Robot Wars S07E11 Part 2: Going In Hard

Heat K rolls on, with some very good looking robots entering the second round of battles. The seeds Bulldog Breed are joined by Kat 3, Hard and Mantis. But, as is tradition with the second part to the recap, we have a special event waiting first. I almost feel sorry for the second parts of my recaps; The first part gets the melees, where all competitors are introduced, and the third part gets the heat final, where we see who rules supreme in that heat and moves on to the semi-final. the second part, meanwhile, has to make do with whichever gimmick battle it is left with. We didn’t even have one of those a couple of episodes ago.

However, the special event is here to stay (For this series, anyway). Now we just need to find out what it is. Any guesses? It’s not another World Championship qualifier, nor a featherweight fight. It’s not spinners or flippers or axes in exclusivity either, we’ve already had those. No, this time we’re bridging the gap between feathers and heavies, and having the Middleweight Final! Yet another *New* event to add to the list.

First robot out onto the floor is Typhoon. Yes it’s just like Typhoon 2, just smaller. A cone shaped full body spinner, Typhoon shares many characteristics with its big brother, it just weighs about half as much. The outer shell of the robot can spin at speeds up to 100mph, but as a trade-off the robot has no self-righting mechanism, which leaves it vulnerable to flippers.

Then we have Phoenix, a box shaped robot with a front wedge, coupled with a lifting arm for a weapon. At 42kg it is lighter than Typhoon, and it looks significantly less deadly too, but looks can be deceiving. It has two very exposed wheels at the back of the robot, extremities that may very well be targeted by the likes of Typhoon.

Finally, the third robot in this final, we have Steel Sandwich. An incredibly low robot, Steel Sandwich is about the width of a credit card and probably about as dangerous. It looks vaguely similar to Phoenix, in the sense that it has a front wedge and is driven by two rear wheels, though they are significantly better protected than Phoenix’s. And they are heavier than Phoenix too, the same 48kg as Typhoon. The weapon is a small spinner, but I’m not convinced about how good it’ll be.

So now we have the competitors, let’s find out who the house robots are.  In one corner we have the hound from hell, Growler, and in the other we have Dead Metal! Let’s get this three way throw down underway!

Unfortunately for the other two robots in there, Typhoon manages to steer clear of trouble long enough to start spinning (Although they almost drive into the Refbot). When Typhoon spins, that means trouble is coming. Phoenix decides the best plan of attack is to ram them head on, but Typhoon dodges them, leaving Phoenix to overshoot and drive all the way into the CPZ behind Typhoon. Steel Sandwich has better luck, but even with their incredibly low wedge, they can’t get in underneath fully.

Steel Sandwich keeps up the chase, but Typhoon is both more agile and faster, and they manage to get round and land a hit on SS, knocking them back. Now Typhoon is not exactly Typhoon 2, and the damage this time is minimal. Phoenix have rejoined the fight, but now Typhoon seems to have a problem spinning up. And when they aren’t spinning up, they’re vulnerable. Despite this, nobody really seems to want to attack them. Infact, nobody seems to want to fight anybody. The most interesting thing right now is that Typhoon is smoking.

A Trail of Smoke
A trail of smoke

Looking to actually make this an entertaining contest, Refbot takes measures into its own hands and pushes the pit release button. Now all we need is for somebody to actually launch an attack to push somebody down there. What’s this? Typhoon had started spinning up again? Finally!

And, as the only robot seemingly happy to attack, Typhoon goes in on Phoenix and flings them into Growler, finally another attack. Unfortunately for Phoenix, that hit is all it takes to knock them cold, with the looming figure of Growler in the background, ready to inflict some hurt.

He's Behind You
He’s behind you…

Whilst Growler is contemplating the best way to dispose of Phoenix, Typhoon turns its attention to Steel Sandwich, getting a couple of blows in there before the other robot could do anything themselves. As has happened before, attacking other robots has stopped Typhoon from rotating, and they’re once again vulnerable.

Or they would be, but Steel Sandwich has also stopped running properly, one of the wheels seemingly seizing up, meaning now all they can do is run it in circles. Typhoon can at least drive properly. Phoenix meanwhile is being counted out by Refbot, to nobody’s surprise. I’m sure if Growler could salivate, he would, because he’s ready to pounce once the Refbot hits 10.

And when that happens, Growler takes Phoenix and places them straight onto the floor flipper. Meanwhile Typhoon is trying to get Steel Sandwich down the pit, which is proving difficult. Typhoon were built to rip thing off other robots, not push them. Steel Sandwich isn’t helping by being just alive enough to make things awkward.

Phoenix’s journey is completed by the floor flipper, which practically launches them into orbit. It’s just too heavy to be launched out of the arena, instead coming to rest against the side wall, in a CPZ on the opposite side of the arena. A spectacular way to end.
And as soon as that is over, Typhoon finally manages to get Steel Sandwich into the pit! They’ve won the Middleweight Championship!

It’s almost like we’re trying to foreshadow something here.

Now onto the main event, or rather the first battle in the second round of the main event, and hopefully a more entertaining battle at that. We know who has gone through (Bulldog Breed, Kat 3, Mantis & Hard), but who will be paired up against who?

Well our first battle see’s the 12th seeds Bulldog Breed come up against fellow flippers, Hard! And if you hadn’t guessed Hard was going to be one of those robots from my title, then you must be new here. Either way, it’s going to be fascinating to see how the battle of two very different flippers unfolds.

Your house robots for this battle are Matilda (Feels like a long time since we’ve seen her) and the ever fearsome Mr Psycho! Let’s get the flipping frenzy underway!

Both robots try to attack each other, but they also both miss, as the first gets off to a quick start. The problem that Hard is going to have all fight is very quickly exposed, with the two wheel drive system meaning the robot tends to rear up every time it accelerates. And with that problem, Bulldog Breed have no trouble getting underneath them. Hard squirm about, trying to free themselves, but Bulldog Breed stick to them, before firing the first flip of the contest, tossing Hard back out into the arena wilderness.

Hard do come back on their own attack, looking for a quick comeback, pushing Bulldog Breed into the side wall, but they can’t get underneath to flip, and Bulldog Breed free themselves fairly easily. The tables turn again, and now Bulldog Breed are behind Hard, trying to push them.

Push And Shove
Push and Shove

And now pushing behind them, Bulldog Breed also manage to get underneath enough to flip Hard, but they won’t go over the edge of the arena! So close, but not robotic cigar. They crash back to the floor, but something doesn’t seem right. They’re not really moving. Bulldog Breed flip them again, but still can’t get them out of the arena.

But Hard are not moving, that’s for certain. Something is wrong.

It doesn’t stop Bulldog Breed from continuing their relentless assault, something they’re more than happy to be a part in. Despite this, and the inactivity of their opponents, Bulldog Breed’s flipper is not powerful enough to get them out of the arena. It just won’t do it.

Flip flip and flip again
Flip, Flip & Flip Again

Bulldog Breed soon realise this and pretty much give up, allowing Refbot to take over and start counting Hard out. And, amidst the glow of the flame jets, that’s exactly what happens. As soon as the Refbot’s count hits 10, Mr Psycho’s hammer comes down, though Hard hardly has the best shape for a good connection, the hammer practically slides down the wedge. The next hammer blow hits the top of the arena side wall. Giving up on the hammer, Psycho decides to just pick them up instead.

Problem Carrier
Carrying your problems to the grave

Of course, Psycho then drops them, as only Psycho can. So now he’s down to just pushing them across the arena, which is one thing Psycho does well. And where to push other than onto the floor flipper? The crowd chants, baying for destruction, as the flipper launches Hard into the air. It doesn’t fly particularly far, but lands in its side and starts doing cartwheels across the arena. In the end, it comes to rest in much the same place Phoenix did!

Mr Psycho then picks them back up, and drives them over to the drop zone. Ah yes the drop zone, with its wide variety of household appliances to drop. This time? An oven! And as always, the oven came off so much worse than Hard. All of the outer panels of the oven flew off, and Hard was barely scratched!

With one final hammer blow, Hard is out of the competition.

Bulldog Breed are going through to the heat final. But who will join them, Kat 3 or Mantis? Find out next time…



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