Robot Review: Eruption (S09E02)

We finish off Week 2 with the frenetic flipper of Eruption, back again for revenge after exiting early from the 8th wars. Having been unfortunate enough to be drawn in the group of death, i.e. Week 4, Eruption fell to a combination of Storm 2 and PP3D, and left after the Head to Heads. Now they’ve managed to escape the week of death, and are looking to live up to expectation as a FRA UK Champion and go all the way.

Eruption retains the black and yellow hazard striped full pressure flipper as its primary weapon, with more interchangeable for the top of the robot, including a mini drum spinner. The protective side boards are still there, despite one being torn off last time out against PP3D. Eruption is one badass machine, bigger and better than it was last series. But as we’ve seen before, that’s no guarantee of success.

Standing in Eruption’s way for the initial melee was Cobra, Behemoth and Hobgoblin. A mix and match of different robots, but all with ground clearances large enough for Eruption to give them hell. Cobra especially had a problem with ground clearance, more so if it got flipped over, something Eruption could exploit.

Things started well for Eruption, and soon enough they had dispatched the one robot that could actually cause any real damage, Hobgoblin (Though the goblin was having problems anyway). This was immediately followed by Behemoth tipping Eruption over, but as with all flippers, Eruption can self right. Cobra was next on the list, with them going over not once but twice, with some help from the floor flipper. So far, so good for Eruption.

Cobra Tamer.PNG
Cobra tamer

Cobra were turning into Eruption’s main target, and even as Cobra ran away towards the pit release mechanism, Eruption were chasing them. Behemoth on the other hand, well they were turning into a pain, and Eruption were taking more hits from them than they were dishing out. So, of course, Eruption tried to stay away from them, but it wasn’t always that easy. Soon the clock was ticking down, and right at the end, in the final few seconds, Behemoth got one last flip on Eruption.

But not to worry, because Eruption’s attacks on Cobra were enough in itself to send them through to the Head to Heads.

So now Eruption have made it to the same stage as last series, but are looking on form. However, their first Head to Head is against Behemoth, who gave them trouble in the melee. It’s a flipper frenzy, and one Eruption need to win.

And much as the initial melee, Behemoth start off the better robot. They seem to have the ground clearance advantage, or at least know where to strike, and Eruption spend the first couple of attacks being flipped over. Probably not how they would have liked to kick off the H2Hs.

But things change once Behemoth accidentally drive into a corner, and get stuck. Well OK, not so much stuck as they’ve driven into a blind spot, so can’t really see any more. This gives Eruption an advantage they’re more than happy to take. Now they can flip Behemoth a couple of times, one rather high into the arena side wall. They tide has turned, and even when Behemoth eventually escape, Eruption are on top.

Cornered 3

Eruption kept going, waiting for the perfect moment. And that moment came when Behemoth tried to go in for the attack, but missed, and rode up onto Eruption’s flipper. With a little bit of careful driving, Eruption had Behemoth right where they should be, and with one flip tossed the robot straight out of the arena.

3 points Eruption.

Next up for Eruption was the kidbot spectacular, Cherub, which had just scraped through a heavyweight boxing match with PP3D. As such, Cherub was barely functioning, and this left Eruption with a fairly simple task. If they could find a way around the handstanding robot, they would win.

The aim was to get Cherub out of the arena. The first couple of flips got close, but not quite close enough, with Cherub awkwardly holding onto its life. It was only a matter of time though, and eventually Eruption got Cherub in the right position, and out they sailed out of the arena. So that’s another 3 points for Eruption.

But now came the big one, if you liked revenge that is. PP3D tore Eruption apart in the last series, but with PP3D suffering from a whole host of (mostly self inflicted) issues, and Eruption riding high, this could be a very, very different fight.

It was clear right from the beginning that PP3D were not running at full capacity. The hits with the disc were not too powerful, though that may have been due to Eruption rushing them quickly, but they were at least powerful enough that they broke PP3D. It didn’t stop Dead Metal from messing around with PP3D, but Eruption weren’t happy with such an early victory, so they played around for a bit. When PP3D ended up on the flipper, turned over, and now able to drive again, you might have thought the battle was back on.

But Eruption only used that as their best chance to get underneath PP3D, then take them over to their favourite arena side wall, and toss them out too. So that’s 3/3 opponents out of the arena for the Head to Heads, 9 points on the board, and Eruption are sailing into the heat finale.

And a rematch against Cherub.

Now Cherub weren’t working properly when the two first met, which kind of left the battle a foregone conclusion. But now Cherub is working to full capacity again, and the battle might not be so easy.

Except, well it was.

Cherub, as fun as they were, decided to be a hero and charge at Eruption head on. But if there’s one thing you don’t want to do, it’s go up Eruption’s front wedge, because from there they are in full control. And in just a matter of seconds, Eruption had control of Cherub, and took them to the side of the arena, and threw them out. The heat final, over in moments.

Absolutely ruthless.

The angel gets its wings
The angel gets its wings

So how did Eruption do? Well pretty damn well, that’s how. It surpassed expectation from me, and took revenge for the early elimination from the 8th wars. This was the Eruption we know from the live stage, with a ruthless streak and no mercy for its opponents. But every robot has a weakness, and Behemoth were a constant pain for Eruption. On another day, it could have all been different.

Expectation v Result (4th-1st): +3
Judges’ decision but got through the melee: +1
4 robots out of the arena, and not looking like stopping any time soon: +6
But… On another day, Behemoth could have been a real problem: -0.5

Robot Rating (Eruption): 9.5/10

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