Robot Review: Meggamouse (S09E05)

So, after WordPress decided it didn’t want to work yesterday, I finally (Hopefully) get to kick off the week 5 reviews. As we enter the final stretch, there are only 8 robots left to go through. The first robot we’re going to look at this week is that of Meggamouse.

Meggamouse, as the name would suggest, is a robot in the shape of a mouse. A full pressure flipper, Meggamouse is capable of lifting upwards of 300kg into the air. It has a top speed of 15mph, and a unique four wheel drive system that means it can spin on the spot. It is also accompanied by a little cheese wedge minibot, because…. Well, mouse.

Meggamouse was actually built by Trevor Wright as a successor to Mighty Mouse, but with him already occupied with Ironside 3, Meggamouse was placed in the hand of the Lale family (Also known as Team Tilly), newcomers to televised robot combat but handy on the live stage.

To make any impression on the final stages, Meggamouse would first have to get through a melee that consisted of last year’s runner up and terrifying spinner, Carbide. They also had to come up against recycled axebot Trolley Rage and clusterbot Crackers N Smash. A real mix of competitors, though you would think the lightweight nature of Crackers N Smash’s individual units would be to their advantage.

Meggamouse started off aggressive enough, using the front wedge part of the flipper to whack Crackers onto the flame pit. But getting involved can work the other way too, with Meggamouse soon finding themselves in trouble with the other clusterbot, which sent them into the floor spikes, momentarily trapping them. Charles the cheese minibot meanwhile is already dead, having has the unfortunate circumstance of coming across Carbide.

Whilst it was certainly driving around well, and being aggressive, Meggamouse wasn’t managing to get any flips in. Crackers N Smash may have been small, but also had really low ground differences. And, well, you want to stay away from Carbide if you can help it. Or do you? Because Meggamouse apparently didn’t. They tried to flip Carbide, but missed and turned themselves over. One they had flipped themselves back onto their wheels, Carbide came in for the attack, and tore one of those wheels off Meggamouse completely.

Exploding Wheels.PNG
Exploding wheels

And, like that, Meggamouse were no more. Well they weren’t mobile, that was for sure. And with that, they were out.

So, how did Meggamouse do? Well, to be honest I was slightly disappointed with them. I thought they would be the other robot to escape the melee with Carbide, but with that demon in the arena you never know. Even then, the intent was there, it was just never executed well.

Expectation v Result (3rd-Out in Rd1): -1
Aggressive intent to flip: +2
Lost a wheel, permanently: -2
Mitigating bonus point for having to face Carbide: +1
BONUS: Charles the cheese: +2.5

Robot Rating (Meggamouse): 2.5/10

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Each review rating is hyperlinked to the article about that robot- simply click on the robot’s name to be navigated to their article.


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