Robot Review: Supernova (S09E04)

Apparently it was a bad idea to get busy yesterday, because now I’m in the same situation I was last Sunday and have 3 reviews to write today. But hey, at least I know I can do it.

Supernova is a robot that has been around for a while, starting off in Series 5 and gradually finding a way to make itself more and more powerful with each passing series. That and the paint scheme keeps changing, with this series’ version sporting a black and red paint scheme. The disc, possibly the most fundamental aspect of the robot, weighs a hefty 22kg and spins at 2,500rpm. It’s also now just one solid disc, which should stop the teeth from coming off, like it did last series.

Standing in their way of a Head to Head place, other than themselves, are a mix of spinners and anti-spinners. Frostbite themselves have a bar spinner, whilst Wyrm have an anti-spinner scoop, and High-5 have a spinner snaring jaw.

Supernova, leaving Wyrm and High-5 to their own fight, decide that Frostbite and their potentially weaker armour is the best target. So they move in, and tear the entire left side out of the robot. So yes, it probably was the right choice. Now Frostbite are going in circles.

Apparently not happy with taking out Frostbite, they go for the stationary High-5, which has no form of defence seeing as it’s no longer actually working, and take a chunk out of their rear corner. If ever there was a way to assert dominance…

So, Supernova easily into the Head to Heads. A very promising and destructive start to life in the 9th wars, but now they have to do it all again. And by all, I mean Frostbite, who somehow survived that melee despite what Supernova did to them.

The start to this battle is a little less fast and furious, with both robot staying apart to charge up their weapons. But once they finally came together, it’s weapon on weapon, with Frostbite’s weapon practically snapping in half. Having taken the bite out of Frostbite, Supernova then go in for the kill, once again targeting the left hand side and causing an insane amount of damage, not once but twice.

Frost bitten

Exit Frostbite stage left.

The only thing that could have made this victory better would have been if Supernova hadn’t decided to eat its own chain. But in terms of the fight, they were unstoppable, but they very almost shot themselves in the foot.

With Frostbite out of the way, Supernova have their next opponent to consider. Pulsar were grand finalists last series, and come equipped with a 9000rpm drum spinner, something of a step up from facing Frostbite. Who can win the battle of vertical vs. horizontal spinners?

Both robots, naturally, keep themselves apart for the opening few seconds to get the weapons up to speed. But when that was all done, it was time to charge- both robots went at each other, colliding spinner to spinner full speed. Supernova were practically ripped from the arena floor and flung through the air amidst an explosion of sparks, in what was possibly the biggest robot to robot collision in the series.

Ultimate Annihilation
City of sparks and metal

The result of this is a Supernova which can barely move, trapped beside the arena wall. Pulsar, having only just recovered themselves, come over and start ramming Supernova into said wall, which eventually is enough to leave them completely immobile.

It’s Supernova’s first loss of the series, but my god what a way to lose.

This leaves a rather battered Supernova in a sticky situation. They have one fight left to salvage a place in the heat final, and they need a victory, by any means, against Ironside 3, who themselves need a win to guarantee their place in the heat final.

It’s your usual regular start to the fight, but Supernova look like they’re struggling for grip in the arena. With both weapons up to full speed, Ironside manage to exploit that lack of grip and hit Supernova on their left hand wheel, rendering it useless. Now Supernova have a task to get back into the fight, because one wheel does not offer much mobility.

Now Ironside 3 have their own strategy to go for Supernova’s wheels, hitting them again and again, with Supernova not much able to do anything about it. All they can do is drive in circles and attempt to get Ironside to hit the disc instead of the wheels, but it doesn’t much seem to work. Ironside keep chipping away at them.

Going Supernova.png
Going Supernova

Bits of robot are actually coming off Supernova now, and they are very much finished. Shunt comes in to have a little go at the dead robot, but if anything Supernova bites back, because the disc is still working even if the drive isn’t’, and Shunt get a nice dent in their scoop for the trouble.

But for Supernova, this is the end of the road.

So, how did Supernova do? Well they started off in emphatic fashion, tearing apart both Frostbite and High-5 in their opening melee. Frostbite’s second coming was cut short in the first Head To Head, so badly that they then had to withdraw. Then came the two defeats, and whilst the loss to Ironside was disappointing, the collision with Pulsar was simply epic. And this is certainly a much better performance that what we saw in the 8th wars. If it is ever possible to make Supernova even more frighteningly powerful, I’d love to see it.

Expectation v Result (3rd-3rd): 0
Shredding the competition: +4
Turned Frostbite into scrap metal… Twice: +6
Ate their own chain… Twice: -2
City of sparks: +3
Did not survive the city of sparks: -2
Ironside 3: -2

Robot Rating (Supernova): 7/10

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