Robot Review: Frostbite (S09E04)

Frostbite are one of a number of school teams to have entered Robot Wars this series, and have gone for one of the most popular design of the series too, with a horizontal bar spinner the focal point for weaponry. It was built on a budget, as is the case for most schools, so it’s hardly the pinnacle of robot engineering, but it still looks pretty cool. There’s LED lighting and the white, frosted exterior matches the name. The bar spinner, though rather small (Half the length of Apex’s bar and nowhere near as wide or thick), can still go at 2,000rpm. However, the robot weighs less than 90kg and is armoured by polycarbonate- it’s fairly strong stuff in its own right, but we’re facing off against some lethal spinners here. Polycarbonate might just not be able to stand up to the strain.

Regardless, there is a melee to fight. Supernova bring the experience, aswell as a rather vicious spinning disc. Wyrm bring what is supposedly an anti-spinner front scoop and High-5 bring a spinner snaring grappler. So everything here is either a spinner or against spinners.

Frostbite actually started off well enough. The weapon worked, they moved fairly quickly. All was looking good. Then they presented themselves side on to Supernova, who decided there’s no harm in a free victim and proceeded to tear out one side of Frostbite from the robot.

Slice it.png
Slice it

This is a small problem. One side of the robot now no longer exists, and so the robot is moving around in almost circles. There’s still something of the left hand wheel there, which means occasionally they can make a right turn, and that’s pretty much what saves them. Because High-5 have already died, and not too much longer Wyrm decided to drive into the wall and KO itself. So that leaves Frostbite one of the two left standing, even if they’re barely standing. They’re still through.

Unfortunately for them, the first Head to Head sees them come back up against Supernova. And now this time they’re one on one, so there’s nowhere to hide. Still, it’s a credit that Frostbite could go into the arena at all.

LED lights and all, Frostbite starts by trying to lure Supernova towards the floor flipper, a bait that Supernova doesn’t take. Infact Frostbite falls for its own trap, driving over the flipper themselves when they really didn’t need to.

Flying Frostbite.png
Flying Frostbite

It’s all just delaying the inevitable though. Frostbite do actually try to go in on an attack, but the resulting clash of spinners breaks off one side of Frostbite’s bar, sending it flying across the arena. Now weaponless, Frostbite are sitting ducks to Supernova’s onslaught. Supernova once again go for the left side of the robot, tearing out the front end before obliterating the bottom left corner of the robot.


That’s it for Frostbite, but just to make sure, Supernova tear off the large back panel in one final attack. But for Frostbite, it’s not just 0 points, but damage so extensive, they have no hope of repairing it in time. Unfortunately for them, this is where their story ends. But it’s been some journey.

So, how did Frostbite do? Well they had a cool looking robot built on a budget, that worked. The drive worked, the spinner worked. They were just unfortunate that their robot had to come up against Supernova, which is insanely powerful and pretty much tore them to pieces, twice. It was probably unsurprising that they only lasted a couple of fights, though to even get out of their heat was impressive in itself.

Expectation v Result (Out in Rd1-5th): +2
Cool looking robot built on a budget: +2
LED light show: +1
Made it through the initial melee…: +4
…Without the entire left side of the robot: -2
Feeling the cold (And Supernova’s disc for a second time): -2
2 fights in and they can go no more: -1

Robot Rating (Frostbite): 4/10

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