Interlude Part 2: Favourite Battles Pt2 (5-1)

The final part of the interlude before normality sets in again. Already in the first part of this we’ve seen destruction, Sir Killalot on fire, more destruction, controversy and did I mention destruction? But they were still only the back five, and there are certain battles that live even stronger in my mind than they do. Over the next 5 battles we’ll see- you guessed it- destruction, along with house robot flipping, robot infernos, more controversy and even Refbot falling into the pit. You can probably guess what one of them is now.

5. Firestorm 4 v Panic Attack (Extreme 2 Commonwealth Carnage)


It’s almost amazing that, despite being my favourite robot, this is the only time you’ll find Firestorm in the Top 10. It always seemed to quietly go about its business, pushing robots out of the arena left, right and centre. Things were slightly different when it came up against Panic Attack in the Commonwealth Carnage event in Robot Wars: Extreme 2.

The fight itself wasn’t what was spectacular about this fight. It was a good fight, really 50/50 between two very good robots (And a fight that could go on for a while without one robot getting torn to shreds first), until Firestorm finally got the upper hand and pinned Panic Attack against the area side wall and an angle grinder, leaving it to be counted out.

No, the fun part of this fight is what happened afterwards. Having won the battle, Firestorm decided to go after the house robots, Sgt. Bash and Mr Psycho. Bash was first on the list, and was to be honest a fairly easy victim. Mr Psycho, well he was a lot more stubborn. Bear in mind Psycho weighs 750Kg, so was no pushover, and soon Firestorm went from the hunters to the hunted.

It all looked like fairly harmless fun until, right at the end, Mr Psycho reversed onto Firestorm having just put Panic Attack into the pit. Cease is called, but Firestorm, inch by inch, start to topple Psycho until… TIMBERRRRRR! 750Kg of house robot are now laying on their side.


4. Storm 2 v Apollo (8th Wars Heat D Head to Heads)


The reboot series have served up some excellent battles, but following the same trend as Firestorm’s entry above, this battle put some excellent house robot flipping on display, courtesy of champions-in-waiting Apollo.

Once again, the fight was a real backwards and forwards, with neither robot giving the other an inch. Storm 2 were doing the pushing, with Apollo using their flipper to devastating effect. But whilst both robots were trying to get one over each other, there was also the added element that the house robots getting in the way.

Half way through the fight Apollo seem to lose drive in one wheel, leading them to go around in circles- a circle that leads them right into the path of house robot Dead Metal. You know what’s coming next- with nowhere else to go, Apollo flips them right over.

But we’re not done there, because Matilda is next. Apollo are still fighting strong, but when they find themselves beside the matriarch of doom and robot carnage, their first fighting flip only serves to tear Matilda’s back end off. Now as fun as it would be to see Matilda fight with half her bodywork, Apollo then went in and finished the job.

It was Apollo’s fight- house robots and competitors alike had to bow down. Despite being inches away from Storm 2 pushing them down the pit, Apollo went on to win the battle on a judges’ decision. And what a fight it was.

3. Storm 2 v Typhoon 2 (7th Wars Grand Final)

Storm 2 v Typhoon 2

Couldn’t have this list without one of the most controversial fights in the history of Robot Wars. The 7th wars itself was a melting pot of controversy, but this battle took the proverbial cake. It was Typhoon 2, one of the most powerful full body spinners seen at the time, versus Storm 2, the pushbot from hell and mortal enemy of Mentorn at the time.

I don’t think there was any way this fight wasn’t going to be explosive.

There were plenty of fighting words even from before the battle began. It has to be said most of the fighting words came from Ed Hoppitt, and probably wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Mayweather v McGregor press conference, but it was glorious none the less.

As for the fight, well it was really a fight of two halves; Punctuated by a small break after Typhoon 2 decided to go Pastor Maldonado on the arena side wall and tear it to pieces. For the most part, Storm 2 was withstanding the blows well, and even getting under the robot a good number of times. Things were looking up for them.

But after the cease break, things went downhill. And that’s where the controversy really starts to pick up. For one, Typhoon 2 as allowed to spin back up to speed before battle resumes, but that’s a small point. The rest of the fight was actually really entertaining to watch, if you just watch the fight, and that’s one of the reasons it’s on this list. The fight was pretty epic, between a robot with all out attack and a robot with solid armour and acts as a battering ram. Storm 2 should have won, there is no doubt in my mind about that, especially considering Typhoon 2 lost a chain from the robot and the weapon stopped working about 3/4 of the way through. Sure, Storm 2 lost a little panel from the front of the robot, but that damage was purely cosmetic.

But nope, thanks to some absolute bullshit that went on behind the scenes, including the hiding of said chain to make Typhoon 2 out to be completely damageless for the judges, to the sheer misdirection Mentorn led not only everyone in the audience or the booths but even the judges themselves. They even put canned applause over the crowd in the audio edit because everyone was booing the decision.

It was entertainment. It was bullshit, but it was still entertainment.

2. Apollo v Carbide (8th Wars Grand Final)

Carbide v Apollo Grand Final

Here’s a Grand Final that managed to pretty much avoid controversy, the complete opposite to the war that went before it. It was another classic matchup between Apollo the flipper and Carbide the invertible spinner. Both robots that had done impressively well in their heats too.

Right from the very start, this was going to be one hell of a battle. Carbide began trying to tear chunks out of Apollo (Easier said than done), whilst Apollo were more than happy to start tossing Carbide around like they had done so many other robots. Even Sir Killalot got involved early on as the two robots traded blows.

But then, the curse of Carbide’s dodgy mechanics came back to haunt them, and the bar spinner packed up. Now Apollo had the advantage, the upper hand, and they took it. Carbide were flying all over the place, a shell of the robot they started out as.

Then Apollo’s flipper stopped working fully. And suddenly the fight is even again, and Carbide are pushing back. Apollo’s flipper is jammed open so they’re not getting flips in- in the end they actually start using it like some kind of clamping jaw. The battle ends as it started, with power and aggression, just this time with Carbide stuck between Apollo and Shunt, being axed to death.

Apollo were worthy winner but battles like that, that go right to the death with both robots hanging on for their life, are simply awesome to watch.

1. Granny’s Revenge v Axe Awe (5th Wars Heat H)

Granny's revenge

Oh I couldn’t have this list without Granny’s Revenge. And it had to, had to absolutely be top of the list. It was one of the most beautiful fights I’ve witnessed, if you call watching a plastic mannequin turn into a fireball on wheels beautiful. Maybe beautiful isn’t the right word. How about… Majestic?

The thing is, we already knew Granny’s Revenge was a joke robot, but it was one of the best, most hilarious joke robots the show has ever had. And it had a fight to match. Poor Axe Awe didn’t know what to do half the time, although their first slam did break Granny’s flipper (Yes, Granny had an actual flipper). But for the most part, Axe Awe were spectators as Sgt. Bash spewed napalm all over robo grandma.

Much in the same way Diotor is covered in fur, you can’t drape rags over your robot and expect the house robot wielding a flamethrower to stay away. As soon as Bash could get in range, Granny’s Revenge was lit up like a bonfire on Guy Fawkes’ night. The funniest thing now was how long Granny decided to drive around, whilst completely engulfed in flame. As if they could actually still win the fight.

In the end, it was Refbot that put them out of their misery, pushing the burning debris that used to be a robot down into the pit. Oh but that wasn’t the end of it. The cherry on the cake came right afterwards- having pushed Granny’s Revenge down the pit, Refbot then got a taste of its own medicine by falling into the pit itself! There was a bit of help courtesy of Axe Awe, but let’s gloss over that and bask in the knowledge that Granny’s Revenge is now helping to grill the Refbot, just in time for a late evening snack.

I could watch this fight over and over again. Somebody please bring Granny’s Revenge back, I need more Granny’s Revenge in my life.

Man, Robot Wars is awesome.

With many thanks to @kayleyjay42 for suggesting this as something to do an article on. Much appreciated 🙂


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