Robot Review: Thor (S09E03)

Thor, the Robot Wars god of axes, had a very successful war last year, narrowly missing out on an automatic place in the grand final, but instead getting the one wildcard on offer. They made it into the grand final Head to Heads, but were then savaged by Carbide and spent the rest of the fights in the ‘zombie Thor’ incarnation. Now Thor is back, with an even more powerful axe and a lower, sleeker robot. Thor is also still incredibly fast, getting to a top speed of 20mph.

But can they go one step further than last time?

Well they have to do it all again, and that starts with the melee. There are a couple of strong spinners in Concussion and Tauron, whilst Chimera 2 are Thor’s mirror robot, also having an axe. It’s not going to be easy, but Thor is built of strong stuff.

Thor threw itself into the action straight away, but that might not have been the greatest idea, because a slight hit from Tauron causes the robot to stop dead. We wait for a little while, but just when it seems like Thor are immobile, they burst back into life! And instantly, they start going after Chimera, and land a good couple of hits. Sparks!

Axe of Doom

Thor are looking good now that they’ve actually started moving. But they’re wary of Concussion, and trying to avoid them, which they do well enough. Whilst Concussion is busy immobilising Chimera, Thor are keeping themselves to themselves. It’s only right at the end that Thor go at Concussion, but are only rewarded by being hit with the drum. It doesn’t matter, Thor are through.

So, Head to Heads. This is where Thor really excelled last year, but first of all they have a rematch with Concussion to look forward to. Concussion looked a genuine threat in the melee, taking out both Tauron and Chimera, but now there is nowhere to hide, and Thor have to bring their A-game.

The start is a furious clash of robots, but Thor’s first attack misses and they end up hitting the pit button, which releases the rogue house robots. Fortunately for Thor, Dead Metal goes after Concussion instead. That doesn’t last long, and soon the battle is back on.

Whilst Concussion try to attack Thor with the drum, Thor is having its own problems, and it’s now venting gas. Concussion land a few blows, but Thor aren’t out of this in the slightest. They are though venting more and more gas as the battle goes on, but now they have something of an advantage because Concussion have driven over the pit, which has trapped them. After Thor manages to get stuck, then escape, they go for the pit button, but rogue house robots comes up again, and Matilda comes out of her CPZ, goes onto the pit, and makes things worse.

Pit Madness.png
Pit madness

Thor now comes back in, and starts bringing the axe down, mainly on Matilda. It’s looking good for them, because Concussion are stuck. But Thor, oh Thor, try to go in for the killer blow, just when Concussion turn around and catch Thor with the drum. Thor is flipper over by the hit and, with no gas left, is stranded, and counted out. IT WAS ALL GOING SO WELL!

Now Thor are desperate for points, and so come up against M.R Speed Squared, who are also desperate for points. If they lose here, then that’s pretty much it.

Fortunately for Thor, it ended up all being rather easy.

They charged M.R Speed Squared straight away, getting underneath and bringing the axe down not once but twice as they drove them into the wall. After bringing them back and hitting them again, it’s clear M.R Speed Squared isn’t working. Thor hit them a few more times for good measure, but it makes no difference, because Thor have the points!

So the final Head to Head is against Heavy Metal, who are also chasing a spot in the heat final against Concussion. For Thor, they have at least the comfort that Heavy Metal lost a wheel last time out.

Thor, sporting a heavier axe and new, super low wedge, immediately assert their superiority by getting under Heavy Metal and sending them spinning through the air. Thor manage this a couple of times, and Heavy Metal don’t really have any way of getting back at them.

That’s not to say Heavy Metal aren’t trying, but Thor are good at escaping from the wedgebot. And Heavy Metal’s rotating arm isn’t doing much either. So Thor keep coming, and eventually manage to get Heavy Metal into Matilda. Whilst Matilda have their turn, Thor also come in to attack, and between them they manage to put Heavy Metal under so much pressure, the wheel comes off again!

And that, well that’s all Thor needs. It’s Heat Final time!

So, Concussion once again. The Heat Final sees Thor come up against the only robot to defeat them do far. But can they get their revenge on Concussion and make it into the final without needing a wildcard?

Thor start by trying to go head on with Concussion, but only find the spinning drum in their way, so that’s not such a viable route. The best way to try and hit Concussion might be to go in round the side, but Thor can’t get round to the side that they need, Concussion is too slippery. So once again it’s the head on route! For what it’s worth, Concussion’s drum doesn’t seem to be doing a lot of damage, but Thor has yet to use the axe at all.


And then the dreaded gas leak strikes again. Thor have barely used the axe, but the gas leak is still catastrophic. Concussion sense this too and are continually coming in with the drum, striking Thor again and again. Thor are on the ropes here, and Concussion finally get a hit that turns Thor over, but the axe does work!

Concussion puts the fight back up, but Thor are struggling to give anything back. Right at the end the robot stops moving, but when all is looking lost, they come back. But the clock is counting down, and we’re going to the judges!

I suppose, given all that’s happened in that fight, it isn’t too surprising that it’s taken by Concussion. Thor were just too wounded, too damaged to get anything out of the fight. Always the wildcard again? (Hint: No)

So, how did Thor do? Well, again they’ll be disappointed to have lost another heat final, but the robot still looked good when it worked. The way they mercilessly took out M.R Speed Squared and Heavy Metal was reminiscent of the old Thor and showed the power of the axe. But gas leak issues plagued the robot, only in fights against Concussion though. But I still think Thor is a great robot, and so unlucky to have these issues ruin its run.

Expectation v Result (2nd-2nd): 0
Stop Start through the melee… But through: +2
Took Concussion right to the end, but still lost: -2
Hammered M.R Speed Squared: +6
Wheel Remover: +6
Concussion… Must be their unlucky charm: -2
Gas leaks, gas leaks everywhere: -2.5

Robot Rating (Thor): 7.5/10

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