Robot Revew: Wyrm (S09E04)

Wyrm, aka the successor to Robot Wars’ greatest 8th war abomination Overdozer, is still one of the weird and wonderful brigade to come into this series, along with the likes of Jellyfish and Crackers N Smash from week 5. It’s not made of wood this time at least, but has a remarkably small amount of armour for what is 110kg worth of robot. There are still a few sideboards to protect the wheels and a top panel filled with dinosaur looking spines. In terms of weaponry Wyrm has a snow plough type scoop, good for ramming things out of the way or deflecting blows from spinners, which is useful given this heat is spinner central.

Talking of spinner central, one of Wyrm’s main threats is the violent disc spinner of Supernova. There’s some comfort in the knowledge High-5 doesn’t have its spinner attached, but there’s still another bar spinner in the shape of Frostbite look out for.

It all started well for Wyrm, the robot being seemingly instrumental in taking down High-5. They didn’t do too much, just slam into the side of them, but then that’s mainly what Wyrm are there for. But then Wyrm seemingly decided they weren’t needed anymore, and drove straight into the arena wall, which knocked them out. Now, even though Frostbite were pretty much wrecked down one side, they were at least vaguely moving. Wyrm weren’t. So that means Wyrm are out.

Except, it doesn’t.

Because in the first Head to Head, Frostbite once again came up against Supernova, who tore them apart even worse this time around, so bad they couldn’t continue. So Wyrm, as the 3rd placed robot of the melee, are back in the game.

First up in the Head to Heads, though actually the second round of fights, is Ironside 3, a rather powerful bar spinner that we already know can cause a fair bit of damage. This is the perfect place to test the anti-spinner scoop.

Wyrm started fairly slowly, which was great for Ironside, who could get the spinner fully up to speed. Once that was achieved, Wyrm had to brace themselves as Ironside charged towards them, and in one hit the entire anti-spinner scoop was torn right off its hinges. Living up to its task spectacularly.

Impact Point.png
Point of impact

Things quickly start to get worse. After the blow sends Wyrm into Shunt, who brings down the mighty axe of his, one of the wheels looks dangerously loose. This is then made even worse by Ironside, who take it off completely.

Free Wheeling.png
Free wheeling

Despite the cry of “I guess ma welding wasn’t up tae scratch”, Wyrm is still actually moving, until Ironside 3 charge up their weapon and attack again, this time stopping what’s left of Wyrm in its tracks. You’d think that would be the end of it, but as the clock counts down, Ironside go in for one final attack, and relieve Wyrm of the other wheel on its left hand side, just for good measure.

So Wyrm can’t get into the week 4 heat final. Did we expect it to? Well no, not really, especially given they missed the first Head to Head. But there’s still one fight left for them, against Pulsar. Still a spinner, but this time a drum spinner to face off against.

Now only running on two wheels, Wyrm lead the charge on Pulsar, and the two narrowly hit each other, but with no effect. It looks as if the anti-spinner scoop could have more luck against a vertical spinner, but infact when Pulsar hit Wyrm head on, they actually push the scoop underneath the robot. So now the wheels aren’t touching the ground, and Wyrm are stranded. Again. This is Dead Metal’s cue to come in and do some damage.

Going in for the kill
Going in for the kill

Just to finish things off, Dead Metal decides to roast the Wyrm, but it is very much over for the fight, and the contest in general.

How did Wyrm do? Well they started off well, immobilising High-5, but then decided to knock themselves cold. They got a second chance in the Head to Heads after Frostbite’s departure, but ended the first of those without the scoop or two of its wheels, and the second with the scoop under the wheels. But they were, as always, great fun to watch.

And we got to witness this classic moment after they were done.

Lord of the skips
World’s greatest bin men

Expectation v Result (Out in Rd1-4th): +2
Killed High-5 by reversing into them: +6
Knocked themselves out: -3
Resurrecting the Wyrm: +2
Not so anti-spinner, anti-spinner scoop: -2
Loose wheels: -1
Somehow managing to drive over their own scoop: -2
The skip: +3
BONUS: Mandatory robot driving lessons required:  -1
BONUS: “I guess ma welding wasn’t up tae scratch”: +2

Robot Rating (Wyrm): 6/10

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