Robot Review: Rusty (S09E05)

Rusty, aka Ceros V2.0, has an interesting story as to how it came to be battling in this series of Robot Wars. The robot was never submitted as an application in any way, but was actually asked to come up to filming because of a shortage of reserve robots. As is the nature of Robot Wars, often reserves are swapped into episodes in place of robots that either break down on the day or just are not ready in time, and so Rusty soon found itself entering the arena. The robot was given to students at Glasgow Clyde College, and rather ironically comes into the episode where a different set of GCC students and their robot ‘Clyde Built’ had to withdraw.

Ceros Rusty, as a robot, is mainly a scoop flipper. It basically has a scoop bolted onto a flipper arm, with the scoop hopefully allowing them to scoop up their competitors before tossing them around the arena. It’s compact compared to competitors like Apollo, but still weighs 108kg and can get around the arena at up to 14mph. So it’s no lightweight.

Talking of Apollo, they’re one of the robots Rusty has to face off against in the opening melee. Other robots include the supposedly unflippable Ms Nightshade and Coyote.

Unfortunately, Rusty seemed to end up as Apollo’s main target, and was pretty much chased around the arena until Apollo caught up and flipped them. Rusty, though, landed on its wheels, so no major damage done… yet. Because Apollo weren’t done with them, and the next flip. against the backdrop of the flame pit, saw the back panel of the robot quite literally fly off upon landing, exposing all of the internals.


Rusty get a brief respite with Apollo going after other robots, but get themselves stuck on their ass when they try to turn the tables and flip Apollo, but miss. This situation doesn’t change for a while, with Apollo and Coyote quite content to leave them there. Naturally, this means they begin to be, and subsequently are, counted out. Doesn’t stop Apollo coming back for them and trying to toss them out of the arena, but Rusty just about manage to stop that fate from occurring. Either way, they are exiting the competition.

So, how did Rusty do? Well, for a robot that was never supposed to be here in the first place, the fact it worked, drove and the flipper fired are all bonus points. But in the end it really only acted as Apollo’s plaything, and rarely got involved in the action. It was a bit like Meggamouse from the other melee, except Meggamouse was actually aggressive. Rusty always felt like it was trying to run away. Plus, they practically committed suicide by flipping themselves into a position they couldn’t actually recover from, so…

Expectation v Result (Out in Rd1-Out in Rd1): 0
Ceros is resurrected!: +3
It worked: +1
Amazing ability to self dismantle: -1
Robot Suicide: -2

Robot Rating (Rusty): 1/10

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