Interlude Part 2: Favourite Battles Pt1 (10-6)

After a short break, during which I have acquired a piece of paper worth £27,000 (That being my degree certificate, having graduated yesterday), I am back with the second and final part to the interlude before I resume my recaps. We’ve gone through my top 10 favourite robots, now let’s do my top 10 favourite battles! No surprise if you guessed my selection is heavily weighted in favour of battles from the 5th wars onwards.

10. Hypno-Disc v Splinter (4th Wars Semi-Final 2)

Hypno-Disc v Splinter.PNG

One of the few fights here that actually happened prior to the 5th Wars, but it one that showcases the full destructive power that one robot can depart onto another. Now, Splinter was not a bad robot at all, evidenced by the fact it got to the 4th wars semi-final. But against Hypno-Disc, it stood no chance.

The thing is, Splinter actually started off fairly well, using the large bucket scoop it possessed on the front of the robot to deflect Hypno-Disc’s blows. But it could only stand up to so much, and when one hit from the disc tore the entire protective scoop off, that was it. What followed was carnage on a whole other level, until Splinter was literally a pile of scrap metal and spare parts. Even the house robots had a tug of war at the end with the remains of the robot, with Dead Metal really getting in there.

On its day, Hypno-Disc could be fierce. And that was one on of those days, when nothing in the world could have stopped that robot, and certainly not Splinter.

And if you want to watch the battle in all its glory- and just the battle- you can find it here:

9. Storm 2 v Supernova (3rd World Championship Final)

Sideways Supernova

I think one of the main reasons I enjoyed this fight so much was that it acted almost a justice for the 7th Wars Grand Final, which hadn’t happened too long beforehand. It was kind of a skewed justice as Supernova (A robot I have a lot of respect for) had to suffer instead, but at the time I was just so happy to see Storm 2 get its hands on another trophy, after another outing where it all could have so easily gone very wrong. Indeed, this match was almost more confusing that anything, with both robots spending time on its side, up against the wall where it couldn’t do anything. In my heavily biased opinion, Supernova should have been counted out when Storm 2 trapped them against the angle grinder, but alas I am not a judge.

Supernova for their part were still entertaining, not shy to go for an attack and putting some nasty dents in Storm 2’s rock solid armour. Even when they were trapped, Supernova’s disc was powerful enough to rip up the arena floor.

This battle was as interesting as it was confusing, but to me it was also rather enjoyable.

8. Tornado v Pussycat (Robot Wars Extreme All Stars)

Killalot Fire

I remember this fight for one thing and one thing only- Sir Killalot catching fire. I actually forgot where the fight had come from, I just remember that moment. It was glorious to see the brute of the arena suddenly catch alight and turn into a giant fireball. Just glorious.

The fight itself was good fun too, even if it takes a backseat in my mind. Tornado dominated in a way that you would come to expect from it, and the experienced Pussycat didn’t really stand a chance. I mean, how many robots could cause Pussycat to lose a wheel? (Not Tornado, ironically, seeing as it was the angle grinder that took the wheel off).

We do, however, have Pussycat to thank for our lord and master Sir Killalot catching fire, having severed a few hydraulic lines earlier in the fight. But, as fun as this fight was, it wouldn’t have been anywhere are memorable if Sir K hadn’t turned into a blazing inferno.

7. Razer v Widow’s Revenge (5th Wars Heat K)

Razer v Widow's Revenge

This fight was so much fun just because of the premise of it, even if that premise was somewhat fabricated. It was husbands and boyfriends versus wives and girlfriends as Razer took on Widow’s Revenge, in a fight that was no doubt chosen to be a ratings booster for the show. Didn’t stop it being great fun though.

I don’t think there was any doubt as to who was going to win the fight, and dare I say the Widow’s Revenge robot was designed in such a way as to make it oh so destructive when Razer decided to bring the pain. And bring the pain Razer did, rendering the robot utterly worthless inside the first minute and a half. If that wasn’t bad enough, Matilda then came along and made things about 10x worse for the WR girls.

I think above all else, one of the main reasons I remember this fight is the back and forth between teams whilst being interviewed. For early 2000s the banter level wasn’t so cringeworthy I had to turn away from my laptop, so I could have quite a good laugh at what they were saying.

I mean, the Widow’s Revenge weapon was a rolling pin. A fucking rolling pin.

6. Panic Attack v Terrorhurtz (6th Wars Heat I)

Terrohurtz S6 V Panic Attack

I talked a little bit about this when I was talking about Terrorhurtz in my “Top 10 Favourite Robots”, and that’s because it’s a battle that really sticks with me. Panic Attack were veterans, 2nd war winners and legends of the show, but they had been enduring a tough time after problems with their new design. Terrorhurtz on the other hand were only getting better, and despite a somewhat manic robots they looked very, very good. So that made this a matchup you didn’t want to miss. Could the veterans rally around and fight back despite their aging robot, or would the surprise package of the heat claim yet another victim.

In the end, it was easy. Terrorhurtz were utterly relentless, battering a slow and sluggish Panic Attack into submission. It was a performance that encapsulated what the robot was all about- a robot that would go all the way to the grand final too. Whilst it’s sad to see Panic Attack to go out the way it did, it’s also such a fun fight to watch.

So that’s it for part 1! What other fights are around the corner? Which ones really stuck in my memory? Well, that’s to find out next time.

Until then.


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