Robot Wars S09E06 Part 3: Crowning A Champion

Having seen Carbide wipe the floor with pretty much everyone to get into the Grand Final, the second spot is still very much up for contention, with Eruption, Ironside and Aftershock all vying for the place. Aftershock perhaps have the hardest task, having been turned into a robot zombie by Carbide (Following after last year’s zombie Thor). Eruption have recently met Carbide but aren’t in quite such a bad state. Ironside 3 are perhaps in the best condition having so far only had limited exposure to Carbide, though that exposure was enough to kill their self righter.

3 more Head to Heads, and then we’ll know for certain the matchup of the Grand Finale. At the end of this, somebody will be crowned champion.

Head to Head 4: Ironside 3 v Aftershock

So, Aftershock. Having been turned into scrap by Carbide, the longest 2 hours of their Robot Wars career has now been spent putting the robot back together, which included a lot of welding and a lot of duct tape. Also at one point they had to spend their time dumping buckets of water over the robot because it was too hot to work on. Somehow, somehow they still managed to put a robot together in time that can actually contest this battle. Ironside are none the worse after their battle with Eruption, and are now just looking for 3 points to put things back on track.

Your house robots are that everlasting duo of Shunt and Sir Killalot. It’s like Mr Psycho and Growler, except this pairing doesn’t have a back story to it. Does it need one? Regardless of the house robot pairing, it’s time to battle!

You wouldn’t think that Aftershock were the walking/driving wounded in the arena, barring the visuals, from watching the start of the fight. If anything, it’s Aftershock chasing down Ironside, who are zipping around the arena in any direction other than Aftershocks. But, as is always the case, the chase never lasts for long. Ironside finally turn into Aftershock, and the collision completely rips on the entire side panelling of Aftershock, duct tape and all!

Warp Speed.png
Warp speed

But Aftershock have survived the hit well, and go in again on Ironside, this time using Ironside’s weapon against them. The collision sends Ironside twisting through the air, but fortunately for them they land on their wheels and can keep going. But now Aftershock have a problem, because in doing all of this they’ve dislodged something, and now they’re emulating PP3D and putting on a fireworks display.

Sparky 2.png

Aftershock’s weapon has now stopped working as a result of their fireworks, but the robot still makes a pretty good battering ram. So they charge at Ironside not once but twice, causing Ironside more problems than for themselves. Ironside once again start to run away, until they ram head on into Aftershock- the collision sends Aftershock over the spikes, which fire up and tip the robot over! With no working weapon, now Aftershock are stranded.

Ironside 3 are running away with 3 points!

Head to Head 5: Carbide v Ironside 3

Ah, Carbide are back. It’s mainly a question now of just how much damage Carbide are actually going to do. Ironside, to their credit, are also capable of dealing out some rather nasty blows, as Aftershock found out. It’s not over until the robot is irreparable or there’s no more points to be won. If Ironside take the 3 points, it gives them a very real chance of making the Grand Finale.

Your house robot are once again Shunt and Sir Killalot. Not that it really matters, seeing as we haven’t really needed the house robots so far in this final. Either way, let’s get to it!

Putting the two robots together, Carbide pretty much dwarfs Ironside in terms of not just size, but ferocity. It must be the glowing green lights of Carbide that give it an eerie persona. Their bar seems to spin so much faster too. You can hear the death hum. When they collide, it’s a brilliant shower of sparks. And they collide again and again. It doesn’t look like there’s a great deal of damage being done, but it certainly looks good.

When bars collide.png
When bars collide

Ironside are not giving up the fight, going for Carbide whenever they can. The hits are getting progressively more and more powerful, but Ironside are holding on, even taking a short trip over the floor flipper to add some excitement. Carbide, for their part, don’t look remotely fazed by any of this, going about it with a certain unbreakable drive. The robot still looks almost unstoppable.

The war of spinning bars continues, though not much time has really passed. Carbide finally get a hit in that isn’t reciprocated by Ironside, and now the bar of Ironside has stopped working altogether. Now Carbide really have the advantage. Carbide go in again, this time hitting Ironside with enough force to ping them into Shunt, though Ironside do manage to get out. Things are ramping up, and soon something must break. That thing is Ironside, who having just escaped Shunt, run right into Carbide, who deliver the killer blow.

It’s all so, so easy for Carbide… Or they certainly make it look that way. But have they come out of this still 100%?

Head to Head 6: Eruption v Aftershock

So here we are in the final Head to Head of the series, and there’s everything to play for. A win for Eruption, in whatever form it take, would send them through. A win for Aftershock via a judges’ decision would also send Eruption through based on their result against Ironside. But if Aftershock were to win via knockout, then there would be 3 teams on 3 points, having all beaten one of the others. In that case, it would be up to the judges to decide who takes the place in the Grand Finale alongside Carbide…

Dead Metal makes his first appearance of the Final, alongside Matilda. It’s all chance for the house robots, how about for the competitors? Time to battle!

Aftershock need to go for this more than Eruption sure, but both robots are more than willing to put up a good fight. Aftershock need to score a good hit on Eruption with the disc (Which is back in place of the bar), but in taking an aggressive approach, allow Eruption underneath them. Eruption flip them hard into the pit button, activating the rogue house robots, but now something else has happened. Because Aftershock have hit the floor with their disc again, and AGAIN the floor has come apart. So, naturally, cease is called.

Upside down angle grinder.png
Upside down angle grinder

Fortunately for everyone, a little damage isn’t going to stop these robots, and the battle is restarted. Eruption and Aftershock are straight back at it, but Eruption drive themselves over the floor spikes, and get turned over! But before Aftershock can doing any real damage, Eruption are there flipping themselves away from danger. It’s difficult for Aftershock to actually get a decent hit on Eruption, just because of the angles of the robot. Aftershock are so much more likely to either ride up the wedge or just not be able to reach.

Eventually the battle move over the the CPZ, and to Dead Metal, who had been underutilised so far. But Aftershock seemingly don’t care much for the house robots, and turn their disc on Dead Metal’s claws. Even after they’re released, they go back for one more attack!

Revenge on the house robots
Revenge on the house robots

Aftershock are finding their feet now though, getting hits on the sticky out parts of Eruption, with one hit actually sending their opponent sliding across the arena. But Eruption are a wily and well driven machine, and still know how to get under Aftershock, then flip them over. Aftershock though can still use the disc to self right. Eruption come in again, and this time the flip looks as if it may have them balanced on their end, where the disc won’t reach the floor. For a few seconds we wait, but Aftershock eventually fall back onto their wheels.

Aftershock are straight back at it, and this time when Eruption try to get back underneath, they are instead riding up Aftershock’s wedge and into the disc, and their flipper is taking some damage. On and on the battle goes…

And then aftershock just stop. Just like that.

It’s such a shame, because they were doing so well. But they fought a valiant battle, with a robot held together with duct tape and willpower. Fighting Carbide first is never a good hand to draw, and it showed. It showed last year with Thor, and this year with Aftershock. I want to see Aftershock back though.

As for Eruption, they’re through to the grand finale….

Grand Finale: Carbide v Eruption


The Grand Finale rolls around with Carbide looking to make it 100% knockout victories for the entire war. Eruption are out for revenge, to take Carbide down and take the trophy at the same time. Only one can prevail, and I feel it’s a good balance to see spinner go up against flipper again. It’s a titanic battle, one won by the flipper last year. This year, we are yet to see anyone that could take it away from Carbide.

Your house robots are… Ah who cares. We don’t need them anyway. We have a grand finale to get to!

Eruption’s best chance against Carbide is just to keep flipping them, and that means going in flipper first. But Carbide’s bar hits Eruption before they can get under properly, and both robots are sent spinning across the arena. In Eruption’s case, towards Shunt. But they both escape and get back towards each other. Carbide brings the blows, but Eruption is absorbing them well. They can’t get a flip though, and Carbide is very quick and agile, escaping too easily. Eruption are holding on.

Final Showdown
Final Showdown

The hits keep being traded, but when Eruption finally look like they’re in a position to take on Carbide, Carbide get right out of there, and Eruption are left to flip themselves over. Now Carbide are in the best position to take command, and land a blow on one of Eruption’s wheels, rendering it unusable. So now Eruption can only move on one wheel, but they’re still in the contest (Somehow). Now they’re reduced to almost baiting Carbide onto them, something Carbide does with little hesitation, looking to land a killer blow.

Sparks fly as Carbide grinds away at Eruption, who are spinning on the spot to try to get under them. But Carbide again are just too slippery, and line up their own mega hit that sends Eruption all the way over to the floor flipper, which does the job its there for. Eruption, though, are still alive. Just. Carbide come in once again, but this time they get their angles wrong, and Eruption actually get in a flip! Carbide sails through the air but lands nicely, able to pick up right from where they left off. But it’s a warning.

Spurred on, Eruption go for another flip, but this time the flipper arm catches Carbide blade, and shreds. Eruption are sent scattering, and the flipper is now a mangled mess, and completely unusable. It’s the beginning of the end. Carbide land a few more blows, but Eruption have had their day. The robot is just about recognisable under all the damage, but the spirit of Eruption has gone. Carbide have eviscerated them.

And now Carbide can celebrate, because they are Robot Wars Champions!


What a fight. And what a war for Carbide, who come out of this with a 100% KO record and a legacy as one of, if not the most destructive robot ever seen on Robot Wars. They have been unstoppable from the word go, and very worthy champions. For Eruption, well they tried, and they put up one hell of a fight, but it just wasn’t to be. For zombie Aftershock, Ironside 3, beaten champions Apollo and newcomers Concussion, the road to the finals was a great one, but they just didn’t have enough.

For all 40 robot that have taken part, this war has been one of the most destructive we have ever seen. The spinners are reigning supreme, and they are going to go into the next war as a favourite weapon type. Now for the flippers, axes, grabbers and everything else wacky and wonderful, it’s up to them to stop them.

This is the end of the 9th war recaps, but I still have the Robot Reviews to go through, so don’t miss those. But from me, I’ll see you later this year for the 10th wars, where Carbide will be here to defend a very well earned crown.


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