Robot Wars S07E08 Part 3: It’s A Revolution

We’re half way through the second round of Heat H, having just witnessed St Agro narrowly beating Dutch robot Scraptosaur. It looked as if it was going to end one way, before suddenly switching the other, showcasing the unpredictable nature of this show. Next up we have a classic battle- it’s spinner versus flipper as Ceros comes up against Revolution 3.

Both of these robots would fancy their chances, but with Ceros suffering problems in the pits with a solenoid failure, how badly will that affect their chances? Can Revolution 3 take advantage? Bear in mind Revolution 3 looked worse for wear at the end of its own melee too.

Your house robots are Shunt and Sgt. Bash, let’s get ready to rumble!

Revolution 3, almost straight away go for the pit release button (Though they do run into the Refbot first).. It activates, but Ceros come in and pin them against the wall, but then miss their flip. Ceros seems to be working fine despite the earlier problems they had, but now they need to put the robot into action.

Revolution 3 escape and drive away, but Ceros come back at them, slamming into them. Revolution 3 don’t take kindly to this, and the robot practically seems to enter shutdown mode. It dies, right there on the spot, from that one hit. Ceros get in underneath and flip Revolution 3 towards the flame pit, but there is just no response from the troubled robot.

The Winner and The Unresponsive.png
The Winner & The Unresponsive

Ceros flip them again, pushing them towards Shunt and his CPZ. Revolution 3 makes the tiniest of movements, but there definitely seems to have been a failure of some kind that has caused the robot to cut out. Shunt can now come in and play around for a bit, though Ceros fancies having a go at the house robot too!

Punching above your weight
Punching above your weight

Shunt apparently doesn’t fancy it anymore, so retreats and lets Sgt. Bash have a go instead. But as Bash is manoeuvring into position, Ceros decides to try their hand at flipping them too! They can’t quite do it, but Bash does end up slightly in the air for a while. Something tells me both house robots are getting somewhat annoyed at their treatment.

As Revolution 3 is counted out by the Refbot, Shunt takes to chasing Ceros around the arena, at one point even capturing them and brining the axe down on them. But Ceros has the last laugh, getting round Shunt’s side and finally tipping them over. Mission complete!


The battle may have ended a long time ago, but the war must go on! Sgt. Bash takes revenge for the flipping of Shunt, actually grabbing hold of Ceros with the jaw, leading to an epic tug of war between the two robots. Bash tries to get Ceros into the pit, but when they get close, sometimes right to the edge, Ceros pushes back, and Sgt. Bash is in peril itself. Refbot rights Shunt, who tries to help by pushing Ceros back. Now Ceros are hovering over the pit and unable to get traction anywhere, but Bash’s jaws are stuck! So now they’re both trapped together!

Shunt meanwhile has gone back to Revolution 3, and taken them over to the drop zone, one of the old favourite hazards. This time? Not a washing machine or an ocean buoy, this time the item to be dropped is none other than a TV. There’s only one thing coming away from this in one piece, and it’s not the TV.

Cease is finally called. Still no word on whether Ceros actually ended up in the pit…

The final. St Agro fought hard to get into it, whilst Ceros couldn’t have asked for an easier ride (In the actual battle itself). Ceros did have to contend with the house robots afterwards, and who says they won’t remember going into this battle? For St Agro, they’re facing yet another flipper. Running both sides up has never seemed such a good idea as it has now.

There’s a switch up in the house robots, with pig menace Matilda joined by the archfiend of doom himself, Mr Psycho. Let the heat final begin!

Both robots start off tentative around each other, looking for an opening. It’s difficult to find one when both robots are looking for the same thing, but eventually Ceros manages to get round the side of St Agro- however, their flip misses its target, and Ceros end up on their ass! St Agro, not ones to miss a chance, then flip Ceros themselves, leaving them in an awkward position where it doesn’t look like they can self right.

So, of course, Refbot comes in and pushes Ceros onto their back, a position from which they can self right. Wouldn’t want the battle to finish so soon, would we? *Insert producer interference comment here*.

With Ceros back up and running, they go for St Agro again, and this time their side on assault does land a hit, and they send St Agro flying. Means nothing in the context of trying to KO your opponent, but it does build aggression points. St Agro retaliate, but Ceros survive this one by landing back on their wheels. But St Agro aren’t done, and go for another one straight away, this time it does tip over Ceros (And we get a little dance too).

Interpretive Dance
Interpretive Dance

Ceros look to be struggling, and something in the drive system looks to have gone. They aren’t moving right, that’s for certain. St Agro decide that this is the ideal time to open up the pit, and they’re pretty much right. Ceros can’t seem to get itself away from the pit, and St Agro’s pushes and little flips aren’t helping them achieve it either. But Ceros almost have revenge! And infact, their flip on St Agro almost sends the double sided flipper into the pit instead!

So, so close
So, so close

There’s an added complication to this fight other than the pit, because where they are is right next to Matilda’s CPZ. And, as St Agro recovers from almost going down the pit, they drive right next to Matilda, who brings the flywheel out and slices a rather hefty piece straight out of St Agro’s wheel.

So now St Agro have only one fully working wheel.

In the end, it doesn’t matter. St Agro still have enough traction to mount another attack, flipping Ceros against the arena side wall. Ceros try to push themselves off, but only push themselves into Matilda and bounce straight back onto it. Now they’re out of gas and out of options, and there’s no coming back from there for Ceros.

Ceros' Goodbye
Ceros’ Goodbye

St Agro are deserving winners, but once again it could well have been a very different story if Ceros had managed to put them into the pit.

End of the fight, end of Ceros. But there is still enough time for Matilda to come charging in with the flywheel, delivering a blow so powerful it not only splinters Ceros’ underside, but propels them out of the arena too. Game, set and match.

So there we have it, the genesis of the flippers continues with St Agro joining a whole host of robot brothers in the semi-finals. This also marks the half way point of the heats. 8 more to go… Until next time.


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