Robot Wars S07E09 Part 3: Nerves Of Steel

I’ve had a rather nasty cold for the past few days, but I don’t want to go more than a week without writing an article so here I am! I’ll try and stay alive long enough to finish this.

So, when we were last here we’d just seen the rampaging Storm 2 go all the way with Trax, an interesting robot but ultimately one that lacked traction and pushing power against Robot Wars’ most powerful full body hammer. This leaves two more competitors vying for a place in the heat final, Steel Avenger and Rhino. It’s an experienced axebot versus a not so experienced flipper, where only one can reign victorious!

Mr Psycho and Growler make quite a pair, and they’re once again in the arena together, ready to cause some mayhem! Let’s get this fight underway!

Both robots seem instantly attracted to each other, though Rhino miss their first attack with the flipper, giving Steel Avenger the chance to bring their axe down, not that it does too much visible damage. The axe then comes down again almost straight away, and this one does put a dent in Rhino’s armour.

Rhino are trying to get out of there and away from that axe, but not before Steel Avenger put a hole in the top of the robot’s armour. That, and Rhino’s attempted escape leads them right into Growler- and in trying to evade them, the arena side wall. Steel Avenger come in once again, but this time they start swinging at nothing and miss 3 or 4 axe shots. Rhino can now get in under Steel Avenger, but the flipper is weak and can’t actually lift them over.

Now it’s Steel Avenger’s turn to take back control, and get under Rhino’s flipper before the other robot can bring the flipper back down, and now they have the perfect push point. That and they can bring the axe down once again. And again. Now there’s a nice big dent in the side of Rhino.

Axe Mad
Axe Mad

They eventually decouple, and Steel Avenger go and hit the pit release button, once again tearing it into several different pieces like Storm 2 had before it. Then the past repeats itself- Rhino go in for a flip and miss, allowing Steel Avenger to get underneath that flipper and gain some leverage. Rhino get away, but they are moving very, very slowly now. It’s not hard for Steel Avenger to catch up, and push them towards Mr Psycho.

Unfortunately, Mr Psycho misses with the hammer. So much for that.

Steel Avenger don’t miss with their next attack though, and Rhino is starting to resemble something akin to Swiss Cheese. Any more holes and there wouldn’t be much of Rhino actually left. But in their attacks, Steel Avenger have now managed to push Rhino very, very close to the pit. Surely it’s only a matter of time before they go down?

Death Trap
Death Trap

Well, Steel Avenger almost shot themselves in the foot, trying to use their rear flipper to get Rhino in, and almost going in themselves! In the end, Steel Avenger take things nice and slowly, because Rhino aren’t moving at this point. They could probably have left Rhino and let Refbot count them out, but as it is, they tried a frontal assault. Rhino, despite not moving, did still have a working flipper, and they got one last attack in before Steel Avenger push them down!

Oh how different things could have been. Steel Avenger through.

Well, now we have our final two for this heat. The ever impressive Storm 2 against the axe wielding knight of honour, Steel Avenger. You would think that Storm 2’s superior pushing power would give them the edge, but they are the perfect shape for Steel Avenger to land that axe on full blast…

Growler makes a return for the house robots once again, although Psycho has been dropped from the line-up in favour of the dastardly Cassius Chrome. Let battle commence!

Both robots start of quickly, circling each other and looking for an opening. Storm 2 is the first to make a move, rushing underneath Steel Avenger so fast that, when Steel Avenger try to bring the axe down, Storm 2 are already long gone. Not only that, but the axe strikes the arena floor, hard, where it subsequently gets stuck.

Nice one guys.

Dropping The Anchor
Dropping the Anchor

They eventually manage to wrench it free, but of course Storm 2 is already ready and waiting, and instantly pick them up and ram them into the arena side wall. I’m honestly amazed that Storm 2 haven’t actually driven themselves or another robot through the arena side wall yet, they are that powerful. My god.

Apparently Storm 2 decide that now is the perfect time to forget about Steel Avenger, and go after the Refbot instead. I’m not sure why they try, but they’re more than capable of doing it, if only for a few seconds before turning their attention right back onto Steel Avenger. This time, instead of the arena wall, they send Steel Avenger into Growler’s CPZ, but the axebot is able to make an escape. Of course, only so that they can be targeted by Storm 2 again.

Storm 2 most certainly aren’t letting them get away, following them at every turn. There’s another trip to Growler, who to be perfectly honest has been quite useless in this fight. Then again, it’s not Growler’s fault that Steel Avenger is too tall to fit in its jaws. So Steel Avenger escape again, but when Storm 2 attack this time, they’re aiming for another corner.

It’s a long way from one side of the arena to the other, and in the process of traversing the distance Storm 2 get quite a speed up, so much speed, so much momentum that when they slam Steel Avenger into the arena wall, they bounce up AND OVER!

Yes, Storm 2 drove Steel Avenger into the arena wall so hard they went out of the arena!

The moment
The moment before fate took hold

What a way to go. Storm 2 are heat winners, and they’re going through.

Well, that’s all from this heat, and what a heat it was. There’s a reason I liked Storm 2 so much. Hopefully my cold will clear up soon, and I’ll be back with the next heat. Until then.




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