Robot Wars S07E11 Part 3: Kat Fight

OK so it’s been 9 days, sue me. But fear not, for I am not going to leave you wondering for too much longer. So far in this heat we have seen many different happenings, including but not limited to Bulldog Breed’s illegal cylinder protectors, Kat 3 losing its axe head in the arena floor and Typhoon spinning to Middleweight final victory. With the seeds Bulldog Breed safe in the heat final and looking to do the already largely populated flipper’s club proud, it is now up to axebot Kat 3 and crusher MantisĀ to battle it out and decide who is going to play challenger in the final battle of the heat.

In my eyes Mantis would go into this fight as favourite, havign had such an impressive opening fight, whilst Kat 3 struggled their way into the next round, having shot themselves in the foot by losing half their weapon beforehand. But as we know, form and reputation means almost nothing once in the arena.

Mr Psycho makes yet another appearance for the house robots, his hammer shinier than ever, with Matilda joining him as co-defender of the arena. Let’s get this underway!

It’s a tentative start for both robots, putting some distance between themselves before almost staring each other down. Of course, a battle is a battle and they do go for each other eventually, though Kat 3 once again make a mess of trying to strike with the axe, missing completely. They then fire the axe again, nowhere near Mantis- who incidentally is too busy driving into the Refbot- so I can only assume it was accidental.

But they manage to find their way back to each other, and this time when Kat 3 brings the axe down, there’s a split second where it is fully lowered. In that split second Mantis drives forward, and so when the axe comes back up, it gets hooked onto Mantis’ roll hoop. Maybe not what Kat 3 were intending, but now they have the advantage.


Kat 3 are stuck in there, but that doesn’t mean they’re calling the shots. An advantage still needs a decent robot to execute it, and Kat 3 are perhaps not that robot, because it’s Mantis that end up driving them in circles, slamming it into reverse and taking them for a ride.

This continues for some time, although Kat 3 manage to gain something of a foothold and pull back, making it a much more even contest. Mantis try bringing up the lifting forks, but it doesn’t help too much to change things. In the end, Kat 3 are the ones to disengage. Now it’s a proper fight again.

Mantis do what any robot believing themselves to be on the back foot usually do and drive into the pit release button, but that leaves time for Kat 3 to catch up and deliver another blow. Mantis, if you remember, is made of scaffolding, so there are plenty of internals to aim for. No lasting damage seems to have been done, however.

And soon, the tables have turned, and Mantis manage to catch at kitty kat in their jaws. For a little while, anyway. Kat 3 soon manage to wrangle their way out of it. Mantis aren’t going to take that laying down, and get in behind Kat 3, then bring up their lifting forks, and tip their opponents onto their sides.

Tip Kitty
Tip Kitty

Kat 3 self–right with their axe, snapping back onto their wheels, and now it’s their turn to go on the attack. they line Mantis up, then drive the axe right into the innards of the machine. There’s always the potential to hit something vital, but you never know until you hit it. For Mantis, it seems like they just about get away with it, and move away from the danger zone. It turns into a bit of a dance, with both robots side by side and doing the Argentine Tango, before Mantis get one last lift in, pinning Kat 3 to the arena side wall.

The clock is now ticking down, with 10 seconds to go. Can Kat 3 right themselves? Yes, they can. Once again the axe rights them and thrusts them back into battle. But it’s too late and the timer has hit zero.

We’re going to the judges!

It’s a tough decision, Kat 3 or Mantis. Kat 3 got the early blows in, and got Mantis hooked at one point, but Mantis managed to flip them over a couple of times. I would hate to have to make that decision, but the judges did, and a decision they made. The winner is…

KAT 3!

Bloody hell that could have gone either way. But now we have a fight between the cat and the dog of the arena on our hands. And I think Kat 3 may just be running out of lives…

So, to the heat final. Bulldog Breed have been impressive over the two fights they have participated in so far, especially against Hard in round 2. Kat 3, however, have run it close to the line in both matches, utilising judges’ decisions to scrape their way into the final. Bulldog Breed are massvie favourites, but Kat 3 does have an axe, and thos cylinders have lost their protection…

Your house robots for this final fight of the night are Sir Killalot, the honourable knight of the arean, and Cassius Chrome. Nothing honourable about Cassius Chrome, it has to be said. Let’s battle!

Unlike their previous battle, Kat 3 have no problem getting forward to attack Bulldog Breed, but their attacks miss, for yet another fight. Infact, two quick attacks both miss, and Bulldog Breed are none the worse for it. BB go on the attack themselves, but Kat 3 are very low to the ground, and Bulldog Breed can’t get under there long enough to get a flip away.

The back and forth continues, with Kat 3 skirmishing around the advances of Bulldog Breed, and successfully too. Because, having bamboozled BB long enough to get round the side of them, Kat 3 actually land a hit with the axe. A good hit.


Are Bulldog Breed going to take that lying down? Are they fuck. They go straight on the attack, and this time they manage to trap Kat 3 long enough to flip them over. Now that’s strike one for the Bulldog, and things have levelled up.

Kat 3 self right again, eventually, with a little more than a hint of help from Bulldog Breed, who were no doubt themselves trying to flip Kat 3 into an even more compromising position. They end up in Sir Killalot’s CPZ, but Kat 3 get away. Bulldog Breed follow, and chase Kat 3 all the way into the pit release button. Another variable on the battlefield!

Kat 3 land another hit, but only on the lid of Bulldog Breed, and not anywhere that could damage something vital. Again, Bulldog Breed try to retaliate, but this time they miss the flip. Kat 3, in their highly skittish and permanently uncontrollable state, manage to miss several axe strikes in the next few phases of play. For every hit, there are about 4 misses.

Bulldog Breed keep coming, relentless, and once again chase Kat 3 down into a remote corner of the arena, before getting under and flipping them away. With each flip, Kat 3 has to use up more of their precious axe engagements to right themselves. It’s a long game, but it has an objective.

Angry dogs
Angry Dogs

However, things don’t happen the same as they usually do, and Kat 3 this time seem unable to right themselves. This brings Sir Killalot into play, although the house robot is only there to push Kat 3 out of the way. That is, however, until Bulldog Breed flips them back through the air, causing them to land on top of Killalot’s head!


Ironically, the flip actually ends with Kat 3 landing back on their wheels, and now they can escape. Bulldog Breed comes back, but Kat 3 pulls the same trick it did on Mantis and the two robots start up another round of Argentine Tango. It breaks off eventually, which right now can only lead to one thing- Bulldog Breed get another flip in, but again it isn’t terminal. They’re wearing them down, but slowly.

But Kat 3 aren’t done yet, and even when Bulldog Breed are underneath them, the axe can still come down! This time they even manage to get a few sparks to fly. But, as with this very end to end fight, Bulldog Breed get another flip in. The clock hits the screen and suddenly, the fight is soon going to the judges. Not before Bulldog Breed get another flip in to follow up. A last minute assault to try and sway the judges.

The clock hits zero, and the result is in other hands now. The judges take their work seriously, going down to inspect the robots for damage. But only one robot can go through to the series semi final…


Yes, the aggression and the control they had in their flips won out against the damage caused by Kat 3’s axe, on account that it didn’t cause that much damage in the first place. All show, no bite.

And Bulldog Breed are going through!



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