it even more vulnerable. Oh, and Storm 2 is invertible, of course.

Finally we have Supernova, which is like Mayhem but with a smaller diameter spinning disc. It weighs more at 22kg but still goes at 2500rpm, with the potential to deliver a much more concentrated, powerful blow to its opponents. The robot is invertible, but at 94kg it is not one of the heaviest robots and could be vulnerable to flippers, whilst the thin armour could make it vulnerable to just about everything else. All of the power of Supernova is concentrated in the disc, which can lead to some wild collisions with both robots flying off in opposite directions- but could that do Supernova more harm than good?

And now to the actual battle, with our robot competitors being joined by the menace that is Sir Killalot, and the delightful dame of Robot Wars, Matilda. TO BATTLE!

Storm 2 start quickly, of course, targeting Rhino as their first victim. Rhino isn’t the easiest robot to push around, but eventually they get up to speed, and slam them into the arena side wall, sending Rhino airborne. Supernova meanwhile is taking a liking to its copycat, chasing Mayhem down as it gets into the fight. Mayhem attempts to attack Rhino, with little success, and that allows Supernova to come in and take one of Mayhem’s tyres off! And then, with the next attack, the second tyre comes off!

Mayhem are now without tyres on both wheels, wheels that are no longer touching the floor. And with no way of getting around the arena, I call that a KO blow from Supernova on Mayhem.

Storm 2 and Rhino are revisiting their rivalry meanwhile, but this time Storm 2 goes for a frontal assault, which turns out to be a mistake when Rhino gets in underneath and tips Storm 2 up vertically, but the robot does come back down. A sign that Rhino’s flipper isn’t all it’s made out to be.


Storm 2 takes advantage of Rhino not being able to tip it over by getting underneath- before Rhino’s flipper has come down- and then driving them once again into the side wall. This time Rhino end up taking a piggy back ride on Storm 2 for a few seconds as a result. But Storm 2 stay at it, this time pushing Rhino into Matilda’s CPZ. Matilda swings her fat arse around, looking to bring the flywheel onto Rhino, but has such a wide turning circle that she misses and instead shreds the arena side wall into two detached pieces, one being the Plexiglas and one being the actual wall, with quite a bang too.

Mayhem, meanwhile, is being counted out. No surprises there. After being counted out, Sir Killalot gets involved and places them onto the floor flipper, and then watches them fly! (And bounce). In the actual battle, however, Storm 2 has just got in behind Supernova, and with one big push sends them straight into Sir Killalot, tearing his tyre track clean off!

No tracks

Whilst Matilda is tearing pieces out of Mayhem for fun, and Sir Killalot trying to recover from being partially disassembled, Storm 2 go back after a stunned Supernova, getting in behind and driving them full pelt into the corner of the arena, where Supernova bounce up of the walls and land of their side, spinning disc tearing chunks out of the floor as they skate to a stop. Matilda manages to knock them back onto their wheels, but something is wrong with Supernova.

They’ve stopped moving.

Rhino are barely moving, but they’re moving. Supernova aren’t. So Supernova are counted out, and we have our two going through. Rhino, and a very dominant Storm 2.

Now normally you’d get the second melee here, but I have a headache and don’t really want to write any more, so this’ll have to do. But it’s OK, because this heat is a little different because there is no special event, meaning we’re one battle lighter this time around. It’ll work out. Until next time.

Robot Wars S07E08 Part 3: It’s A Revolution

We’re half way through the second round of Heat H, having just witnessed St Agro narrowly beating Dutch robot Scraptosaur. It looked as if it was going to end one way, before suddenly switching the other, showcasing the unpredictable nature of this show. Next up we have a classic battle- it’s spinner versus flipper as Ceros comes up against Revolution 3.

Both of these robots would fancy their chances, but with Ceros suffering problems in the pits with a solenoid failure, how badly will that affect their chances? Can Revolution 3 take advantage? Bear in mind Revolution 3 looked worse for wear at the end of its own melee too.

Your house robots are Shunt and Sgt. Bash, let’s get ready to rumble!

Revolution 3, almost straight away go for the pit release button (Though they do run into the Refbot first).. It activates, but Ceros come in and pin them against the wall, but then miss their flip. Ceros seems to be working fine despite the earlier problems they had, but now they need to put the robot into action.

Revolution 3 escape and drive away, but Ceros come back at them, slamming into them. Revolution 3 don’t take kindly to this, and the robot practically seems to enter shutdown mode. It dies, right there on the spot, from that one hit. Ceros get in underneath and flip Revolution 3 towards the flame pit, but there is just no response from the troubled robot.

The Winner and The Unresponsive.png
The Winner & The Unresponsive

Ceros flip them again, pushing them towards Shunt and his CPZ. Revolution 3 makes the tiniest of movements, but there definitely seems to have been a failure of some kind that has caused the robot to cut out. Shunt can now come in and play around for a bit, though Ceros fancies having a go at the house robot too!

Punching above your weight
Punching above your weight

Shunt apparently doesn’t fancy it anymore, so retreats and lets Sgt. Bash have a go instead. But as Bash is manoeuvring into position, Ceros decides to try their hand at flipping them too! They can’t quite do it, but Bash does end up slightly in the air for a while. Something tells me both house robots are getting somewhat annoyed at their treatment.

As Revolution 3 is counted out by the Refbot, Shunt takes to chasing Ceros around the arena, at one point even capturing them and brining the axe down on them. But Ceros has the last laugh, getting round Shunt’s side and finally tipping them over. Mission complete!


The battle may have ended a long time ago, but the war must go on! Sgt. Bash takes revenge for the flipping of Shunt, actually grabbing hold of Ceros with the jaw, leading to an epic tug of war between the two robots. Bash tries to get Ceros into the pit, but when they get close, sometimes right to the edge, Ceros pushes back, and Sgt. Bash is in peril itself. Refbot rights Shunt, who tries to help by pushing Ceros back. Now Ceros are hovering over the pit and unable to get traction anywhere, but Bash’s jaws are stuck! So now they’re both trapped together!

Shunt meanwhile has gone back to Revolution 3, and taken them over to the drop zone, one of the old favourite hazards. This time? Not a washing machine or an ocean buoy, this time the item to be dropped is none other than a TV. There’s only one thing coming away from this in one piece, and it’s not the TV.

Cease is finally called. Still no word on whether Ceros actually ended up in the pit…

The final. St Agro fought hard to get into it, whilst Ceros couldn’t have asked for an easier ride (In the actual battle itself). Ceros did have to contend with the house robots afterwards, and who says they won’t remember going into this battle? For St Agro, they’re facing yet another flipper. Running both sides up has never seemed such a good idea as it has now.

There’s a switch up in the house robots, with pig menace Matilda joined by the archfiend of doom himself, Mr Psycho. Let the heat final begin!

Both robots start off tentative around each other, looking for an opening. It’s difficult to find one when both robots are looking for the same thing, but eventually Ceros manages to get round the side of St Agro- however, their flip misses its target, and Ceros end up on their ass! St Agro, not ones to miss a chance, then flip Ceros themselves, leaving them in an awkward position where it doesn’t look like they can self right.

So, of course, Refbot comes in and pushes Ceros onto their back, a position from which they can self right. Wouldn’t want the battle to finish so soon, would we? *Insert producer interference comment here*.

With Ceros back up and running, they go for St Agro again, and this time their side on assault does land a hit, and they send St Agro flying. Means nothing in the context of trying to KO your opponent, but it does build aggression points. St Agro retaliate, but Ceros survive this one by landing back on their wheels. But St Agro aren’t done, and go for another one straight away, this time it does tip over Ceros (And we get a little dance too).

Interpretive Dance
Interpretive Dance

Ceros look to be struggling, and something in the drive system looks to have gone. They aren’t moving right, that’s for certain. St Agro decide that this is the ideal time to open up the pit, and they’re pretty much right. Ceros can’t seem to get itself away from the pit, and St Agro’s pushes and little flips aren’t helping them achieve it either. But Ceros almost have revenge! And infact, their flip on St Agro almost sends the double sided flipper into the pit instead!

So, so close
So, so close

There’s an added complication to this fight other than the pit, because where they are is right next to Matilda’s CPZ. And, as St Agro recovers from almost going down the pit, they drive right next to Matilda, who brings the flywheel out and slices a rather hefty piece straight out of St Agro’s wheel.

So now St Agro have only one fully working wheel.

In the end, it doesn’t matter. St Agro still have enough traction to mount another attack, flipping Ceros against the arena side wall. Ceros try to push themselves off, but only push themselves into Matilda and bounce straight back onto it. Now they’re out of gas and out of options, and there’s no coming back from there for Ceros.

Ceros' Goodbye
Ceros’ Goodbye

St Agro are deserving winners, but once again it could well have been a very different story if Ceros had managed to put them into the pit.

End of the fight, end of Ceros. But there is still enough time for Matilda to come charging in with the flywheel, delivering a blow so powerful it not only splinters Ceros’ underside, but propels them out of the arena too. Game, set and match.

So there we have it, the genesis of the flippers continues with St Agro joining a whole host of robot brothers in the semi-finals. This also marks the half way point of the heats. 8 more to go… Until next time.

Robot Wars S07E08 Part 2: Crush Crush Crush

Heat H rolls on into the second phase of its existence with yet another special event. This is one of the one off special events, as opposed to a featherweight battle or a World Championship Qualifier. We’ve had spinners and flippers, even axes. But now it’s time for a corner of the Robot Wars not often touched upon. It’s the crushers! Yes, this is the “Crusher Crunch Up”, featuring 3 of Robot Wars’ piercing friends. No Razer, who of course is the most famous crusher of the lot, but still several worthy contenders. We must also remember of course that now departed Ming Dienasty’s predecessor was Ming 3… A crusher.

But, to the actual battle, and first up is Mantis. Despite weighing the full 100kg, Mantis looks like something of a skeleton when compared to most robots out there. Everything has holes and gaps in it, from the armour to the weaponry. Talking of weaponry, Mantis not only has a large crushing pincer, it also has a set of lifting forks, making it doubly efficient in trapping a robot- now it can lift them off the floor and trap them with the claw. Is it going to work against two fellow crushers?

Next up we have Pinser, which takes a somewhat different approach. Clad in full armour and with a shorter, smaller and more enclosed beak than Mantis, Pinser looked to get underneath its competitors with the front scoop, then bring their crushing arm down. It features a 4 wheel drive system and side skirts to protect the high ground clearance, but should they ever get turned over, they do also supposedly have a self righting mechanism. How effective it is remains to be seen.

Finally we have R.O.C.S., a machine that is built much like Mantis in the sense that the armour is basically blue coloured scaffolding. Still, it has experience on its side, having fought in 3 wars before this (Though the 2nd and 3rd wars versions of the robot were significantly different in design). R.O.C.S. can use two of the aforementioned scaffolding poles to self-right, but whilst it is highly manoeuvrable, it is incredibly slow at just 5mph. Does that make it an easy target, or does experience count?

Your house robots are a pair of new boys, in Mr Psycho and Cassius Chrome. Let’s get the crushing crusade underway!

Unfortunately, unlike some battles in which the robots will just pile into each other, these 3 robots seemed more than content to spend the opening exchange keeping to themselves. Well, R.O.C.S. couldn’t really go anywhere at such a low top speed, but nobody else tried either. Eventually, eventually both other robots made their way over to ganging up on R.O.C.S., but the build-up was quite pathetic.

However, now they’re there, the fight can really begin. Not so good if you’re a R.O.C.S. fan, because they can’t catch a break. Pinser don’t do too much with them, but Mantis manage to get underneath the robot and lift them partially off the floor, before driving them all the way into Mr Psycho’s CPZ. Psycho brings the hammer down, but it actually ends up hitting Mantis on the crusher.

Psycho's Corner.png
Psycho’s Corner

Psycho does manage to split R.O.C.S. and Mantis apart, allowing Mantis to escape. R.O.C.S. are now very much trapped in the corner, and Mr Psycho isn’t really willing to let them go, instead happy to play around with them, driving them up against the wall or attempting to tip them over. The hammer comes down again, landing hard onto one of R.O.C.S.’ scaffolding poles arms. But, they do eventually have to be set free, allowed once again to join the wild west.

Meanwhile, Mantis is now trying to have a go at Pinser, but can’t get underneath anywhere near as easily. Instead they end up driving up Pinser’s wedge, and now Pinser can bring their own crushing arm down. Unfortunately for them, because Mantis is pretty much made of nothing, they can’t actually really get a grip on anything. They have Mantis in their grasp, but they can’t do any damage.

R.O.C.S. has now rejoined the battle, but it seems very unsure as to whether it should actually go in for a bite, or to hold back. It goes in, hesitates, then gets back out of there. Rattled? Either way, Pinser decide to take their capture of Mantis one step further, and drive the robot over the flame pit.


Mantis, somehow, survives this. And now R.O.C.S. has decided to join the party, but by attacking Pinser. They can get underneath, and they do bring the crushing arm down. They don’t, however, seem to do any damage. They decouple, and Mantis, released and free, goes after Pinser, looking for revenge. They tangle, and Pinser is shoved into the pit release button, something that leads Mantis to almost drive down the opening pit. They just about survive.

With Mantis driving wild, Pinser grab hold of R.O.C.S., and this time they do manage to do some damage. The hydraulic pincer comes down, tearing through the vital organs of their opponent. You can hear the popping sounds as cables and pipes are ripped apart. Somehow R.O.C.S. are still mobile, but the weapon looks completely out of commission. Pinser are looking like the robot on top at this moment in time.

But then Pinser explodes.

It’s the hydraulic system that explodes, really, over one of the arena flame jets. Made a very loud, rather impressive bang when it went too, along with a flash. And that isn’t good news for the robot.

Hydraulic Powered Kaboom
Hydraulic Powered KABOOM!

Mantis and R.O.C.S. are completely tangled together, with Mantis’ lifting forks jammed into R.O.C.S.’ scaffolding chassis. Pinser meanwhile is now very much on fire, and not going anywhere. All 3 robots are fucked.

3 robots, no hope
3 robots, no hope

Cassius Chrome comes in to break things up, to see who is actually still mobile. Pinser aren’t, not really. And once the Mantis/R.O.C.S. coupling is split apart, it becomes clear that Mantis are infact still mobile, whilst R.O.C.S. are not. And so there can only be one winner.


So, after what was a very entertaining special event, one of the best I think we’ve seen so far, it’s back to the main competition. St Agro, Ceros, Scraptosaur and Revolution 3 all made it through, in various stages of disrepair, into the second round.

But our first battle concerns the double sided flipper of St Agro, and the Dutch destroyer Scraptosaur. Two very different flipper bots going head to head.

Your house robot are Cassius Chrome- complete with a new set of boxing gloves- and Sir Killalot. To battle!

Unlike the crushers, Scraptosaur and St Agro aren’t afraid to get up close and personal to each other early on. Scraptosaur do most of the actual work, although the robot does looks somewhat hard to control, and the first flip levelled against St Agro missed its mark completely. The second one, however, landed. This doesn’t make a whole lot of difference, with St Agro able to run both ways up effectively, and in no danger yet of going out of the arena.

Now it’s St Agro’s turn to go on the attack, but they can’t get underneath Scraptosaur properly, and the flip misses. This allows Scraptosaur to get in themselves, and get yet another flip on St Agro. It’s going well for the Dutch boys so far.

Over and over
Over and over

St Agro are in no way giving up, but they’re finding it somewhat more difficult that their first round fight. Scraptosaur is proving rather tricky to get underneath, which is entirely necessary when you’re a flipper. That said, Scraptosaur aren’t having it all their own way, and both teams are missing flips.

Scraptosaur, changing things up, go for the pit release button, adding an extra hazard into play. They’re still going at St Agro, but seem to be becoming a little sloppy, a little unfocused with their attacks. Now, more often than not, the flip misses. Conversely, St Agro have barely tried to actually make a flip all fight. Scraptosaur, getting round the side of St Agro, manage to land a couple of quick blows, but that actually ends up coming back to bite them when it lines St Agro up for a flip of their own. They haven’t done much this fight, but now they’ve put Scraptosaur upside down!

Now the tables have turned, because Scraptosaur can’t get themselves back the right way up! Having tried so many flips earlier on, Scraptosaur look to have run out of CO2 gas, or they just don’t have the power. Now the house robots can come into play, first Sir Killalot has a glance, then Cassius Chrome comes in to land a few right hooks.

Boxing Match
Boxing Match

Refbot comes in to count them out, and that is the end of Scraptosaur’s journey. It was a valiant effort, and one which they looked like they might emerge from with a victory, but all it takes is one flip for the entire fight to turn upside down.

Sir Killalot comes to take away the stricken robot, only to place them right onto the drop zone! This time we get the pleasure of watching a metal ocean buoy drop, bouncing off Scraptosaur and then rolling about a bit. Cassius Chrome then comes in to clean up, boxing Scraptosaur right into the pit. Game.

So, we know one heat finalist. But will it be an all flipper affair between St Agro and Ceros? Or will Revolution 3 stick a spinner into the mix? Until next time.

Robot Wars S07E08 Part 1: End Of A Dynasty

I’m not even trying to hide the results before I write this anymore, am I? It’ll become clear what I mean when you read the title after I introduce the robots in this episode of Robot Wars the 7th Wars. We’re getting into it, and we’re almost half way through the heats, this being the half way point. Some great robots have gone through, but some equally exciting, destructive bots of hell have fallen at an earlier hurdle. This time around we have more chaos, more carnage. We also have one of the less successful seeded robots seen throughout the entire 7th wars and beyond in 15th seeds Ming Dienasty, along with a variety of other robots. Ceros is here, which of course became Rusty in the last wars, with Metalis, Scraptosaur, Revolution 3, St Agro, The Scrapper and Mega Hurts LT also joining the crew. Not going to lie, they do collectively sound like the cast members of a film about a 31st century scrapyard… Or Transformers. Put Michael Bay in the director’s chair and I’m sure you could probably get a decent film out of those names.

Turning our attention to the actual melees going on, and we start off with the fight concerning our seeded friend Ming Dienasty (15), Metalis, Scraptosaur and Ceros.

First off is our seeded robot, Ming Dienasty. The latest in the line of Ming robots to grace our screens, Ming Dienasty is a complete overhaul from the robot’s last incarnation, Ming 3. Gone is the silver paint job and the giant central crushing claw, and in comes a wider body, new drive system and a rather large drill for a weapon, with a self righting arm to complete the picture. The drill itself goes at 3000rpm and the robot can reach speeds of 20mph, but will this Ming be able to rule over the arena?

Next we have Metalis, which is quite honestly a bizarre looking robot, and one that wouldn’t look out of place on a sci-fi show. The front of the robot features a 3-sided scoop made out of what looks like a colander, whilst the top of the robot has something resembling a shark fin on top of it, which doesn’t give it an air of stability. There is also a small clamping claw on the front of the robot which acts as another weapon. Will it work? Who knows.

Next up we have Scraptosaur, the first of two robots in this heat incorporating the word ‘scrap’. It comes from The Netherlands, which has already given us violent flipper bot Gravity, so the bar has been set pretty high. The robot looks like a mediaeval dinosaur and has a CO2 powered flipper as a weapon, whilst the robot itself can go at speeds of up to 15mph. The flipper is not a conventionally shaped wedge flipper, instead featuring a small panel protruding off a vertical face. An interesting design, but how far can it go?

Finally we have Ceros, the series 7 version of Ceros. It looked like a Titanium Rhino and was yet another robot featuring some kind of flipper in this melee (The 7th Wars was flipper heaven I swear). This flipper is more of a short and snappy kind like Scraptosaur, and can also act as a self righter for the robot, useful given the competition.

So we have the competitors, now for the guardians of the arena. For the first battle, the custodians are Dead Metal and that vicious guard dog, Growler!


The battle begins, and for the first few seconds everyone is busy getting their bearings. But once that is all sorted out, they all pile towards Ming, aiming to get their flippers in underneath the one robot that doesn’t possess one. And one of them, Ceros, succeeds, punting Ming through the air and onto their side. Mind try to use the lifting arm to self right, but they are at an awkward angle, and all they really do is just spin themselves around.

With Ming currently out of the way, the three flip kings go at each other, starting out with Scraptosaur and Metalis. Whilst Metalis’ cheese grater doesn’t actually seem to be working, Scraptosaur can’t seem to get in underneath. So, instead, Ceros joins the fight, and flips Metalis over themselves. Now we have two robots on their sides and struggling.

Those who have been flipped
Those who have been flipped

Growler has a short bit of fun with Ming, pushing them towards the flame pit, but it’s looking likely now that Scraptosaur and Ceros are going through with little difficulty. But Ming, having now gone full upside down rather than at an angle, can self right. They’re back in the fight. They’re not really fighting much though, more running away. Eventually Scraptosaur catches up to them, and flips them up onto their rear end… But they come back down on their wheels. Survival.

Balancing Act 2
Balacing Act

Scraptosaur aren’t done though, flipping Ming over again and again, this time putting them in some real trouble. Ming just doesn’t have the time to self right or attempt to fight back because Scraptosaur are on them within an instant. It’s relentless.

Metalis, meanwhile, have been counted out to nobody’s surprise. They are actually flipped back over afterwards, but that’s irrelevant. They’re out. Ming are still whirling around on the floor having survived Scraptosaur’s attempts to put them out of the arena, until Ceros come along and flip them back onto their wheels. Growler grapples with the now immobilised Metalis, despite it trying to run away, whilst Ming runs straight for the pit release button to try and save itself.

This seems to invigorate Ming, who go on a late rampage, putting the drill to work against both Ceros and Scraptosaur. Unfortunately, the drill never seems to get a proper contact, and can only do cosmetic damage. But is it too little too late? Metalis ends up in the pit as the clock counts down, and we’re off to the judges!

Despite Ming’s late foray into the world of battle, the early blows were too much for it. And so the judges, having looked over everything, went for Scraptosaur and Ceros as the victors! The seed has fallen. And now the heat is wide open.

So onto our second melee, and the second half of the scrapyard demons fighting it out for the right to join Scraptosaur and Ceros in the second round of the heats.

First on the list is Revolution 3, hoping to bring its own robot revolution to the arena. A 4 wheel box shaped robot, Revolution 3 is very, very different to its predecessor. Whilst Revolution 2 looked like a remote controlled combine harvester of death and destruction, Revolution 3 is a lot more reserved, with a much smaller front drum to act as weaponry, spinning at approximately 2,500rpm. The robot is invertible, which is good given the high number of flippers in this heat, and has a top speed of 12mph.

Second into the arena is St Agro, one of the many flippers in this heat but also one taking a slightly different approach! Instead of having one sole flipper to rely on, St Agro can actually run both ways up, and as a result has a flipper on each side of the robot. Kind of ingenious if you ask me. Like Revolution 3, the robot runs at 12mph, but it is susceptible to running out of CO2 and has rather large, heavily exposed wheels. They may turn out to be a problem.

Next up is the other robot in this heat with ‘scrap’ in its name, The Scrapper. It’s a taller box shaped robot, invertible, with a 20kg, 950rpm horizontal front disc acting as the robot’s form of punishment. It is unsurprisingly, given the name, made out of scrap, and has 6mm Polycarbonate armour on top of that. It is a brand new robot, so that makes it hard to judge just how well it’ll do in its first ever battle.

Finally we have Mega Hurts LT, a robot that looks like the comic relief of the episode, but with these things you never quite know. The reason it looks comical is mainly due to the drawn on cartoon style eyes. But going on to the actual robot itself- a robot that initially fought in the 2nd wars- we see a machine that might even be capable of doing something. It features a unique double flipper system, one which flips up and another which flips forward. The bottom one looks like a keyboard. It only weighs 91kg, which could prove a problem in the long run against flippers, but supposedly the robot itself can self right.

Dead Metal and Growler keep their place as the resident house robots, either because they’ve refused to move or because the production team is too lazy to change them. Either way, it’s time to let the battle begin!

The fight begins with the robots pairing off, St Agro and Mega Hurts going one way and locking flippers, with The Scrapper and Revolution 3 going disc to disc on the other side. Whilst Mega Hurts clashed flippers with St Agro on the first pass, however, their flipper failed to come down quick enough, and on the next pass St Agro had a free run to get in underneath and toss them over. Mega Hurts does however land on its wheels.

The Scrapper attempts to come into play next, but the disc seems to do little damage to Mega Hurts, and soon Revolution 3 is back and out for blood. Their attack on The Scrapper does result in damage, with a piece of the polycarbonate flying off and away. Mega hurts meanwhile has given up moving, which allows St Agro to come back on the attack and this time, the flip sends them onto their side.

Side on
Side On

Mega Hurts do fall onto their back, which allows them to self right after the second attempt, but they are rattled. Revolution 3 takes over the attack on them, pushing them around for a little bit before dumping them by one of the flame jets. Mega Hurts, it has to be said, does seem to have some tough armour though. Maybe not as useful in this case as a functioning drive system.

The Scrapper, a fringe figure so far in this fight, still looks more menacing that it actually is if this battle is anything to go by. They’re next on St Agro’s list, and do make a rather acrobatic turn onto their disc after the first flip, then come back to rest. St Agro aren’t done with them though, and chase them down before getting back underneath them, just close enough to the arena side wall to try it… OUT THEY GO!

On the end

Mega Hurts, meanwhile, are still not moving. Revolution 3 push them first, but then leave them to St Agro, the real aggressors of this heat. St Agro tries to recreate what just happened with The Scrapper, but Mega Hurts holds on, bouncing off the side wall rather than over it. Now in a CPZ, the house robots come over to play, and Dead Metal decides it’s a good idea to drive over St Agro’s flipper. It isn’t, but fortunately for Dead Metal, St Agro’s flip doesn’t quite cause them to topple over. A lucky escape.

Growler, having avoided St Agro, instead grabs hold of Mega Hurts, shakes them around a bit like every good guard dog, and then throws them into the arena side wall, where St Agro promptly flips them over. Cue Refbot’s inevitable countdown. However, Revolution 3 also seem to have given up the ghost, and St Agro’s flippers are wedged open. They may be going through, but just how battle worthy will they be?

Growler now gets to have its fun with Mega Hurts, and after shaking them around like a chew toy again, then positions them on the floor flipper, where they fly. Always a fun end to a robot’s life, the floor flipper. But St Agro and Revolution 3 are going through!

So there we have our 4 worthy robots- St Agro, Revolution 3, Scraptosaur and Ceros. 3 flippers and a spinner, so the flippers have numbers on their side. That and, well, Revolution 3 wasn’t actually moving by the end of their melee.

What impact will that have? Who will be going through?