Who is robotwars2016?

Hola amigos! I decided to give my blog a little revamp so i’ll give this section a revamp too, it probably needs it.

I’m Chris, your resident robo reviewer and lover of all things robot combat. Having grown up with Robot Wars and watched the Youtube uploads of episodes on repeat continuously throughout my time on planet Earth, I decided it would be a good idea to start my own blog once the reboot rolled around and I had new battles to watch and rant about. Amazingly, i’m still here.

What can you expect here? Well other than me rambling, which I do all the time, I post 3 part recaps of every new (And old) episode of the show, as well as giving each robot their own personal review, which then goes into a giant leaderboard. I think that pretty much sums it up.

You can see the Robot Review leaderboard HERE. It’s updated as I upload the reviews, as opposed to being updated when the episode airs. Keeps the score a secret until the review goes up…

If you want to keep up to date with me then there are several options. Obviously you can follow the blog itself, but there are a few alternatives.
I have a Facebook page for the blog HERE, which is probably the best place to go if all you care about is the blog.
You can also follow my personal Twitter HERE, which will still post links to the blog articles.
Or you can even follow my Tumblr, HERE. Same principle applies to this as it did to Twitter.

Other than that, enjoy the blog. Let the wars begin.