Robot Wars S07E09 Part 1: The Oncoming Storm

Oh I have been looking forward to this one. We have now passed the half way stage in the 7th Wars heats, and begin our venture down the back 8 with Heat I. Now, having gone through all odd numbered seeds from 1 to 15, it’s time to do the even seeded robots, from 16 down to 2. And who do we have seeded at number 16, having been given the place thanks to their victory in the New Blood Championship at Robot Wars: Extreme 2? It’s only one of the most devastating rambots to have ever graced the competition, Storm 2. And now you know why I’m excited.

Along with Storm 2, there are a fair few heavy hitters also joining in this heat. Steel Avenger for one, looking to finally get out of their heats after several failed attempts. We’re also joined by TraxMayhem, Rhino, Shredder Evolution, Supernova and Sub-Version 1.1. Yes, I didn’t understand the name of the last robot either when I first heard it, but don’t worry, it makes sense in the end.

Now you know the robots’ names, let’s get down to the fighting.

Starting off with the first melee, naturally, and our first robot out into the arena is Mayhem. You’d be forgiven if you mistook Mayhem for Supernova, which is another robot competing in this episode, because they bear a certain striking resemblance. As it is, Mayhem is another robot with a front facing, horizontal disc wedged between the top and the bottom of the robot. The weapon itself is a hefty 16kg spinning disc which goes at 2000rpm, a rather menacing speed for this era of Robot Wars. However, whilst the weapon looks spectacular, the robot has some rather exposed rear wheels and a high ground clearance, which isn’t good for coming up against spinners or flippers.

Next up we have Rhino, which unsurprisingly looks like a Rhino. It’s a tall, silver robot that comes complete with horns, the central horn running low to the ground to make the robot’s front facing weapon- a flipper. But that wasn’t everything, with a 2,500rpm rotary weapon on the back of the robot, making it double trouble and ready for anything. The flipper, however, isn’t so useful for self righting like most flippers are, due to Rhino’s shape, so the team do have to make use of a separate srimech, which can be slow to work.

Thirdly, and the robot we have all been waiting for, is Storm 2! The 16th seeds have a robot built like a tank, and as powerful as one too. A 6 wheel drive, box wedge shaped robot, Storm 2 was built around its capabilities as a rambot, and subsequently featured a low front scoop to get in underneath other robots- and by low, I mean almost zero ground clearance- and a top speed of 23mph to smash, bash and crash them all over the arena. The 7th Wars’ rules did mandate that all robots have active weaponry, and to that end Storm 2 features a front mounted four-bar lifting arm- not quite a flipper, but capable to tipping a robot over and leaving it even more vulnerable. Oh, and Storm 2 is invertible, of course.

Finally we have Supernova, which is like Mayhem but with a smaller diameter spinning disc. It weighs more at 22kg but still goes at 2500rpm, with the potential to deliver a much more concentrated, powerful blow to its opponents. The robot is invertible, but at 94kg it is not one of the heaviest robots and could be vulnerable to flippers, whilst the thin armour could make it vulnerable to just about everything else. All of the power of Supernova is concentrated in the disc, which can lead to some wild collisions with both robots flying off in opposite directions- but could that do Supernova more harm than good?

And now to the actual battle, with our robot competitors being joined by the menace that is Sir Killalot, and the delightful dame of Robot Wars, Matilda. TO BATTLE!

Storm 2 start quickly, of course, targeting Rhino as their first victim. Rhino isn’t the easiest robot to push around, but eventually they get up to speed, and slam them into the arena side wall, sending Rhino airborne. Supernova meanwhile is taking a liking to its copycat, chasing Mayhem down as it gets into the fight. Mayhem attempts to attack Rhino, with little success, and that allows Supernova to come in and take one of Mayhem’s tyres off! And then, with the next attack, the second tyre comes off!

Mayhem are now without tyres on both wheels, wheels that are no longer touching the floor. And with no way of getting around the arena, I call that a KO blow from Supernova on Mayhem.

Storm 2 and Rhino are revisiting their rivalry meanwhile, but this time Storm 2 goes for a frontal assault, which turns out to be a mistake when Rhino gets in underneath and tips Storm 2 up vertically, but the robot does come back down. A sign that Rhino’s flipper isn’t all it’s made out to be.


Storm 2 takes advantage of Rhino not being able to tip it over by getting underneath- before Rhino’s flipper has come down- and then driving them once again into the side wall. This time Rhino end up taking a piggy back ride on Storm 2 for a few seconds as a result. But Storm 2 stay at it, this time pushing Rhino into Matilda’s CPZ. Matilda swings her fat arse around, looking to bring the flywheel onto Rhino, but has such a wide turning circle that she misses and instead shreds the arena side wall into two detached pieces, one being the Plexiglas and one being the actual wall, with quite a bang too.

Mayhem, meanwhile, is being counted out. No surprises there. After being counted out, Sir Killalot gets involved and places them onto the floor flipper, and then watches them fly! (And bounce). In the actual battle, however, Storm 2 has just got in behind Supernova, and with one big push sends them straight into Sir Killalot, tearing his tyre track clean off!

No tracks

Whilst Matilda is tearing pieces out of Mayhem for fun, and Sir Killalot trying to recover from being partially disassembled, Storm 2 go back after a stunned Supernova, getting in behind and driving them full pelt into the corner of the arena, where Supernova bounce up of the walls and land of their side, spinning disc tearing chunks out of the floor as they skate to a stop. Matilda manages to knock them back onto their wheels, but something is wrong with Supernova.

They’ve stopped moving.

Rhino are barely moving, but they’re moving. Supernova aren’t. So Supernova are counted out, and we have our two going through. Rhino, and a very dominant Storm 2.

Now normally you’d get the second melee here, but I have a headache and don’t really want to write any more, so this’ll have to do. But it’s OK, because this heat is a little different because there is no special event, meaning we’re one battle lighter this time around. It’ll work out. Until next time.


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