Robot Review: Apex (S09E04)

Apex joins the spinner circus for week 4, one of the 6 robots in this heat that could potentially have spinners (Wyrm and Crushtacean being the ones without spinners. High-5 could have one but it’s an optional extra, but it counts enough for me). Within the many different classes of spinners, Apex is one that uses a bar for a weapon (As opposed to a drum or a disc), and it is some bar. It may *only* go at 1,750rpm, but it weighs a massive 27kg (Pulley included) and is 1.2m long. Getting hit by this bar is going to hurt, no matter what your robot is made out of.

Apex is also pretty fast at 18mph, and features an unusual triangular design for the robot itself. I don’t know if it was purposeful, but the design manages to make the bar look even more menacing that it would be by itself.

Still, to get anywhere near victory, they first have to get through their 4 way melee, consisting of fellow bar spinner Ironside 3, drum spinner and one time grand finalist Pulsar, and Crushtacean, who I literally wrote about a couple of hours ago.

Apex spent the first few seconds of the heat staying much to themselves so that they could get the bar up to speed. It certainly looks deadly when it’s wildly whirring about on top of the robot. They then seem to choose Pulsar as their target, and wait for Pulsar to do a little floor flipper dance before the two robots collide. Unfortunately for Apex, Pulsar is quite a low robot, and the bar can only strike Pulsar’s 9000rpm spinning drum, which sends Apex violently twisting through the air.

It also kills them.


So, how did Apex do? Well, it was always going to be tough to get out of the battle of the spinners, no matter who you are. Apex looked ferocious, but unfortunately the potential was never realised. It’s always disappointing to go out after just one hit, especially because we never got to see what the bar spinner was really capable of.

On another day, in another heat, Apex could well have gone far.

Expectation v Result (Out in Rd1-Out in Rd1): 0
Utterly terrifyingly large bar spinner: +2
One hit KOed by Pulsar: -2
But, the potential is definitely there: +2

Robot Rating (Apex): 2/10

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