Interlude: Favourite Robots Pt1: 10-6

To celebrate the return of the internet to my laptop, and because we have officially reached the half way point of the 7th wars recaps, I thought it would be nice to have a little interlude, split into a couple of parts because why not. If you wondered why I decided to go backwards with the recaps, I actually started watching Robot Wars quite late into its run, around about the 5th wars. Of course, I’ve watched every episode now, having caught up, but it also means that most of the robots I initially liked and knew were from later on. The 7th wars is a lot easier for me to recap that the 1st, basically.

And, as such, a lot more of my favourite robots on this list will come from the back end of the series.

Anyway, without further delay, here we go:

10. Overdozer/Wyrm


MDF Nightmare

Of course, I was going to be difficult and actually have 2 robots in the number 10 spot, but as they both came from the same team, I’ll allow it.

Overdozer made its debut in the 8th wars, in Week 3 alongside robots such as Dantomkia, TR2 and King B. Whilst the 8th wars, the first wars of the current run, brought with it an age of steel, Overdozer had a much more classic feel… Because it was made of wood. It was a brilliant abomination, and one that only actually lasted about 20 seconds in the arena before dying and becoming cannon fodder for Dantomkia.

Wyrm was supposedly an upgrade for the 9th wars, but although the wooden shell had been replaced with a metal one, it was lacking in armour of effective weaponry, two vital components. After immobilising itself in the initial melee, it got a reprieve and competed in the Head to Heads, where it lost its spinner proof scoop… after contact with a spinner, then managed to drive over it and immobilise themselves in the very next fight. IT was gloriously awful, and the team behind it are so much fun that I had to include it on the list.

What a pair of robots.

9. Behemoth

Tipping the volcano

Behemoth are one of those robot that have been around for a very, very long time. It may not have been there from the very start, but after first appearing in the 2nd wars, the robot has gone through countless upgrades and updates. If you ever want to see how a robot evolves over time, Behemoth is your best case study.

I’ve been to a few live events over the past few years (All of them in Gloucester, incidentally). And I’ve always found myself cheering Behemoth on in fights. Watching it on TV, I never actually cared that much for it, but at the live events I started to really get behind them. In an arena dominated by flippers, Behemoth’s unique bucket scoop adaptation drew me in. It was something different.

Behemoth also hold the record of my first ever ‘Out of the Arena’ on Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. Is that a crap reason to like a robot? Maybe. But it certainly did its chances no harm.

8. Tornado


Tornado are a robot that you either love or you hate. Whilst some people don’t enjoy what they perceive to be a box on wheels pushing things around, I was taken by the sheer power and domination you can get over a competitor simply by ramming into them. It was rather mesmerising.

There are ups and downs as with every robot, but Tornado also courted its own controversy, especially in the later wars. Most infamous of course for the 6th wars grand final against Razer, where it bolted on a massive metal cage that stopped Razer from reaching the vital organs of the robot. There was also the 7th wars incident with Storm 2, where supposedly they went over the pit as it was going down, only for the pit to rise up again so they could continue.

I’m not saying these controversies don’t count for anything, but in my opinion Tornado was a bloody good robot.

7. Terrorhurtz

Killer Blow

Terrorhurtz brought something different to robot wars. Not only was it an axebot, as opposed to the more popular flippers and spinners, it was a robot that went for blunt force trauma as opposed to piercing armour and components like most other axes did.

It first appeared in my first wars, the 5th wars, and brought down a rain of hammer blows right from the word go. It didn’t have the greatest 5th wars, but the 6th wars is where it shone. It battered pretty much everything in sight into a pulp, and I think it was that war that made me admire the robot so much. I’ll never forget the absolute annihilation of Panic Attack, a great robot in its own right, in the Heat I final. It was the changing of the guard.

Of course, they then got kicked out of the 7th wars, but we’ll ignore that.

And, aside from their brutal robot (Which eventually brought success on the live scene), John Reid is a cool guy and someone that brings plenty of entertainment to the show, especially in the 9th wars when everything suddenly started going quite wrong. What a guy.

6. Carbide

Hitching a ride

The unofficial mascot of the this blog, or at least the robot that adorns the front page’s header, Carbide stole my breath away when the 8th wars first hit our TV screens, and from then on I’ve been hoping to see as much devastation and destruction as possible come from the frighteningly powerful bar spinner weapon.

Of course, as much as I like this robot, you can imagine my displeasure at seeing Behemoth AND Terrorhurtz get drawn in the same heat as it. I didn’t know back then just how powerful it was going to be.

They came oh so close to winning the title in the 8th wars, before eventually losing to Apollo because their weapon fried itself. But they were back and, somehow, even more deadly than before once the 9th wars rolled around, and my admiration for them went up several steps on the ladder.

I have no idea what’s going to happen for the 10th wars, but I have a feeling they’re going to be right up there once again.

So that’s it for part 1! There are 5 more robots on the list, but who could they be? I mean I expect you to know who at least one of the robots is, if you have read my earlier work on this blog, but the rest shall remain a mystery.

Until next time.


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