Interlude: Favourite Robots Part 2: 5-1

The second part of this wonderfully times interlude sees us go through the top 5 of my favourite robots have graced the Robot Wars arena in the years it’s been on air. There are some wonderful, some hilariously awful, and some mad robots on this list. I’m quite enjoying having an interlude too, it breaks up the monotony of just doing battle recaps all the time. I might do more of this kind of thing in the future, if I can think of something to write about (If the 5 or so of you that read this blog have any ideas, I’m more than open to listening to them). For now, let’s get on with the countdown.

  1. Granny’s Revenge

Granny's Revenge

Granny’s Revenge, what a robot. What a brilliant, wacky idea to bring into Robot Wars. I don’t think anybody seriously expected Granny’s Revenge to actually go far in Robot Wars the 5th Wars, but just the idea of having a plastic mannequin draped in cloths, holding a chainsaw whilst riding in a wheelchair, was a brilliant idea. Of course, I have no doubt that the original Granny’s Revenge was specifically put into battle with Sgt. Bash for the very reason that the cloths and rags were extremely flammable, and it didn’t disappoint.

The battle very soon turned into a robot inferno.

As soon as Sgt. Bash let fly with the flamethrower, it was going to end badly. But even I didn’t expect Granny’s Revenge to go up like the bonfire it soon resembled. The rags were nothing but ash and the plastic was melting- Granny’s Revenge was now simply a driving fireball. They were eventually put out of their misery by being pushed down the pit- but not without Refbot going down with them!

  1. 259


It took me a while to realise that Aftershock (9th Wars) was basically a modern version of 259, a robot that entered the 6th wars and could have gone so, so much further than it actually did. Possessing a very large, very powerful vertical spinner, 259 was as destructive as its design was impressive. It tossed aside the likes of Infernal Contraption and Judge Shred with ease, and even tormented the seeded Wild Thing in a way nobody else did, but that sheer power wasn’t enough to overcome its faults.

A loose drive belt saw it defeated by Wild Thing despite such an impressive performance and a lack of armour did it in against fellow spinner Fluffy. But despite these flaws, I loved the power and brutality that 259 brought to its ultimately short time on Robot Wars.

  1. Gravity


Dutch Robot Gravity brought more than a little entertainment to its time on Robot Wars the 7th Wars, it brought one of the most powerful flippers ever seen. Similar to the way I admire 259’s ability to cause immeasurable carnage, I loved the sheer power of Gravity’s flipper, and what it could do to an opposing robot. Hydra found that out quite early on, when it was flipped so hard that it broke the arena side wall upon landing.

A whole host of robots fell to Gravity’s mighty flipper, including house robots Shunt and Dead Metal, and it looked as if nothing could stop them. They even set a record for the UK series, flipping 5th seeds Dantomkia out of the arena in under 6 seconds- now if that isn’t domination, I don’t know what is. They probably could have gone all the way, but in the end Tornado caught them on the pit just as it was going down. A cruel way to end their participation, it has to be said.

I would have loved to see them in the most recent series’, because a flipper as powerful as Gravity is a sight to behold. Maybe, maybe one day they will come back. I can only hope.

  1. Storm 2


Yes, if you’ve been following this blog from its very beginning, you’ll know all about my love for the speed demon that is Storm 2. In much the same way that I loved 259 for its spinning disc and Gravity for its flipper, Storm 2 captured my interest by being so powerful it could literally ram opponents out of the arena. Sleek, elegant and low to the ground, it was a nightmare to attack and a robot you most certainly wouldn’t want to get into a push and shove contest with.

It turned that power into success too, first winning the New Blood championship in Extreme 2, before finishing runner up in the 7th wars after *THAT* Grand Final. That was followed up by winning the 3rd World Championship though, which makes up for it.

They returned for the 8th wars, and although the robot was showing signs of age, it still managed to defeat live circuit demons and 9th wars runners up Eruption, and arch enemies PP3D, losing only to eventual champions Apollo.

The robot is currently undergoing upgrades, and I honestly can’t wait to see what happens next. Whatever it does, I know it’ll be spectacular.

  1. Firestorm

Firestorm x Shunt

Storm 2 may have been more prominent on this blog because it was actually competing in the 8th wars, but the first robot that really grabbed my attention, that really drew me into Robot Wars was Firestorm (In all its various incarnations, but I started off with Firestorm III). A front hinged flipper is an ingenious idea, and in a sea of flippers it stood out. It also had a rather cool paint job, which for 6 year old me was quite a big deal.

Above all else, Firestorm was never one of the robots I saw as one of the cool robots to like. Everyone had Tornado and Razer and Hypno-Disc and Pussycat, but Firestorm almost fell under the radar (In my eyes). I liked that underdog status. It always did well, but it never won. It was always expected to lose to one of the big boys along the way, and I would love seeing if they could overcome it. They weren’t short on flipping robots out of the arena either, which I loved.

They also tipped over Mr Psycho, which was bloody awesome.

What a robot. I’d give an arm and a leg to see them make a comeback, as slim as that chance is. I still think they could do a job, even with the upgrades you see today. But even if they never come back, I still have my memories.

They were shit on Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction though, let’s be honest. It’s probably the only downside they had.

So there you go, that completes the overview of my top 10 favourite robots. This was fun, but I wait eagerly for the new series to see if there are any new robots there that engage me in a way these ones did. I suppose we shall just have to wait and see. Until next time…


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