Robot Wars S07E06 Part 3: X-Terminated

We’re getting close to the final showdown of this heat, with X-Terminator already confirmed to be in the heat final after putting Killer Carrot 2 through a blender. But who will join them? Tsunami, the German flipper that’s already put two out of the arena in just one fight, or Constrictor, which managed to avoid any major problems on the way to a judges’ decision victory in their heat opener.

We have the two great heavyweights of the house robot world in the arena with them, Sir Killalot and Mr Psycho! Ready to cause some chaos and destruction of their own.

As the fight starts, both robots are happy to try and go after each other. Constrictor makes the first move but misses, and this gives Tsunami the opportunity to slide in underneath Constrictor before flipping them over. Constrictor kind of stands on the back of the robot, but falls back onto its wheels. They try to go for Tsunami, but they can’t get underneath and instead ride up Tsunami themselves and that leaves them vulnerable to even more attacks.

Ride Up.png
Ride up

Tsunami are somewhat relentless, not giving Constrictor any time to recover before launching their next attack. That random panel has come off Constrictor, again, not that I think it was actually ever useful for anything. Constrictor are also upside down and trying to get back the right way up, but the crusher/lifter isn’t powerful enough to do that, and so they’re stuck upside down.

It should be said that constrictor could run upside down, but they’re still trying to get back onto their other side. It isn’t helping them, and soon Tsunami take full control. They get in behind Constrictor and push them all the way across the arena with the large scoop flipper, before tossing them through the air and out!

That’s 3 competitors Tsunami have sent flying out of the arena!

Over the fence
Over the fence

So after what was a less than impressive performance from Constrictor, Tsunami are riding the wave through into the heat final, which will see them match up again with X-Terminator, the only robot they’ve faced that they haven’t thrown out of the arena. X-Terminator of course are looking to live up to their seeding by going through to the series semi-finals.

Sir Killalot returns to lead the house robots, with Growler there as company. It’s time to let the heat final commence!

Now Tsunami, of course, want to a) avoid the spinning disc of X-Terminator and b) get in around the side so that they can get a flip in on them. But X-Terminator have once again started off at something of a more steady pace, and are carefully watching and waiting as Tsunami zips around. This, as you can guess, is rather frustrating for Tsunami. And eventually, X-Terminator’s approach pays off, as they’re able to get in round the back of Tsunami and get some hits in with the disc.

Back Scratcher
Back Scratcher

Tsunami escape, but X-Terminator are on the prowl. With Tsunami being forced ever backwards with the prospect of coming into contact with that disc again, they need to find an offensive of their own. And so they take the only step they can, and drive themselves underneath X-terminator at such an angle that they avoid the disc.

And then they flip them.

X-Terminator is a really awkward shape. I mean I described it before, but it’s rather tall and blocky in stature. So when it goes over, it looks incredibly awkward. This robot was not built to be flipped. Not only that, but it hits the floor disc first, which sends it skating across the floor until it skids to a halt infront of the pit release button. Strike one for Tsunami.

Now, X-Terminator don’t quite look like they’re going to be able to self-right, which means Tsunami could just leave them there and take their place in the series semi-finals. But this is Tsunami, a robot that has flipped literally everyone else they’ve faced out of the arena, so of course they’re going to try and get X-Terminator out too. It’s just… Awkward shape strikes again, but this time in X-Terminator’s favour. Tsunami’s first flip can’t send them over- they pretty much ride the arena side wall and then fall onto their side.

Side Standing
Side standing

Tsunami seem tentative about coming in again, knowing that they could just leave them there and they’d probably be safe. But the temptation to try and flip them out is just too much. They shouldn’t have, they really shouldn’t have, but they did anyway. And far from going out of the arena, this time they manage to get X-Terminator back onto their wheels, and back into the fight.

X-Terminator now have an opportunity, and they’re going to take it, instantly chasing down Tsunami and hitting them side on, which rolls Tsunami onto its back. X-Terminator come in again, and Tsunami are now rolling around like a bowling ball. They do eventually roll back onto their wheels, but they’re rattled. X-Terminator on the other hand look relentless.

There’s a brief lull as everyone regains their bearings. Tsunami are backing off again, and look tentative with using their flipper. But when X-Terminator hit them and turn them over again, they have no choice but to use it to right themselves. X-Terminator waste no time in launching another attack, this time head on, and connect so well with the disc that it tears a chunk out of Tsunami’s flipper. Tsunami do try to flip X-Terminator, but in the end they just end up flipping themselves over.

Moving in
Moving in for the kill

X-Terminator are having fun with Tsunami now. Tsunami are wasting all of their CO2 trying to right themselves, only for X-Terminator to hit them right afterwards, which sends them rolling back. At one point Tsunami self right onto X-Terminator’s disc, which doesn’t help. And slowly but surely, the gas is running out. Tsunami have dug themselves a hole, and now they get to sleep in it.

Things are starting to get so bad for Tsunami that they’ve caught fire internally, and with each additional hit by X-Terminator a new body panel falls off. They are practically finished in this fight, and all that’s left is to give them a violent send off. And, well, what would be a better send off than to send Tsunami the same way they sent everyone else. With one final charge, X-Terminator punts Tsunami over the edge, and out of the arena.

A fitting end to Tsunami, but an end that could have been oh so different if they themselves hadn’t attempted to flip X-Terminator out of the arena and instead just left them to be counted out. But, that’s Robot Wars. You live and die by your decisions in the arena.

So, that’s Heat F. What was once a flipper paradise is starting to fade away, with a vertical spinner in X-Terminator taking its semi-final place among the others that have already made it through. Next we move on to Heat G, and even more chaos and destruction.

Until then…


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