Robot Review: High-5 (S09E04)

Having taken yesterday off to recover from writing 3 reviews in 6 hours on Sunday, I’ve now realised I have 6 days to write the next 8 reviews. Fuck sake man. Ah well, I always enjoyed a challenge.

So High-5, a robot that incorporates both words and numbers into its name in some kind of grammatical hybrid, is something of a novelty when it comes to weapons. High-5 contains a unique lifter/rammer, which consists of interlocking ‘fingers’ which can clasp in place, grabbing hold of a robot or jamming up a spinner, then lifting them into the air. Useful in a heat so full of spinners. But High-5 also has an interchangeable drum spinner that could be fitted to the robot, just so that it fits in with everyone else.

Away from that, High-5 is also invertible, a box on 4 wheels that can not only run both ways but reach speeds of almost 13mph. There is something to be said for the high grand clearance.

You know I’m building this up so much, and I’m building High-5 up, but really the fight was just so underwhelming. High-5 moved, slightly, before being rammed in the side by Wyrm and dying on the spot.

But, just to make sure, Supernova came along and tore some rather large chunks out of High-5, leaving them not just defeated but in several different pieces. There’s no hope for them now.


So, how did High-5 do? Well they were completely underwhelming, which is a shame because I really liked the design. Especially in that melee, I thought they would at least get through to the Head to Heads, but the robot just didn’t work. I really hope it comes back though, and I hope next time it works because I want to see them try to jam up some spinners.

Expectation v Result (4th-Out in Rd1): -1
Knocked out by Wyrm of all robots: -1
Supernova smash: -1
But it was a really cool, really innovative design: +2

Robot Rating (High-5): -1/10

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