Robot Wars S07E08 Part 2: Crush Crush Crush

Heat H rolls on into the second phase of its existence with yet another special event. This is one of the one off special events, as opposed to a featherweight battle or a World Championship Qualifier. We’ve had spinners and flippers, even axes. But now it’s time for a corner of the Robot Wars not often touched upon. It’s the crushers! Yes, this is the “Crusher Crunch Up”, featuring 3 of Robot Wars’ piercing friends. No Razer, who of course is the most famous crusher of the lot, but still several worthy contenders. We must also remember of course that now departed Ming Dienasty’s predecessor was Ming 3… A crusher.

But, to the actual battle, and first up is Mantis. Despite weighing the full 100kg, Mantis looks like something of a skeleton when compared to most robots out there. Everything has holes and gaps in it, from the armour to the weaponry. Talking of weaponry, Mantis not only has a large crushing pincer, it also has a set of lifting forks, making it doubly efficient in trapping a robot- now it can lift them off the floor and trap them with the claw. Is it going to work against two fellow crushers?

Next up we have Pinser, which takes a somewhat different approach. Clad in full armour and with a shorter, smaller and more enclosed beak than Mantis, Pinser looked to get underneath its competitors with the front scoop, then bring their crushing arm down. It features a 4 wheel drive system and side skirts to protect the high ground clearance, but should they ever get turned over, they do also supposedly have a self righting mechanism. How effective it is remains to be seen.

Finally we have R.O.C.S., a machine that is built much like Mantis in the sense that the armour is basically blue coloured scaffolding. Still, it has experience on its side, having fought in 3 wars before this (Though the 2nd and 3rd wars versions of the robot were significantly different in design). R.O.C.S. can use two of the aforementioned scaffolding poles to self-right, but whilst it is highly manoeuvrable, it is incredibly slow at just 5mph. Does that make it an easy target, or does experience count?

Your house robots are a pair of new boys, in Mr Psycho and Cassius Chrome. Let’s get the crushing crusade underway!

Unfortunately, unlike some battles in which the robots will just pile into each other, these 3 robots seemed more than content to spend the opening exchange keeping to themselves. Well, R.O.C.S. couldn’t really go anywhere at such a low top speed, but nobody else tried either. Eventually, eventually both other robots made their way over to ganging up on R.O.C.S., but the build-up was quite pathetic.

However, now they’re there, the fight can really begin. Not so good if you’re a R.O.C.S. fan, because they can’t catch a break. Pinser don’t do too much with them, but Mantis manage to get underneath the robot and lift them partially off the floor, before driving them all the way into Mr Psycho’s CPZ. Psycho brings the hammer down, but it actually ends up hitting Mantis on the crusher.

Psycho's Corner.png
Psycho’s Corner

Psycho does manage to split R.O.C.S. and Mantis apart, allowing Mantis to escape. R.O.C.S. are now very much trapped in the corner, and Mr Psycho isn’t really willing to let them go, instead happy to play around with them, driving them up against the wall or attempting to tip them over. The hammer comes down again, landing hard onto one of R.O.C.S.’ scaffolding poles arms. But, they do eventually have to be set free, allowed once again to join the wild west.

Meanwhile, Mantis is now trying to have a go at Pinser, but can’t get underneath anywhere near as easily. Instead they end up driving up Pinser’s wedge, and now Pinser can bring their own crushing arm down. Unfortunately for them, because Mantis is pretty much made of nothing, they can’t actually really get a grip on anything. They have Mantis in their grasp, but they can’t do any damage.

R.O.C.S. has now rejoined the battle, but it seems very unsure as to whether it should actually go in for a bite, or to hold back. It goes in, hesitates, then gets back out of there. Rattled? Either way, Pinser decide to take their capture of Mantis one step further, and drive the robot over the flame pit.


Mantis, somehow, survives this. And now R.O.C.S. has decided to join the party, but by attacking Pinser. They can get underneath, and they do bring the crushing arm down. They don’t, however, seem to do any damage. They decouple, and Mantis, released and free, goes after Pinser, looking for revenge. They tangle, and Pinser is shoved into the pit release button, something that leads Mantis to almost drive down the opening pit. They just about survive.

With Mantis driving wild, Pinser grab hold of R.O.C.S., and this time they do manage to do some damage. The hydraulic pincer comes down, tearing through the vital organs of their opponent. You can hear the popping sounds as cables and pipes are ripped apart. Somehow R.O.C.S. are still mobile, but the weapon looks completely out of commission. Pinser are looking like the robot on top at this moment in time.

But then Pinser explodes.

It’s the hydraulic system that explodes, really, over one of the arena flame jets. Made a very loud, rather impressive bang when it went too, along with a flash. And that isn’t good news for the robot.

Hydraulic Powered Kaboom
Hydraulic Powered KABOOM!

Mantis and R.O.C.S. are completely tangled together, with Mantis’ lifting forks jammed into R.O.C.S.’ scaffolding chassis. Pinser meanwhile is now very much on fire, and not going anywhere. All 3 robots are fucked.

3 robots, no hope
3 robots, no hope

Cassius Chrome comes in to break things up, to see who is actually still mobile. Pinser aren’t, not really. And once the Mantis/R.O.C.S. coupling is split apart, it becomes clear that Mantis are infact still mobile, whilst R.O.C.S. are not. And so there can only be one winner.


So, after what was a very entertaining special event, one of the best I think we’ve seen so far, it’s back to the main competition. St Agro, Ceros, Scraptosaur and Revolution 3 all made it through, in various stages of disrepair, into the second round.

But our first battle concerns the double sided flipper of St Agro, and the Dutch destroyer Scraptosaur. Two very different flipper bots going head to head.

Your house robot are Cassius Chrome- complete with a new set of boxing gloves- and Sir Killalot. To battle!

Unlike the crushers, Scraptosaur and St Agro aren’t afraid to get up close and personal to each other early on. Scraptosaur do most of the actual work, although the robot does looks somewhat hard to control, and the first flip levelled against St Agro missed its mark completely. The second one, however, landed. This doesn’t make a whole lot of difference, with St Agro able to run both ways up effectively, and in no danger yet of going out of the arena.

Now it’s St Agro’s turn to go on the attack, but they can’t get underneath Scraptosaur properly, and the flip misses. This allows Scraptosaur to get in themselves, and get yet another flip on St Agro. It’s going well for the Dutch boys so far.

Over and over
Over and over

St Agro are in no way giving up, but they’re finding it somewhat more difficult that their first round fight. Scraptosaur is proving rather tricky to get underneath, which is entirely necessary when you’re a flipper. That said, Scraptosaur aren’t having it all their own way, and both teams are missing flips.

Scraptosaur, changing things up, go for the pit release button, adding an extra hazard into play. They’re still going at St Agro, but seem to be becoming a little sloppy, a little unfocused with their attacks. Now, more often than not, the flip misses. Conversely, St Agro have barely tried to actually make a flip all fight. Scraptosaur, getting round the side of St Agro, manage to land a couple of quick blows, but that actually ends up coming back to bite them when it lines St Agro up for a flip of their own. They haven’t done much this fight, but now they’ve put Scraptosaur upside down!

Now the tables have turned, because Scraptosaur can’t get themselves back the right way up! Having tried so many flips earlier on, Scraptosaur look to have run out of CO2 gas, or they just don’t have the power. Now the house robots can come into play, first Sir Killalot has a glance, then Cassius Chrome comes in to land a few right hooks.

Boxing Match
Boxing Match

Refbot comes in to count them out, and that is the end of Scraptosaur’s journey. It was a valiant effort, and one which they looked like they might emerge from with a victory, but all it takes is one flip for the entire fight to turn upside down.

Sir Killalot comes to take away the stricken robot, only to place them right onto the drop zone! This time we get the pleasure of watching a metal ocean buoy drop, bouncing off Scraptosaur and then rolling about a bit. Cassius Chrome then comes in to clean up, boxing Scraptosaur right into the pit. Game.

So, we know one heat finalist. But will it be an all flipper affair between St Agro and Ceros? Or will Revolution 3 stick a spinner into the mix? Until next time.


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