Robot Wars S10E05 Part 2: Pushed To The Exit

It’s Robot Redemption time! Whilst Magnetar and Thor have safely navigated their way through the opening melee and into the heat semi-finals, there are still four other robots fighting for their life. Coyote, Hobgoblin, Push To Exit and Expulsion must now battle to gain a second chance at progression, but two of them are going home for good.

Redemption Knockout 1: Coyote v Hobgoblin

RK1 S10E05

The first of these knockouts sees egg beater Hobgoblin face off against the wily Coyote. Whilst Hobgoblin faltered after one flip from Push To Exit, Coyote went all the way against Thor, but lost out in the judges’ decision. Still, if Hobgoblin can get the beater working, it could still be a force to be reckoned with.

Your house robots, and the favourite pairing of the series, it’s Shunt and Sir Killalot! One stays, one leaves, let’s battle!

Coyote start as they did in their melee, driving head first into Hobgoblin, though this time they bounce off as opposed to latching on. Hobgoblin have the egg beater going at full power, but Coyote do well to avoid it, instead getting round to the side of Hobgoblin. Now, for all the power Hobgoblin seems to have, it has a very big, square frame, which makes it easy for Coyote to grab it.

Coyote break off from Hobgoblin, but the Goblin seems to be having control issues all by itself, and isn’t exactly the most mobile robot inside the arena. That always could just be how the robot actually is. But it gives Coyote basically all the time they need to plan their next attack. It also allows Coyote’s minibot- Roadrunner- to drive over to the pit release button unobstructed, and activate the pit.

Roadrunner Nation
Roadrunner Nation

Coyote and Hobgoblin continue to grapple, though Coyote are doing most of the hard work, but Hobgoblin continue to evade the pit, and are continuing to survive. Coyote aren’t exactly doing much damage either, but are winning plenty of Aggression and Control points.

Coyote navigates Hobgoblin away from the pit, and towards the CPZ of Sir Killalot, which also resides next to the flame pit. So Hobgoblin now get to enjoy that attention, and a light roasting. However, as much as Hobgoblin have struggled to get a foothold in this battle, they’re apparently still deadly enough to bend Sir Killalot’s claws out of shape when they make contact with the egg beater. So we know that works.

Killalot basically runs away, and Shunt comes in to take over the house robot duties. Hobgoblin get pushed right into the corner of the CPZ, where Shunt can pin them down, and strike with the axe. And they strike six, seven, eight times, hammering down with each hit. But, like Sir Killalot before him, Shunt eventually becomes victim to Hobgoblin’s beater, with the axe shattering on impact with the weapon. Talk about lethal.

Shatter Axe
Shatter Axe

But for all their house robot destruction, Hobgoblin have actually been immobile for a while, which is only compounded when Shunt uses to scoop to turn them over. They are counted out, and Coyote are going through, but what a way to go out!

Redemption Knockout 2: Push To Exit v Expulsion

RK2 S10E05

So with Coyote going through, we now need to see who will make up the final slot in the heat semi-finals. We know Push To Exit worked, with them flipping over Hobgoblin, but then got pulverised by Magnetar, so questions remain over the robot’s reliability. Expulsion we didn’t really get to see much of, seeing as they were punted over in the first few seconds and immobilised straight away. Really, it’s anybody’s fight.

Your house robots for this fight, because Shunt and Sir Killalot are currently nursing injuries sustained by their battles with Hobgoblin, are Dead Metal and Matilda! Fight time!

For once, PtE don’t drive straight into the arena side wall, and actually are quite tentative to start. But they do land the first blow, of sorts, by driving into Expulsion and knocking them back across the arena- although Expulsion do say on their wheels this time. However, it soon becomes clear that the same kind of problem that has befallen robots such as Iron-Awe 6 before has befallen them now- the flipper isn’t working.

Expulsion get knocked around a bit by Dead Metal, though once again not knocked over, and escape via the flame pit to continue the attack. The two competing robots clash again, but this time Expulsion drive up Push To Exit’s flipper. But of course the flipper isn’t working, so they just sit there for a while.

Up the ramp
Up The Ramp

Expulsion manage to escape, but Push To Exit are looking worse for wear. Expulsion get around behind them, giving them a hefty whack and a half. Expulsion continue to push the ailing robot, which keeps cutting in and out, and guide them around to the floor flipper. Unfortunately for Expulsion, they are on the wrong side of Push To Exit, and they are the ones that end up getting flipped. So now they’re the wrong way up… Again.

Over and Over Again
Flip Flop

PtE manage to gain some mobility for a fleeting few seconds, before they once again cut out and grind to a halt, whilst Expulsion are sitting on their spinner. They spin the spinner up, showing the robot still works, but it doesn’t get them anywhere. With both robots being counted out for immobility, there is no choice. It has to go to the judges.

Who wins?? Well, having gone over the fight with the assumption that both robot have been rendered immobile, the actual fight is under scrutiny. And with that in mind, your winner is…. EXPULSION!

So now we know our heat semi-finalists. Magnetar and Thor are now joined by Expulsion and Coyote. Next up, is the fight for victory, and passage to the Grand Final.



Robot Wars S10E05 Part 1: Astrophysics 101

Been a while, hasn’t it? I basically burnt myself out in the final days of NaNoWriMo because I had quite a lot to complete in a short space of time, and in the aftermath I didn’t feel like writing anything again for a while. I suppose that was always a risk I was going to take doing both that and this side by side. But, even though I’m now quite far behind everything, I will at least try to get somewhat back on track. The operative word here being ‘try’.

So week 5, the final heat of the series and the final introductions to new and returning competitors. After this heat, 5 of the 6 Grand Finalists will be known, as will the makeup of the 10 way robot rumble that will determine the final spot. There’s always a danger with the final heat that it gets forgotten about quite quickly and pushed aside, which was remedied last series by putting Carbide and Apollo into it, and this series it kind of looks as if this was done purposefully. Let’s just say it’s not the most enthralling of heats compared to some of the crazy episodes we had earlier, although it does still have its moments.

Plus, there are some heavy hitters to look out for, and this heat is full of returning robots. Magnetar is the evolution of Pulsar, and looks even more deadly (If that was possible), whilst Thor, who are always there or there about, are back too. Coyote makes a return after being decimated by Carbide last series, as are a very different looking Expulsion. Then there are the cases of Push To Exit Hobgoblin, which both made first round exits last series, and are looking to show what they can really do.

Melee 1: Expulsion v Thor v Coyote

Melee 1 S10E05

Expulsion S10

School team robot Expulsion is back and looking very, very different than before. Whilst the old version looked like a centipede and was easily knocked out by Foxic and M.R. Speed Squared, it had outlived them and converted into something a lot more compact, but still keeping the expanding spinning blades that made it such a unique robot in the first place, long with a different, three sided spinner. With spinners at such different weights, Expulsion could be anywhere between 70kg-110kg depending on the configuration. The new robot now almost looks like a ball on wheels, or a curved pyramid, which could hopefully stop any invertability issues. Whether it will actually be damaging enough to go far, we have to find out.

Thor S10

Thor, one of the best axe bots in the business (Alongside Terrorhurtz), is back again. After only finishing as runners up in their heat last series, Thor wants to get back where it belongs. The robot is fairly similar to the one entered last year, but the scoop now features a great number of angles and sharp points, whilst the firing rate of the axe has been increased too. Thor is still one of the fastest robots in the competition, pushing 30mph, and is a force to be reckoned with.

Coyote S100

After being dismantled by Carbide last time around, Coyote is all new and all improved, even coming with a brand new copper finish to it. Infact, the frame of Coyote now consists of copper pipes and steel bars, whilst the chainsaw is back having destroyed itself last series. The main weapon, however, is of course the front crushing jaws, which are as much to clamp as they are to actually crush. Coyote were actually a reserve going into the series, but got a last minute call up. Can they make that chance count?

The resident house robot for this battle, and long time admirer of circular saws, it’s Dead Metal!

Straight away, Coyote drive straight into Expulsion, punting them like a football right into the arena side wall, and then continuing the assault into the claws of Dead Metal. Unfortunately for them, Expulsion get kind of pushed aside, and it’s Coyote that end up in the claws of Dead Metal, and then paraded over to the flame pit, and then attacked with the saw. Tough break.

Spark Shock
Spark Shock

Coyote are left free, and Expulsion are next on Dead Metal’s hit list. It’s about as much entertainment Expulsion are going to get, because they’ve beached themselves in the CPZ. So much for not having invertability problems. Dead Metal, being the one track robot that it is, does exactly the same to Expulsion that it did to Coyote.

Grabby Hands
Grabby Hands

As Expulsion are left to rot, Coyote have managed to get themselves stuck on the pit, which has accidentally sunk and has to be brought back up to free Coyote. Thor, perhaps sensing an opportunity, hit the pit release button, but instead activates the rogue house robots. Dead Metal runs out, pushing Coyote out of the way and instead going for Thor, pinning them against the wall. Thor escape trouble, but it’s the first sign they can be rattled.

It’s now all Thor against Coyote; Thor strike the first few blows, landing some good axe hits on Coyote and pushing them around, with the front scoop getting under fairly easily. But Coyote strike back, grabbing hold of the front of Thor and pushing them into another CPZ. Thor break themselves free, and break off a piece of Coyote in the process. It goes backwards and forwards like this for a while, but Coyote are starting to feel it more than Thor.

Rogue House Robot finds itself activated again, although all Dead Metal seems to be able to do this time is drag Expulsion’s minibot, Roadrunner, around. So much for that. And Thor apparently decides it wants revenge, and attacks Dead Metal! They actually land a good hit, before they are swatted away. And because why not, Coyote comes in to join the party, grabbing hold of Dead Metal’s claw!

I bite
I bite

After separating from Dead Metal, Thor and Coyote charge at each other, and smash head on! Coyote again comes off worse, this time with the front jaws breaking! No more jaw, no more weapon. Thor go to town with the axe, but the battle has now run its course, and we go to the judges!

Coyote or Thor? Well considering Coyote ended up shedding body pieces and has a broken jaw, I think there can only be one winner. And that winner is Thor!

Melee 2: Push To Exit v Magnetar v Hobgoblin

Melee 2 S10E05

Well that was one way to start. But now we move on from the less common in terms of weaponry, and move into the more conventional spinners and flippers, but with no lack of extravagance and experimentation.

Magnetar S10

If you thought Pulsar looked incredible, just wait until you see Magnetar. It isn’t just an upgrade, it’s an entire overhaul. It’s a mashup of experimental tech and radical ideas, including brushless motors and the highest voltage battery (50V) on the show. The actual robot looks pretty much the same, but yet still has that look of evolution. The weapon is still as powerful as ever, weighing 21kg and spinning at 8,500rpm, making it essentially a rotating launcher. And, as is so necessary these days, the middle finger style self-righter is back once again. Oh, and it has a cat shaped wedge piece on the front of it, because why not?

Hobgoblin S10

Hobgoblin is back, having fell over backwards and died after about 30 seconds in the last wars. This time the robot features one major difference, being a set of wheels on the top which supposedly stop that from happening. The egg beater weapon is still there, hoping this time to be able to cause a great deal more damage than it could in the 9th wars, with the 25kg beater spinning at 2,500rpm. The top speed has increased too, to 12mph, and overall the robot has been given a bit of a bump, performance-wise. Whether that bump will be enough, we will have to find out.

Push To Exit S10

Bringing forth the only front-hinged flipper since the reboot, Push To Exit is hoping to put the disappointment of being one hit KOed in the 9th wars behind them. The bright blue, long nosed robot is much the same as it was last year in design, featuring a low pressure flipper that also acts as its self-righting mechanism. The robot is pretty speedy too at 24mph, but also has had control issues in the past, which they’ll need to get over.

Shunt is in the arena for the house robots, because apparently the arena isn’t complete without an axe in it. Time to battle!

Push To Exit, continuing right off from where it left off in the last series, drives straight past Hobgoblin and into the arena side wall. Old habits apparently die hard. But they recover, and drive back into the action, getting underneath Hobgoblin and flipping them over. THE FRONT HINGED FLIPPER WORKS! Hobgoblin fall onto their spare wheels, slide into the arena wall and bounce off. They then, er, stop.


Magnetar, having hung back, then joins the action, getting up close to PtE and actually managing to drive underneath them, drawing them into the drum and sending them skywards! Push To Exit crash back down on top of Magnetar, which rips apart some of the entanglement devices (Not that entanglement devices have done much this series, let’s be fair).

Unfortunately for Push To Exit, whatever’s happened with those attacks, the robot has stopped working. Or at least the flipper has stopped firing, which means they can’t self-right. It is, unfortunately, over.

KO Blow
KO Blow

Magnetar still push them into Shunt, who then axe them before pushing them back out into the wilderness, but PtE can no longer fight back. For Hobgoblin, they’re still moving, just very, very slowly. They’re immobile enough. Magnetar start to celebrate, gyro dancing in the middle of the arena, because they know that they’re going through.

So there we go. Perhaps as expected, Thor and Magnetar are going through!


Robot Review: Tauron (S10E04)

I’m currently without the use of iPlayer because my laptop apparently hates it, which makes it a good thing I still have a couple of these to do, because there’s no way I could do a recap right now.

Tauron, so cruelly defeated in the opening few seconds of their melee in the 9th wars, are back with an improved machine, looking to take revenge for their early exit and show the world what they were all about. The major features remain, with the body of the robot still a fairly standard box shaped design, but the front housing the weapon of mass robot destruction. The robot has been made more compact for this series, but can still run both ways up thanks to the pivot on the weapon, allowing it to be positioned depending on which was up the robot is. The weapon itself is an 18kg vertical spinning bar, capable of spinning at up to 3,600rpm. However, as with all powerful spinners, the gyroscopic forces are a pain to keep under control.

To test out whether the improvements would actually allow Tauron to have an extended run in this series, they entered a melee along with spinner based clusterbots The Kegs, and the old hand of this heat, Iron-Awe 6. 

And Tauron actually start the battle as the better robot, getting hits in on The Kegs and Iron-Awe. IA seem to be their favourite target at first, especially aiming for the ridiculous excuse for an entanglement device they have. Even when Tauron mount Iron-Awe, Iron-Awe can’t do anything. Tauron soon end up turning their attention to The Kegs, and this is where the weapon really shines. Taking a run at the front end of the first clusterbot, Tauron connect, and tear the spinning bar clean off! But that’s not all, because after a brief encounter with Sir K, they then turn onto the second Kegs bot, and send them barrelling through the air!

Air Roll
Wash-Dry Cycle

After that, it’s mainly back to Iron-Awe 6. And with Iron0Awe having no working flipper, it’s up to Tauron to continually chip away at the robot, and not get pushed around, which they manage quite well, even though they don’t cause any critical damage. But they’re on top in the battle, and then quite literally when they get stuck on top of Iron-Awe’s wedge. Sir Killalot breaks them apart, but when that concludes, Tauron isn’t moving.

They’re stuck.

And with Iron-Awe managing a brief moment of translational movement, Tauron are the ones that find themselves being counted out. It’s an unfortunate situation for Tauron, who were well on top, but that’s the way it goes.

Fortunately, this is exactly what the Robot Redemption round was introduced for, and Tauron have a second chance against the yellow coloured crusher, Androne 4000. A completely different challenge for Tauron, this one.

And for Tauron, this battle starts much differently, with them on the back foot throughout the opening phases, unable to cause much damage to Androne and finding themselves pushed around, including into Sir Killalot. Twice.

But Tauron are not a robot you can keep down for too long, and with a little bit of help from the arena spikes, they manage to land their first big hit, tearing away one of the armour panels from the body of Androne 4000, even though Androne still have them in a grip. It’s a backwards and forwards exchange for this part of the fight, because after they’re separated, Tauron end up with some company in the form of Dead Metal.


Nobody could claim Tauron don’t have a powerful weapon, because the more hits they score on Androne, the more the body panelling gets ripped apart. But the hits are few and far between, and although Androne never pierce anything, they do manage to clamp down on the weapon and stop it working for a while.

Tauron is able to land one final, big hit before the end of the fight, which leaves Androne limping around the arena. But that isn’t the actual last act of the fight- no, that would be Tauron taking a ride on the floor flipper, of course. But as both robots survived, it is up to the judges’ to decide who won, in what is a tough decision.

But, after much deliberation and probably a pie flinging competition, Tauron are eliminated at the expense of Androne 4000. It’s a hard defeat to take, because it was so close, but it is a defeat.

So, how did Tauron do? Well the robot looked much improved, and the weapon looked incredibly damaging. They started exceptionally well, demolishing both of The Kegs in entertaining fashion, and making a mockery of Iron-Awe’s entanglement devices. But they were undone ironically by having a low ground clearance, which saw them beached on Iron-Awe’s debris. The second fight was a lot closer, and Tauron lacked some control at times, but they were still able to deal a good amount of damage. I think it’s a shame this is as far as they got, it’s a good robot.

Expectation v Result (3rd – Bottom 2): -2
The Keg-pocolypse: +6
Annihilating the entanglements: +2
Getting beached: -2
Weight Reduction, Androne 4000 Edition: +4
A judges’ decision, and not in their favour: -2

Robot Rating (Tauron): 6/10

Full Robot Review rankings from this series and the last series can be found here: )
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Robot Review: The Kegs (S10E04)

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve spent the past few days fighting with my Wi-Fi, but I am making my potentially triumphant return with the review of a clusterbot made from the world’s greatest recycled material- beer kegs.

Yes, this year’s representative of Robot Wars’ cannon fodder category comes from former Greenpeace supremo John Frizell, who has built a pair of robots out of one whole beer kegs, having cut it in half and used the two pieces to create two robots. Armour isn’t their strong suit, naturally, and especially because the baseplate is made of wood. The robots weigh approximately 55kg each and are armed with 10kg spinning bars, which you would think could still pack a punch. And another plus point, the robot is invertible. So you never know, it could still spring a surprise.

But first they actually have to fight, and they came across what looked like a tricky tie (Well, all ties would probably look tricky to them) in the opening melee- The flipper of Iron-Awe 6 and the vicious vertical spinner of Tauron. Not exactly confidence building, is it?

And, well, it went about as badly as you would have expected.

The bar spinners worked, at least. And one of their first actions was to tear into one of Iron-Awe’s entanglement TNT sticks, which had no effect on anybody, and got a shallow hit on Tauron that didn’t really damage them. It was all downhill from there, really.

As Tauron was battling Iron-Awe, they managed to break off from them and charge towards one of The Kegs. Now the weapons on The Kegs are top mounted, much like Apex was, and we know what happened to them. So when Tauron’s powerful vertical spinner struck the front end of The Keg, it ripped the bar spinner off and sent it shooting into the ceiling, causing Dara and Angela to practically shit themselves. It was a violent dismemberment.

Piss up
Forceful Detachment

The other Kegs machine, still with bar spinner, hit the pit release button and scored the rogue house robot feature, leading them to being instantly accosted by Sir Killalot. Tauron then takes a pot shot at the weaponless Keg, causing it to do some gymnastic barrel rolls.

That was about it, for The Kegs. One of them went and died in a corner somewhere, whilst the other was once again assaulted by Sir Killalot, who knocked them into the pit release button, again. At least they were good for something, even when they were dead.

So The Kegs were defeated in classis cannon fodder style, no surprise there. However, in form for this series, there is a chance at redemption. Unfortunately, The Kegs’ chance at redemption came against Concussion, a drum spinner who were grand finalists last series. And with one of The Kegs going in without a weapon because Tauron eviscerated it, they were already at a disadvantage. Good luck lads.

It didn’t even take long for the first of The Kegs to fall victim. Concussion just needed a little warm-up, about 8 seconds, before they came in and tore skin from bone, Robot Wars style. The cassis went one way, and the beer keg armour was ripped off in the other direction. Oh, and that was the robot that actually had a weapon.

Beer Keg Down
Beer keg bonanza

The second of The Kegs wasn’t exactly going to be able to do much either, and ended up becoming a pinball, bouncing between Concussion’s drum and the floor flipper, ending with them once again dead, resting against the arena side wall.

And because one attack wasn’t enough, Concussion came back to the now naked Keg, and tore them apart even further. It’s a good thing The Kegs weren’t going to have to fight again, because quite honestly I don’t think they would have been able to. I don’t think they ever will be able to again.

So, how did The Kegs do? Well, I think they’re well up there in challenging Overdozer for “Best cannon fodder in the revived run of Robot Wars”, but we got the delight of seeing them torn apart in not one but two fights. There was even (very) early promise, but it was never going to last. But when you look at The Kegs, did you ever really expect it to?

Expectation v Result (Bottom 2 – Bottom 2): +0
Minus point for each time a Keg died in battle: -4
BONUS: Fully functional, weaponised beer keg: +2

Robot Rating (The Kegs): -2/10

Full Robot Review rankings from this series and the last series can be found here: )
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Robot Wars S10E04 Part 3: Nut Buster

We’re reaching the end of what has been an entertaining heat, with the wars continuing to rumble onwards at a frightening pace. We’ve already seen a flipperless Iron-Awe 6 get smashed in by a rampaging Concussion, so that we know the first of our finalists, but there is still one spot to fill, along with the determining who is going to be fighting for a place in the 10-way melee. There are spinners, crushers and non-working flippers, and it promises to be a dramatic and entertaining end to the heat.

Semi-Final 2: Nuts 2 v Androne 4000

Sf2 S10E04

Nuts 2 perhaps surprisingly got to skip the Robot Redemption stage, having spent the melee caving in wheels and generally surviving, enough to see them go straight through to the semi-final. Androne 4000, one of the robots in that melee, instead had to come through a tough judges’ decision to defeat Tauron, and come back against one of their earlier foes. The heat final is just one fight away, and glory beckons.

Shunt and Dead Metal are the house robots overseeing proceedings. Let’s get this bashing, smashing, crashing semi-final underway!

Nuts spin up very quickly, right from the off, and Androne try to charge them down, but find the minibots in their way, which delays them. By the time they reach Nuts, it’s spinning at full speed, and Androne suffer a nasty whack to the side of their machine, which they seem to ignore as they push Nuts into Dead Metal. But in reality, that hit has severed one of their hydraulic fuel lines, and fluid is spewing everywhere!

The Spray
Hydraulic Car Wash
Fluid Launcher
Fluid Launcher

It hasn’t stopped the robot, but now they have no way of working the crusher or the srimech, which is Robot Wars’ way of saying that they’re doomed. As it is, whilst they’re chasing down Nuts, they slide onto the floor flipper, which flips them over, and upside down they go!

And of course, with no self righting mechanism available to use, that’s the end of their fight. It’s over so soon, after one mega, mega hit from one of Nuts’ spinning flails. If it proves anything, it proves that Nuts 2 is no longer a robot that cannot be taken seriously. It is a real contender.

Turned Turtle S10
Turned Turtle

3rd Place Playoff: Androne 4000 v Iron-Awe 6

3PP S10E04

All hope is not lost for Androne, despite the mammoth repair job they have to do in order to fix the robot, because they can still reach the 10-way melee by beating Iron-Awe 6 in the 3rd place playoff. This being an Iron-Awe that still has no working flipper. One will go through, one will go home.

Your house robots for this fight, because Shunt and Dead Metal now have to have a shower to get all of the hydraulic fluid out from under their nuts and bolts, are Matilda, and Sir Killalot!

This fight is going to be a real battle of attrition, and one in which neither robot is working to 100% capacity. It’s also going to be a battle of ground clearance, a battle won by Iron-Awe. They get under Androne straight away, and try to get them over to the floor flipper, but Androne just about manage to escape. So Iron-Awe try again, this time pushing Androne over to Matilda’s CPZ. Matilda seems really up for it, and means business. Androne are pretty much powerless as she digs her flywheel into their armour, tearing a chunk off.

Weight reduction shceme
Weight Reduction Scheme

After this, the battle continues to swing between Iton-Awe and Androne. Androne often ride up Iron-Awe, but then come straight back off, before anything can be done. But equally, even when Androne get in good positions and get under Iron-Awe, the crusher either isn’t coming down or is too slow. Matilda almost comes out to play again at one point, whilst Iron-Awe, still on top, do also get Androne briefly over the flame pit.

Iron-Awe is really using that wedge to good effect. They get right in underneath Androne, which doesn’t seem anywhere near as mobile, and drive them straight back into Matilda. Matilda tries to flip with the tusks but fails, unfortunately for her, and Androne can escape. As they continue to battle, the pit release button is hit, and the pit descends. Now Iron-Awe’s full attention is on getting Androne down that pit.

They try, and they try, but Androne won’t play ball. It’s not like Androne are actually doing much, because their lack of mobility is becoming all the more apparent. But Iron-Awe are getting very, very close, and it only seems like a matter of time before Androne are dispatched. But Androne are stubborn, and Iron-Awe almost drive themselves into the pit, and then whilst escaping, drive right into Matilda’s flywheel.

Flywheel Fantasy
Flywheel Fantasy

Iron-Awe are really pushing the edge of the line, and in trying once again to push Androne down, they end up zipping across Matilda as soon as she fires the tusks, and Iron-Awe sommersault through the air. They land on their wheels, which saves them, because otherwise they would have been done.

But persistence eventually pays off. Androne are barely moving anyway, but this time Iron-Awe get the robot positioned exactly right, and drive Androne to the edge of the pit, where physics takes over and into the pit they tumble. Well, you can’t say Androne didn’t try, but in a war between two weaponless robots, a wedge like Iron-Awe was always likely to win.

Let’s just hope they get the flipper working in time for the 10-way melee, or they really will be doomed.

Heat Final: Nuts 2 v Concussion

Final S10E04

So here we are, the heat final. Concussion went the long way round, fighting in the Robot Redemption round to get back on track, but they’re facing a Nuts 2 machine that damaged them so badly in the opening melee, and also completely severed Androne 4000’s fluid line in one blow. If Consussion can get that drum up to speed, however, there is always a chance.

And, just for that added layer of protection, and to stop the past repeating itself, Concussion have bolted some protective panels over the wheels, so called ‘Nut Busters’. Only time will tell if they work.

Fresh from the robot car wash, Shunt and Dead Metal are back in the arena for the house robots! Let’s get this heat final underway!

Concussion go straight for Nuts, who begin to spin up, and they manage to get there before Nuts have spun up to full speed. The flail still hits one of the Nut Busters, btu seems to be OK. Not that it stops Concussion, who are now driving round the other side of Nuts, from accidentally driving over the floor flipper, but they just about get away with it.

Wall Runner
Wall Runner

Concussion come on the attack again, but Nuts are very quick to get up to full spinning speed, and land a hard blow on Concussion, which one again is absorbed by the Nut Buster. But Conussion, like they did not that long before, drive right over the floor flipper, which is in fine form this episode, and this time they are tossed over. Now Concussion is is invertible, but the Nut Busters could have an adverse effect, being a late bolt on piece and not part of the original design.

And almost immediately, it’s clear that the plastic sheets are a hindrance, but Concussion can still back into Nuts, which then unceremoniously sends one of the minibots flying. Nuts begins to spin back up to full speed again, whilst Concussion attempts to right itself by gyro dancing. Normally it would be perfectly possible, but again the Nut Busters are stopping it from actually going all the way. But hey, they have a cool lighting system.

LED Rave
LED Rave

As Concussion tries to right itself, Nuts is using the crazy contraption that is Meltybrain to shimmy over to the fight, and land another hit on Concussion before Concussion spin straight into Shunt, which sets off the spark cannons, just for effect.

Concussion are now going around in circles, which is great for Shunt because it means the house robot can land not one, but two heavy axe blows onto their underside. Nuts is still spinning away in the background, but leaving it up to Shunt to dish out the punishment, only coming in occasionally to land a blow. Concussion gets trapped in the spikes, which are hard to evade when you’re going in circles, and Shunt take the opportnity to land two more blows. Concussion are taking some heavy attacks, and might soon be suffering a concussion of their own.

To make matters worse for Concussion, they soon get one of the minibots stuck under them, if only for a few moments. But eventually, the judges seem to get a bit fed up of Concussion just going in circles. Concussion are counted out, and amazingly, Nuts 2 are going through to the grand final!

Who would have thought that was going to happen?

Robot Wars S10E04 Part 2: Rotate

We resume this week’s recap, which inevitably is going to end up spilling into next week too, with the new feature that’s taken the season by storm: Robot Redemptions. With Nuts 2 and Iron-Awe 6 already through to the semi-finals, it’s up to Concussion, The Kegs, Tauron and Androne 4000 to fight it out and see who is worthy of joining them. Without further delay, let’s get to it.

Redemption Knockout 1: Concussion v The Kegs

RK1 S10E04

It’s time for a fight between one robot (pair) that it’s amazing they’re still able to function in the form of clusterbots The Kegs, and another robot that probably should have been doing better than dropping into the redemption rounds, in the form of former grand finalist Concussion. As a consequence of being ripped to pieces, one of The Kegs is having to go in without its spinner, because it was catapulted off the robot by Tauron. Can they do the impossible? Can they fuck.

Sir Killalot and Matilda are your two house robots, let’s battle!

Concussion are out straight away, trying to charge down one of The Kegs, which haven’t started quickly at all. They miss on the first run but quickly turn the robot around, and then charge one of the clusterbots down so hard that it literally rips the beer keg armour straight from the chassis, sending it flying across the arena.

Beer Keg Down
Beer Keg Down
Beer Keg Down Pt2
Beer Keg Down, Part 2

The other clusterbot doesn’t fare much better, becoming something of a pinball between Concussion and the floor flipper. Concussion make contact first, sending the robot spiralling through the air and onto the floor flipper, which barely allows the clusterbot to stop before launching them through the air, where Concussion is waiting once again to punt it around. The clusterbot is now pretty much a robot football.

Both Kegs machines are now dead, no surprises there. But that doesn’t stop Concussion from coming in and ripping apart the already naked Kegs robot so violently that all you could find after the fight was some sawdust and the tattered remains of John Frizell’s hopes and dreams.

Eternal destruction
Eternal Destruction

Killalot grabs the other clusterbot and dangles them over the fire, just for effect. But the fight is over, and The Kegs have been well and truly defeated.

Redemption Knockout 2: Tauron v Androne 4000

RK2 S10E04

Here’s a fight that promises to be a lot closer than the previous one, between bar spinner Tauron and crusher Androne 4000. Tauron were unlucky to lose to Iron-Awe 6 in the melee, whilst Androne got stuck on Concussion, so who knows what they could have done. Unfortunately, after this one robot is going home.

Your house robots are hedgehog hell raiser Dead Metal and the knight of the arena, Sir Killalot!

Androne start out on the front foot, chasing down Tauron as they try to get the spinner up to speed. They clash, but Androne manage to stop the spinner dead, without it doing any damage. They keep pressuring Tauron, pushing them towards the arena side wall. With the control they have, they then shepherd Tauron straight into Sir Killalot.

They are released, but Androne waste no time in chasing them back, and within the next 10 seconds they’re right back in with Sir Killalot. Killalot apparently doesn’t like having Tauron around, because they released soon enough. And again, Androne are right there, and they finally manage to get their claw to come down. They don’t pierce anything, but they have Tauron completely off balance, and hold the upper hand.

But Tauron manage to turn the tables, with the help of the floor spikes. As they drive over the spikes, and the spikes fire, it lifts the robots up and loosens Androne’s grip, allowing Tauron to swing round slightly and rip loose one of their opponent’s armour panels.

Lifting the flap
Lifting the flap

The two robots haven’t separated for a while, so Sir Killalot comes over and gives them a gentle shove, allowing them to separate. Doesn’t stop Androne from going straight back in there, and this time Tauron get pushed into Dead Metal. And Dead Metal has no problem grabbing hold of and bringing the saw down on Tauron, etching a nice slice mark into the robot.

Androne go for the pit release button, which does indeed activate the pit, but it gives Tauron a chance to get the bar spinner up to speed, and they manage to land a blow on the damaged armour panel, damaging it further, but not enough to tear it off.

After that, it’s back to Androne trying to chase down Tauron, and they manage to trap them once again. This time they get them proper head on, and bring the crusher down on the bar spinner, stopping it, and causing Tauron to start venting smoke. Probably Androne’s most effective attack of the fight.

Iron Grip
Iron Grip

Androne let Tauron go, and they now seem to be having control issues, which allows Tauron to come around Androne before unleashing another attack on the same side of the robot, causing yet more damage. Androne is now spinning in a circle, with one bent front spike, trying desperately to stop Tauron’s weapon every time they attack. It’s kind of working.

The clock counts down to the end of the fight, but just before it does, Tauron decides to take a customary ride over the floor flipper. Because why not. But with both robots still technically moving, we’re going to a judges’ decision!

Now, I would not want to be a judge for this one, it was a very close battle. I’d give it to Androne on the aggression front, just. Tauron get damage, hands down. I would give Androne control for the first half of the fight, but then they lost a wheel and the control went away. Argh.

But the judges do come to a decision. The winner, and going through to the semi-finals, is…. ANDRONE 4000!

Semi-Final 1: Iron-Awe 6 v Concussion

SF1 S10E04

So, to the semi-finals we go! Concussion are here, having torn The Kegs to pieces, and they now come up against Iron-Awe 6, who managed to go through despite having no working flipper. One will go through to the heat final, one will have to settle for a 3rd place playoff. But who will win?

Dead Metal is there for the house robots, alongside Shunt! Let’s get ready to battle.

Iron-Awe charge straight at Concussion, but perhaps amazingly for a flipper, they don’t go underneath, instead bouncing straight up and off Concussion’s drum. Concussion take the initiative straight away, and start attacking the side of Iron-Awe. IA have some more entanglement devices, though not the TNT stick ones, but once again they fail to do much. Entanglement has been disappointing so far, it has to be said.

After Concussion’s attack, Ion-Awe just about manages to avoid Shunt’s axe, but when they come back around, Concussion is already there and launches another attack, and then another one. The front wedge piece flies off Iron-Awe, and then in the next hit send Iron-Awe barrelling through the air.

Flipping the flipper
Flipping the flipper

Iron-Awe lands upside down, which is unfortunate for them because the flipper STILL ISN’T WORKING. Dead Metal comes across, prodding at Iron-Awe like a predator poking its prey to see if it’s dead. Satisfied, they bring the saw down, and let the sparks fly!

Sparky Spark
Sparky Spark

Iron-Awe are finished, make no mistake about that, but Dead Metal moves them so that they can burn on the flame pit for a while anyway, before they are eventually counted out. Concussion had a rough start to this heat, but they’re going through to the heat final!

Now the only question is, who will be joining them?


Robot Wars S10E04 Part 1: Piss Up In A Brewery

Here I am, finally getting around to writing the recap for the fourth week, and penultimate heat of Robot Wars the 10th wars. After three heats that have brought us the weird and the wacky, and two new heat finalists in the shape of Rapid and Behemoth alongside current champions Carbide, the fourth has its own group of challengers looking to get through to the grand final, with that shot at glory. Concussion have been there before, but they face some stiff competition to make it through again. Iron-Awe 6 come in as the successor to a well known robot from the original war, and a robot that has won UK Championships on the live tour. Nuts 2 Tauron have been here before, but last series couldn’t make it past the first round, whilst Androne 4000 The Kegs are brand new robots, looking to cause a stir. It’s a wide range of weapons with a wide range of experience, so shall we get started?

Melee 1: The Kegs v Tauron v Iron-Awe 6

Melee 1 S10E04

The Kegs S10

The Kegs are a pair of clusterbots that come from the same Greenpeace centred mind that gave us Terror Turtle, John Frizell. Much in the way he worked professionally, his robot is made out of recycled parts, namely the metal beer keg that was split in half to make the two different clusterbots. The Kegs are identical, with each of them possessing a 10kg spinning bar and running at a respectable 12mph. However, naturally, the robot’s defences are somewhat limited, and the armour thin. Could be an issue against powerful competitors.

Tauron S10

Tauron met an unlucky end in the 9th wars, having been knocked out after just one blow, but come back with a drive to succeed and a robot that stays true to what it wants to be. A blocky, cuboid style chassis is just the base of a robot that has a fearsome weapon. An 18kg, 3,600rpm vertical spinning bar that runs on a pivot, allowing the robot to be invertible. After such a short run last time, can Tauron make more of their undoubted potential?

Iron-Awe 6 S10

Iron-Awe, one of the ancient wonders of Robot Wars, is finally back! Whilst not the most successful robot in the original run of the show, Iron-Awe did at one point flip Bigger Brother out of the arena. It was away from the TV where Iron-Awe was successful, winning two UK Championships on the live circuit with Iron-Awe 5. Now they’re back with Iron-Awe 6, with a full, ramp style flipper as the weapon, and not an axe in sight. They also have several anti-spinner devices attached to the side of the robot, which honestly look like TNT sticks.

Now we have the competitor robots, time for the house robots. The one robot you don’t want to come up against in this fight, it’s Sir Killalot!

Everyone uses the first few seconds to get the weapons up to speed, well at least those that have spinners. Iron-Awe get the first brief hit from Tauron, before Tauron hit one of The Kegs into Iron-Awe, tearing off some of the anti-spinner dynamite sticks. Iron-Awe get stuck over the flame pit for a while, before escaping, but those anti-spinner devices are quite possibly the most useless I’ve actually seen this series.

Tauron go to attack Iron-Awe again, and actually end up mounting them, but Iron-Awe doesn’t fire the flipper. As we find out, that’s because the flipper doesn’t actually work. Infact not much is going right for Iron-Awe so far, because their next play sees them drive straight into Sir Killalot. Not really the smartest of moves.

Iron-Awe and Tauron seem to be having quite the battle. The Kegs are trying to get involved, but aren’t really doing much. But Tauron and Iron-Awe are really going at it, and Tauron tear some more of the anti-spinner sticks off, proving they aren’t anti-spinner at all.

Shattered Sticks
Shattered Sticks

Tauron then turn their attention away from Iron-Awe and onto The Kegs. They come across, targeting one of the robots. But when their bar spinner connects with the bar spinner of The Kegs, it shatters the connections and fires The Kegs’ spinning bar all the way across the arena, breaking something and scaring Dara O Briain half to death. They may not be built very well, but they sure break apart spectacularly. Like a discount Apex.

The other Kegs bot activates the pit release button, which lets loose the Rogue House Robots! And Sir Killalot, right next to the button, try to take out that machine first. They evade, and Killalot instead jams Tauron into the wall, but only for a brief moment, before Iron-Awe becomes a target. Now free, Tauron goes after one of The Kegs and connects well, sending them spinning through the air.

Air Roll
Air roll

The Kegs are now dead, and Iron-Awe are being chipped away at by Tauron’s bar spinner, which is relentlessly looking to cause damage, especially as Iron-Awe has no working flipper. But none of the blows cause any real, serious damage and Iron-Awe continues to function well enough to run away. But they also do some of the chasing too, and one of those chases end with Tauron driving right up Iron-Awe, and getting stuck. Sir Killalot has to separate them but when they do, both robots seem to have stopped working properly.

Iron-Awe moves, just, then stops. Tauron doesn’t move at all. Eventually both robots are as still as the rest of the arena, and a countdown is called. It’s so, so close, but as Iron-Awe were the last of the robots to stop working, they’re going through to the semi-finals. Not bad for a robot without a flipper.


Melee 2: Concussion v Nuts 2 v Androne 4000

Melee 2 S10E04

Well Iron-Awe may have somewhat lucked their way into the semi-finals, but there are more robots and more challengers lying in wait. Now they must also fight it out to determine the one robot going straight into the semi-finals.

Concussion S10

Concussion are one of last year’s grand finalists, but they suffered a premature end to their championship aspirations. Now they’re back with a polished, sleeker machine to try and boost those aspirations. The weapon has been improved to spin at 7000rpm, 1000rpm more than it did last series. The armour has been updated and their removable link is custom 3D printed to lower the chances of it falling out. There are new internal parts too, giving Concussion a full rework for this series.

Androne 4000 S10

Here’s something we don’t see particularly often in Robot Wars these days, a full on crusher! The original series saw robots such as Tiberius, Ming and, most famously, Razer. But the reboot seems to have a distinct lack of crushers, probably due to the advanced armours competitors now use. So now I give you, Androne 4000, an honest-to-God crusher. It not only has a cool name, but it also has a couple of front wedges to draw robots in, and a 4000psi ram crusher. Will it work? Well, Androne could certainly cause a stir.

Nuts 2 S10

Nuts 2, the evolution of everyone’s favourite flailbot Nuts, suffered in the first round of the 9th wars when one of the wheels failed, and they got drop kicked out of the arena by Matilda’s flywheel. Now they’re back with a robot that’s gone from adorable to brutal. Using a technology called ‘Meltybrain’, Nuts 2 can both spin on the spot and move forward, making it a full body spinner, spinning at over 500rpm with 3m long flails acting as the teeth of the spinner. Plus, they also have a pair of wedge minibots to assist. Is this the start of a new, more deadly Nuts, or is it still just cannon fodder?

Now to see who will be the invited guest of the arena, the house robot. Straight from the scrapyard, it’s Dead Metal!

Whilst Nuts get up to speed at the start of the fight, Androne charge straight for Concussion, ramming into them before the drum can get up to speed, then sticking to them as they try to get away. As Concussion run from Androne, they run straight into Nuts, and the flail strikes them, hard.

At first, it’s hard to see what damage the flail caused. But on closer inspection, it’s clear to see that one of the flails hit a bullseye on Concussion’s wheel, completely deforming it and rendering it useless. Concussion are now limping on one wheel.


Androne are still particularly interested in Concussion, especially now they’ve been wounded, but Androne seems to lack the control to really get Concussion under control and get the crusher in. Meanwhile, one of Nuts’ minibots takes a ride on the floor flipper. Because why not? As Androne and Concussion battle, it draws them back into Nuts, which lands another blow, though this one less damaging. Androne and Concussion then take their battle to the floor flipper which, after a slight delay, tosses them up into the air, and actually turns Concussion over.

This gives Androne even more of an imperative to actually score a good hit, and eventually they actually do. The claw is slow to come down, but it comes down and pierces Concussion, trapping them together.

Trapped in the claw
Trapped in the claw

But with them both trapped together, they stop moving completely. Not even a couple of harsh bumps from Dead Metal can get them to break apart. And, with no movement, the judges have no option but to count both of the robots out.

Which means, perhaps surprisingly, Nuts 2 have won the melee! And they’re going all the way to the semis, no stops along the way.

Nuts 2 and Iron-Awe 6, perhaps not the semi-finalists that were expected but the ones that are there. But that means that some powerful robots are in danger of going out earlier than they would have like. Much earlier.