Robot Wars S07E06 Part 2: Axe Attack

We already know our four robots that have made it through to the second round of fighting; X-Terminator (11), Tsunami, Constrictor and Killer Carrot 2. But, as always with these things, we now take a well deserved break from the main action to have a special event. This time around it is the turn of those robots who like to bash, smash and puncture. Yes, Heat F’s special event is an axe wielding fight to the death. At least, it is in principle.

First up is Iron-Awe, technically Iron-Awe 2.1. A yellow menace, Iron Awe has both an axe and a flipper that fire within a tenth of a second, making it double trouble for anybody that comes across it. The first Iron-Awe entered back in the 4th Wars, but things have changed since then and now they’re looking to put this new and improved version into the warzone, and come out with total victory.

Next we have Kat 3, which isn’t a stranger to Robot Wars either, having started competing back in the 5th wars. Not only does it have a striking orange and black paint job, but a rather deadly looking spiked axe that can strike up to 50 times in a fight, whilst the combination of the front wedge and low ground clearance make it less liable to attack by flipper.

Finally we have Hydra (Hail Hydra). This is another robot that contains not just an axe but a flipper, meaning it has two ways of taking the battle to the opposition. The flipper is actually more of a lifting arm, and is actually the main weapon of the robot with the axe being a new addition. We’ve already seen Hydra in Heat D where it was mercilessly used as a cannonball by Dutch robot Gravity. At least this time there is slightly less chance of that happening.

It wouldn’t be an axe attack if Shunt wasn’t present for the House Robots, and he is joined by everyone’s least favourite house robot, Cassius Chrome. Good old Cassius Chrome.

Whilst the battle starts out as a 3 way mess, Hydra are the first to try and actual attack on Iron Awe, but it is somewhat unsuccessful. From then on, it turns into a mangled mess of all 3 robots firing their axes at every possible moment, with pretty much every attack missing its mark, although Hydra seemed to be at least having some luck wrestling with Iron Awe. Kat 3 on the other hand were pretty much going nowhere with their attacks. They do have a brief moment with Cassius Chrome, so it’s not like they’ve done absolutely nothing.

Hydra and Iron Awe meanwhile are still going at it, and Iron Awe look to be coming off second best. Their axe seems to be somewhat stuck downwards and the top panel of armour is looking rather loose. But they’re still being aggressive, and Hydra aren’t having it all their own way.


Infact Iron Awe are having problems everywhere, with the flipper panel now having been bent upwards in such a way that they can’t get themselves underneath Hydra at all to get a flip in. But at least they’re not Kat 3, who have seemingly given up entirely. Well, the robot has anyway. This leaves them easy targets for both other robots, but as Iron Awe make their attack, Hydra come in and manage to tip Iron Awe onto its side! It doesn’t last, but Hydra are now in full control and slam Iron Awe into the arena side wall, leaving them briefly for Shunt to have a go. Iron Awe do manage to escape though.

With both Hydra and Iron Awe still mobile, the fight is nowhere near done. And yet, both robots still see fit to go after the already immobile Kat 3. I suppose that’s a little rest for Iron Awe, who are then once again set upon by Hydra and even Shunt. Kat 3, meanwhile, are being counted out. This brings in the house robots, and Iron Awe take that as an opportunity to start on Cassius Chrome, whilst Hydra start tangling with Shunt. Shunt gives it as good as he gets, until… Hydra tip Shunt over!


Hydra are loving it, and then decide to take over from Iron Awe and attack Cassius Chrome, slamming them against the arena side wall. They then continue the assault on Iron Awe, before Iron Awe actually gets one of Cassius Chrome’s spikes stuck in them. Which is inconvenient. Even when they eventually get free, Cassius Chrome still go at them.

Refbot meanwhile has decided this fight needs some spicing up, and goes to hit the pit release button. It is at that exact moment that Hydra, keeping their distance, drive straight over the pit. And so it descends with Hydra trapped, and the robot that looked so much like it was running away with this… They’re gone. Iron Awe have won.

Well shit.

After that wild west axe fight, we’re now back to the main event, and that means the first of our second round one on one fixtures. First up is the seeded X-Terminator and Killer Carrot 2. The vertical spinner meets a carrot shaped flipper in the fight to get to the heat final.

Dead Metal makes his first appearance of the night, along with the ever present Sir Killalot. Let’s get round 2 underway!

X-Terminator are slow to begin, but when Killer Carrot try to attack, they actually ride up X-Terminator and can’t get the flip in. It becomes a push and shove contest, and although X-Terminator are doing most of the pushing, they still somehow manage to end up in the claws of Sir Killalot. Eventually they are let free, but again they’re slow. It doesn’t matter though, because Killer Carrot are doing all the work for them, and this time drive straight into X-Terminator’s disc, which flips them over.

Overturned Carrot
Overturned Carrot

That disc takes no prisoners, especially against Killer Carrot. Small pieces of armour are torn off and the disc is bent out of shape. X-Terminator then go in again and turn Killer Carrot back onto their wheels, allowing them to run away and escape. To Killer Carrot’s credit, they don’t stop fighting, but they’re coming off worse and worse with each attack. The flipper is now a mangled mess.

Eventually, Killer Carrot are rolled onto their back, and they can’t get themselves over onto their wheels. It’s not happening. Doesn’t stop X-Terminator from coming in and taking even more pieces off them. Weight saving at its peak. But then X-Terminator hit them back onto their wheels… AGAIN.

Killer Carrot decide to use this new found opportunity and activate the pit release, because that’s the only way they’re actually going to win this fight, unless X-Terminator spontaneously combust. X-Terminator respond to this by calmly driving over, lining up Killer Carrot, and then swiftly hitting them so hard with the disc that they fly straight over the arena side wall.

Killer Carrot are no more.

Out with the veg
Out with the veg

So, now we know that X-Terminator are going through to the heat final, and would be favourites to go through. But who will be joining them, Constrictor or Tsunami? That’s for the next article to find out. Until then…


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