Robot Wars S07E10 Part 3: Wedge Wars

It’s the third part of Heat J, 10th heat in the 7th wars, and things are starting to fly. Thermidor, the 14th seed, are responsible for most of those that have flown out of the arena, dispatching The Kraken in the previous fight. But now we have another flipper ready to cause havoc and end another robots dreams in the shape of Kronic The Wedgehog. But they have a mini yet mighty robot standing in their path- Mighty Mouse.

It’s a fight between a full blown flipper bot and a nimble rambot (with some discs to satisfy the rules, but I’m not sure they’re its main weapon). For the mouse, however, there are many issues to overcome. After burning out a motor in their first fight, they have to hope the new one actually works.

Your house robots for this glorious encounter are the dastardly duo themselves, Mr Psycho and his god from hell, Growler. Let battle commence!

The battle starts, and Kronic heads straight for Mighty Mouse, looking to get the first attack in. They go in head on and fire the flipper, but they miss. Not only do they miss, but almost all of the yellow foam spikes come flying off!

Abandon Ship
Abandon Ship!!!

Kronic starts going in circles, trying to get back on track and back on the scent of Mighty Mouse, but the mouse makes some good dodges to avoid the flipper for a good few seconds. Kronic does eventually regain their bearings though, and slam Mighty Mouse into the side wall before flipping them over. MM of course has the top roll bar to make sure they (almost) always land on their wheels. Kronic comes in again and throws Mighty Mouse into the side wall, bouncing them off it before the mouse escapes.

Mighty Mouse is now pretty much running around, trying to avoid Kronic as much as they possibly can. They do have one advantage, in Kronic’s supposed inability to get underneath them if they launch a frontal assault, which they do a couple of times. Eventually MM get backed into a corner, allowing Growler to spring from his cage and push the mouse across the arena, collecting the pit release button along the way.

Danger Close
Danger Close

Mighty Mouse go back to what they know best- running away. This includes running into the Refbot by accident. What they don’t account for is the fact that Kronic have now managed to trap themselves in the CPZ, and Growler is ready to play with them. Is there a turn up happening here?

The Look of Despair
The Look of Despair

Kronic have now definitely stopped moving. Growler plays around for a bit, but has the knowledge to know when enough is enough, and to let the Refbot move in and take over proceedings. Sure enough, Kronic is counted out. Who saw that coming!

Psycho & Growler have a little nudge and get Kronic out of the CPZ and back into the open, ready for further punishment. This comes courtesy of Mr Psycho, who brings the hammer down (Second attempt though mind), then drives up the robot! They can only get so far before the tracks loose purchase with the ground, but it must still hurt Kronic. Their fight is over.

So, after that shock fight, we now have our two finalists. Thermidor 2 have been oh so impressive, whilst the mouse has survived against the odds. But only one can go through to the series semi-final. Will the seeded favourites prevail, or will the underdogs (Or should that be undermice?) add yet another robot corpse to their collection? It’s time to find out!

Your house robots for this clash are boxing beatbot Cassius Chrome, and the OG of the house, Sir Killalot!

Mighty Mouse make use of their awesome top speed and instantly run away from the menacing red lobster that wants to toss them like a rodent sized pancake. Unfortunately running away takes them only so far as Sir Killalot, who isn’t best pleased to see another robot disturbing him. As Mighty Mouse backs away, Thermidor come in and get a slight flip on them, but not enough. So they try again, and again only make slight contact. It’s proving hard to get ahold of the mouse.

Thermidor we know has to be careful because of its limited CO2 capabilities, so all of these missed flips really isn’t helping it. Mighty Mouse aren’t really causing any damage themselves, and the rear discs have been next to useless. But they are a tenacious robot. But, so are Thermidor, and eventually they catch up enough to get underneath properly and flip them over.

The Eyes
All About the Eyes

Mighty Mouse recovers well, escaping the glare of Cassius Chrome, and then decides to try and replicate their Kronic fight by driving right into the flipper of Thermidor 2. Except this time, they go straight up the flipper, and are duly tossed through the air.

Launch Pad
Launch Pad

Mighty Mouse’s next trick is to start running in circles around the Refbot, something that works about twice before Thermidor catches onto what’s happening, and starts going in the other direction. Mighty Mouse are doing a good job of hanging on. Another flip, and Mighty Mouse once again roll over and back onto their wheels, but this time they roll into Sir Killalot, who is so slow that he can’t actually catch them before they run away again. Speed merchants. But it doesn’t last for long, because Sir Killalot always catches up to you. Now Mighty Mouse is stuck on the house robot with nowhere to go.

Killalot's Dick
Killalot’s New Dick

Mighty Mouse is now actually stuck on Sir Killalot. Properly stuck. Killalot tries desperately to get them off, ramming them against a side wall and angle grinder, but to no avail. They only get free when Thermidor intervenes and flips them off, leaving Mighty Mouse to run away… Once again.

But Thermidor comes in with a flip. And another one. They’re certainly more aggressive, and that could yet play a big role in the outcome. But then something curious happens; Mighty Mouse seems to lose the ability to turn right, signalling the potential for them to have lost drive in their left and right controls, and meaning that they are now spending the fight driving up and down the arena sidewall. Almost like they’re being attracted by a magnetic pull.

Killalot are taking full advantage of this situation, and take things a step further by picking Mighty Mouse up, using the lance to pick the mouse up by its roll hoop, before toasting it over the flames and flinging it across the arena. Thermidor opens up the pit as the clock finally counts down, but Mighty Mouse survive to take it to the judges!

But, well, I don’t need to tell you that it was a fairly easy decision to make for the judges. On aggression alone, Thermidor had it in the bag, and so Thermidor are going through to the series Semi-Finals!

So there we go, another finalist in the bag (And another flipper too). Whenever I end up doing the next recap, we’ll be moving onto Heat K and the 12th seeds Bulldog Breed, who are facing up to mortal enemies Kat 3. I can’t believe it’s coincidence that a dog based robot and a cat based robot were put in the same heat.

But that’s for next time. Until then…



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