Robot Review: Trolley Rage (S09E05)

Who knew shopping trolleys could be so exciting? Trolley Rage is a robot that is pretty much a battle adapted shopping trolley, complete with a fully powered axe and some steel plating to act as protection. It comes from the University of Greenwich, so a small step up from the school projects in this series. It goes at an amazing 6mph, which is no surprise given that its powered by wheelchair motors that are older than I am. But still, this is a robot made out of a trolley that cost £500. It’s impressive that it exists in the first place.

Trolley Rage were in the same melee as Meggamouse, which meant they also had to fight Crackers N Smash and Carbide. However, according to the Robot Wars wiki, that wasn’t originally the case; Trolley Rage was supposed to fight in week 1 against Aftershock, TMHWK and Sabretooth, but when Crank-E pulled out of this melee, they were swapped in. And now they have to face Carbide. What a crap deal they got out of that then.

And that only continued into the fight, because the first robot they met in the arena just so happened to be Carbide, who took a nice chunk out of the front right end of the robot. No problems, it can still move. But, after a brief time apart, Carbide then comes in and hits exactly the same spot again. Trolley Rage was already damaged there, so this blow ends up tearing half the internals out.

And there’s no way Trolley Rage can come back from that.

Bringing the rage
Feeling the rage

So, how did Trolley Rage do? Well, I thought they were a fantastic concept, to take a trolley and a couple of old wheelchair motors and turn it into a fighting robot. It was always going to have a rough time against Carbide, but the robot worked, the axe worked (Even if it didn’t hit anything) and they managed to survive Carbide’s first hit, which is impressive enough in itself. Did I expect it to get through the melee? Of course not. But I love what this kind of robot stands for.

Expectation v Result (Out in Rd1-Out in Rd1): 0
Fighting shopping trolley extreme: +2
Mitigating bonus point for having to face Carbide: +1
Survived a direct hit from Carbide: +2
But, they did eventually have their internals ripped out… By Carbide: -2

Robot Rating (Trolley Rage): 3/10

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