Robot Wars S09E06 Part 2: Final Four

Here we are, the final four! Having survived not only their heat but now the opening melee of the Grand Final, these four robots are the last ones standing. Carbide, Aftershock, Eruption and Ironside 3 have crashed, bashed and flipped their way here, but only one of them can be Champion. After the Head to Heads we’ll be down to our final two, and then we will have our winner. But who has the power, the resolve to go all the way?

Head to Head 1: Eruption v Ironside 3

So first up it’s the flipper vs. the ferocious bar spinner that isn’t Carbide. For Eruption, the aim is perhaps simpler than it was before the grand final started, because the melee damage to Ironside 3 has taken out their self righting mechanism. If Eruption flip them over, that’s the end of the fight. For Ironside, the aim is simply turning Eruption into scrap metal.

Matilda and Shunt make up your dastardly duo of house robots for this battle. Let’s see how the Grand Final starts to take shape. It’s time to battle!

And so the battle begins, with Ironside pretty much doing their best Floyd Mayweather impression and running away from the fight. But you can never run forever in Robot Wars, and soon enough they collide into Eruption, bouncing off after contact but staying on their wheels. Eruption are actively hunting them, but can’t quite get the purchase they need to flip. When they eventually try to flip Ironside, they miss, and end up on their ass in the process.

So Eruption the clear aggressor so far. Well, whilst Eruption are self righting, Ironside 3 come back to try and have their own attack, but catch Eruption just as they’re back on their wheels, and end up riding up the wedge, which now means Eruption can flip them. They sail through the air- rather high to be fair- but still come crashing down on their wheels. Phew.


Ironside 3 are quick to get out of there, but Eruption are hot on their tail. The robots collide again, but Eruption is standing up to the bar spinner very well. Another collision, but this time the force of impact flips Ironside! They bounce off the arena wall, but come to rest upside down. With no self righting mechanism, that’s it! Ironside 3 can’t get back into the fight!

3 points to Eruption, but this is just the beginning. Ironside has caused them a whirlwind amount of damage, bending the flipper out of shape in the process. So now Eruption have a robot to fix.

Head to Head 2: Carbide v Aftershock

It’s a battle of the spinners, in the form of vertical v horizontal. Carbide and Aftershock have torn apart everything in their path so far this series, but now one of them has to give. Whoever wins will be in a good position for the rest of the tournament, but for both robots, there’s the potential to create, and take, a lot of damage. And, just for a change, Aftershock have changed out the disc for a bar. So it’s going to be bar v bar for the title of bar spinning champion of the world.

Your house robots are Sir Killalot and Shunt. Something tells me they may be needed to clean up the arena after this…

What do you do when facing off against another spinner? Well, you go straight for them is what you do. Carbide and Aftershock pull no punches, and play a game of chicken that nobody pulls out of. The collision is massive, sending one top panel of Aftershock flying off the robot, exposing the internals.

Seismic Boom.png
Sonic Boom

This collision doesn’t initially deter Aftershock, who come in and manage to get a hit, albeit slight, on Carbide’s wheel house. But Carbide respond with a hit of their own, and that seems to be the hit that broke Aftershock, because now they’re not moving. Carbide have put them to sleep, but now what to go in for the kill. They wait, almost stalking their prey, before coming in and ripping the side panel of Aftershock off with such force that it went through the arena protection! IT WENT THROUGH!

Killer Instinct.png
Killer Instinct

Carbide don’t even stop there, hitting Aftershock again and again until the countdown finally hits zero, and cease is called. Now the damage can be assessed, and I’m not talking about Aftershock, which is in pieces. I’m talking about the arena, which now has an entire panel embedded in it. For a panel to go through Polycarbonate that thick, it must have been travelling at the speed of light. I almost think the title should just be handed to Carbide there and then, that was monstrous.

That was possibly one of the most destructive blows we’ve seen in Robot Wars, just for the sheer magnitude of power Carbide’s bar creates on contact. That power is, in the words of Director Krennic, IMMEASURABLE.

3 points Carbide. But dear God what a victory.

Head to Head 3: Carbide v Eruption

Oh but the Carbide filled fun does not stop here, because whilst Aftershock are trying to put the 17 different pieces of their robot back together, Carbide get to come up against the other robot to take 3 points from their opening fight, Eruption. It’s a very different battle for Carbide, more like fighting Apollo that anything else and certainly not like fighting Aftershock. For Eruption, Carbide poses the problem of not just avoiding the blade, but finding a way to take down a robot that can run both ways up. Who will prevail? Time to find out.

Your house robots are Shunt and Killalot. Winner takes a guaranteed place in the grand final, so let’s get to it!

Both robots decide to replay the Aftershock fight by going straight at each other, but this time Eruption’s wedge managed to deflect Carbide’s spinning bar, sending Carbide spinning across the arena floor on contact. Eruption charge back at Carbide straight away, trying not to let the bar reach its full speed- but Carbide have such a quick start up time for the motor, the collision is again a massive one that sends both robots flying. But both seem to be taking the hits fairly well.

Air Hop
Air hop

The process is repeated again, with Carbide tearing pieces out of the flipper, but suffering for it themselves. But the next hit changes everything. This time Eruption can’t position themselves correctly in time, and Carbide fulfil their pre fight plan of attacking the wheel housing. The result of the collision causes gas to vent everywhere, and Eruption to stop moving. Desperately, they try flipping themselves, just to shake something into working again, but they land onto Carbide’s bar, and that just makes things a whole lot worse.

Jump on
Jump on

The clock counts down, and Carbide have yet another knockout victory in the bag. Infact, they’ve won every fight by knockout so far, and there is no sign of them stopping any time soon.

But Eruption can come back fighting. Ironside are still there and so are Aftershock… Sort of. This is not over yet, and somebody is going to come out in the other Grand Final position with a second chance to take them down. Who will it be?

Can anyone stop Carbide?


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