Robot Wars S07E09 Part 2: A Sinking Ship

Yes, I dedicated an entire article last week to Storm 2’s opening melee, I know. But I can get away with it because there’s no special event this episode, which is going to make this a little different. First off we’re going to have the second melee of this episode, and then the first of the second round one on one battles. After this everything gets back to normal. So, without further delay, let’s get on with melee number two.

First robot to enter the arena is Shredder Evolution, which we have seen before in this wars, in one of the many special events. As the name suggests, Shredder Evolution’s goal is to shred its opponents, which it attempts to do with two front facing spinning discs, which run at 1500rpm. The robot itself is a low box shape, but it’s speedy at 25mph and agile enough to skate across the arena, but the exposed tyres are a risk. Can the discs do the damage? Only time will tell.

Next up we have Trax, a robot whose name is even more self explanatory than Shredder Evolution, at least in terms of its locomotion. Not many robots run on tracks, other than Sir Killalot, but Trax makes use of them. It’s maybe not surprising to hear that the mad hammer man of Robot Wars, Shane Swan, was a part of the team behind this robot. In terms of weaponry, Trax makes use of a lifting arm coupled with a low wedge at the front of the robot, with the arm firing forward a la Firestorm style. A unique robot for the 7th wars, that’s for certain.

Up next is Sub-Version 1.1. If you read between the lines of what is an unusual name for a robot, it’s fairly easy to guess what this robot is supposed to resemble. Yes, the Sub is shaped like a submarine. It has a periscope that acts as a self righting mechanism, along with some front spikes and a rear cutting disc for weapons. Personally, I think Sub-Version 1.1 looks a little out of its depth.

And finally, we have Steel Avenger! Probably the most well known of the robots in this battle, Steel Avenger is a robot that has entered in wars 3, 4 and 5, but without the success it would want, having never gone further than the heat final. An almost triangular prism shaped robot, Steel Avenger has a rock solid front end and a deadly axe on top. The odd shape can lead to some perilous positions if it’s turned over, and to that end it possesses a couple of side axes that can wither function as weapons or turn the robot back over. Probably the favourite to come out of this melee in one piece.

So now you’ve met the competing robots, meet the house robots that will be presiding over this fight- Dead Metal, and Sgt. Bash!

Sub-Version 1.1 become instant targets with the battle underway, first doing a running jump over Trax before getting a side slam by Shredder Evolution. Steel Avenger soon joins the fight by going after Shredder, but the speedy robot manages to escape to the other side of the arena. With Shredder away, Steel Avenger goes after Trax, but like Sub-Version they drive up the wedge, where Trax use their reverse lifting arm to push Steel Avenger over and onto their side!

Who did that
Who did that?

Steel Avenger can of course self right, and they do so with ease, but it’s a sign of intent from Trax. Sub-Version meanwhile is once again under attack by Shredder Evolution, which is exploiting the sub’s weak armour to do some extensive cosmetic damage. Then comes a little switch around with Steel Avenger going after Shredder, bringing the axe down and jamming it into Shredder’s wheel, stopping it. Meanwhile Trax are now after the Sub, but can’t quite get them high enough up the robot to use the lifting arm.

Now that Steel Avenger have full control of Shredder Evolution, they expertly position them over the flame pit, letting the robot roast. Sub-Version, meanwhile, have a very close call with the lowering pit, one which would have been fatal had they not managed to pull a last second escape. All the robots are now congregated around the flame pit, which is still busy torching Shredder Evolution until Steel Avenger finally lets them go. They are limping but alive, and certainly alive enough to rip through the front of Sub-Version in their next attack.

Trax go after Steel Avenger, the only robot they’ve so far managed to flip over, and do it all again. Once again, however, Steel Avenger is more than able to get back on its wheels, and then launch an attack of its own- but theirs on Shredder Evolution, the axe making good contact with their opponent’s robot.

The clock is now counting down, and it looks like all four robots are going to survive to take it to a judges’ decision… Until Trax gets a hold of Sub-Version, and then drives them all the way across the arena, and down into the pit with two seconds to go!

Last Man Down
Last man down

Of course, now the judges only have to make a decision out of three robots, but a decision they still have to make. Shredder Evolution was good against Sub-Version, causing some hefty, albeit cosmetic, damage. Steel Avenger was good against Shredder, landing a good few blows and getting Shredder rather Chargrilled. Trax was good against Steel Avenger, utilising their weapon well to tip them over a couple of times, and they put Sub-Version in the pit.

It’s a tough decision. But in the end, a decision has to be made…


We now know our four, and they are four very good robots. Storm 2 and Rhino come in from the first melee, with Steel Avenger and Trax moving through the second battle which we just recapped. But who is facing who? Well Rhino find themselves up against Steel Avenger, but first we have Storm 2 against Trax!

Two pushing powered robots in Storm 2 and Trax, which means this could well end up being a push and shove contest. The difference is that Trax has a front hinged lifting arm, whilst Storm 2’s is a *more conventional* four bar lifter. So on the occasion that they might have the chance to use their weapons, both do it in different ways, and I think Trax has the advantage in tipping Storm 2 over. But, we shall see what happens (Like we don’t know the result already, ha).

Your house robots for this magnificent battle are Mr Psycho and Growler, the terrible twosome! And of course, Storm 2 is the perfect shape and size to fit in Growler’s jaw. Let battle commence!

Both robots start fairly tentatively, sizing each other up. That is until Storm 2 manages to get around the side of Trax, ramps up the power to maximum and slams them against the arena side wall so hard that they catch air. That’s followed up by another instant attack, which pings Trax straight into Refbot, and then another one sends them front on into the arena side wall! It’s relentless!

Taxi Service

Trax try to compose themselves and get away for a breather, but the tracks themselves can’t seem to get any real traction, and the robot is sliding around all over the place. This is perfect for Storm 2, who can just wait to line up their perfect opportunity. It doesn’t take long before they back again, this time actually getting underneath Trax as they push them, allowing them to use the lifter as well.

Major Lift
The lift

Trax can doing nothing about it, the robot suddenly looking weak and uncontrollable in comparison to Storm 2. Storm 2 of course is a much smaller robot as well, which just adds to Trax’s image as a cumbersome giant. Storm 2 just keep coming and coming, exploiting every opportunity they can find. But no killer blow as yet, unless you count their demolition of the pit release button.

Now Storm 2 are looking to end this, preferably by way of the pit, but Trax aren’t making it easy for them, weaving and ducking away as much as they can from Storm 2’s attacks. They still seem to have next to zero grip, but that’s working more in their favour right now, making them a slippery customer. Although, it does lead them to almost getting hammered by Mr Psycho as they try to escape, the hammer inches away.

The clock starts to count down, and Trax are going to survive right to the end. They almost goad Storm 2 to try and catch them, luring them to the pit, but Storm doesn’t bite, instead letting the clock run down.

It goes to the judges, sure, but there can only be one winner from this. STORM 2 ARE GOING THROUGH!

So who will Storm 2 face, Rhino or Steel Avenger? Well, that’s what we get to find out next time… Until then.



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