Robot Review: Crushtacean (S08E04)

Ah, we’re going back to the old days with this one. Crushtacean first competed in the 5th wars, and brought with them a whole new revolution in robot weaponry. Now they’re back with a pretty much unchanged robot and looking to show that they’re not out of date. The robot, which is unsurprisingly- given the name- shaped like a crab, has two grasping claws for weapons, there to clamp hold of opponents and take them to the arena hazards, or wherever else they would want them to go. But the main, innovative part of the weaponry is how the claws are controlled. Instead of using a usual method, Crushtacean’s claws are controlled by a pair of gloves, worn by a team member. Close your hand, and the claws themselves will close.

Pretty cool system.

Crushtacean is still damn fast too at 20mph, and can run both ways up. But somehow they’ve managed to find themselves in the battle of the spinners, with Pulsar, Ironside 3 and Apex all having spinners in one form or another. Crushtacean was going to have to pull something big out of the bag to get through this.

Spoiler alert- they didn’t.

It was a shame, but they were outclassed from the start. They drove around a bit, mainly avoiding everyone, until Ironside 3 came crashing into their side. The bar tore through the armour and must have dislodged something, because it knocked the robot dead.

Crab on the fire
Crab on the fire

So, how did Crushtacean do? Well I mean they were going to find it tough to get through given the robots they were up against, but to get one hit KOed is a bit disappointing. I wanted to see the claws in action. But I think the robot may just end up as a relic of a past era.

Expectation v Result (Out in Rd1-Out in Rd1): 0
It worked: +1
And then it died: -2
BONUS: Hand powered claws: +1

Robot Rating (Crushtacean): 0/10

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