Robot Review: Cherub (S09E02)

We’re swinging back to week 2 so that I can finish off the final 2 robots to have competed in this week, starting with heat finalists Cherub. From the same family that brought you Gabriel from last season, Cherub is something different, but still follows the ethos of having a robot that’s out there. For example, the only weapons the robot has are a pair of small front lifting spikes, which aren’t quite as handy as a spinner, flipper or axe, but they’ll still pop your tyres is you get too close.

Oh, and the robot can supposedly do a handstand, which is cool.

But Cherub is more than just Robot Wars’ token gymnast. The robot itself can go a respectable 12mph and is built like a tank, or at least armoured like one. It’s one of those tricky robot, where opponents will never quite know what they’ll face.

To stand a chance of progressing, Cherub first had to get through a heat consisting of Push To ExitDraven and PP3D. Some hard hitting robots, especially PP3D, but all that could pose problems one way or another.

Cherub started off the fight in pretty much the way I would have wanted to, by avoiding PP3D. Instead they mainly fought with Push To Exit, but despite the incredible drive on PTE, they failed to flip Cherub. Eventually though, PP3D came calling, hitting Cherub head on, but Cherub withstood the hit well, barely flinching. It did bend the front lifting forks though, which in itself is inconvenient.

Spark City 2
Car crash

After some more skirmishing with PP3D, Cherub went back to face off against Push To Exit, which was all pushing and no exiting. That was until PP3D had finished off Draven, then decided to come over to the pair to continue the fight. But the charging PP3D hit Push To Exit, knocking them across the arena, and knocking them out cold too. With two robots down, this meant that Cherub had survived, and they were going through.

Now we find ourselves in the Head to Heads, a territory I didn’t think Cherub would get to in all honesty. But now they’re here, they’re here to stay. First up for them is a rematch against the spinning maniac that is PP3D.

Now one v one, Cherub has nowhere to hide, or at least can’t expect PP3D to go after other robots. But to Cherub’s credit, they take the hits well, infact they almost seem to absorb the hits better than PP3D itself. Whilst Cherub stands tall, PP3D starts to bounce about wildly, and that’s benefitting Cherub more than it is PP3D. Unfortunately for Cherub, they aren’t totally immune, and one hit from PP3D sends them into the pit release button, which swings to the right and gives us the rogue house robots- in this case Dead Metal, who takes hold of Cherub and holds them. This allows PP3D to get the disc up to full speed. And, when Cherub is finally released, PP3D swoops in and… Well… KABOOM!

4th Dimension

Cherub is sent flying so hard into the arena side wall, a whole panel comes off. Also, in the aftermath, both Cherub and PP3D are now immobilised, and so it has to go to the judges. And in their infinite wisdom, based on the three categories of Control, Damage & Aggression, they voted Cherub as the winner. Controversial? Yes. But it’s 2 points on the board nonetheless.

Next up Cherub had to face off against Eruption, who were fresh from having put Behemoth out of the arena. Cherub weren’t exactly working very well after the PP3D fight either, meaning this became a rather short fight.

Cherub at least attempted some handstands in order to be awkward and put Eruption off. It didn’t work and Cherub soon found themselves sailing out of the arena too. But hey, they tried.

So now Cherub had a crunch match, a match that would see them through to the final if they were able to win it. However, if they lost, then they would be heading out of the competition. Behemoth are the robot that stand in their way, and they’ve brought in a new attachment specifically for the battle.

Fortunately for Cherub, the first hit between them and Behemoth results in the clamping jaw attachment rising up Behemoth, rendering it practically useless as an actual weapon. That doesn’t stop Behemoth from trying to push Cherub around, but Cherub are also more than capable of pushing back. It becomes a real 50/50 battle of attrition, with neither robot really having an upper hand. Cherub at one point manage to push Behemoth into Dead Metal.

But then Behemoth push Cherub underneath the floor flipper.

Banter 2

Now this wasn’t supposed to happen- the flipper was fired early accidentally- but it nonetheless has trapped Cherub, so cease is called for a reset. Perhaps unfortunately, especially if you’re Behemoth, that isn’t a legitimate way of immobilising someone. So we go again. But much of the same happens again, with the battle going back and forth between the two robots. Cherub do become unfortunate victims of the rogue house robots again, but it does them no undue harm. It seems we’re going to another judges’ decision.

And we’re going to another Cherub victory.

Again, it’s a very, very close call. I wouldn’t have like to be calling it, because it was an even fight. Both were aggressive and controlled, and there was no damage to differentiate them. Whatever you make of it, Cherub have another win under their belt, and a place in the heat final.

And so it all came down to this, a rematch against the rampant Eruption. How would Cherub go about the fight, and try to stop the same fate they had in the H2Hs? Well apparently their way of going about it was to try and play the hero, and go for Eruption head on, no fear, no holds barred. To take down their mighty opponent by taking the battle to them.

Unfortunately Robot Wars is not a place where the heroes always win. For Cherub, whilst their attack was noble, all it resulted in was them riding up the front wedge of Eruption, before being manoeuvred to the edge of the arena and promptly punted out of it… Again.

So, how did Cherub do? Well, certainly a lot better than I thought they would, that’s for certain. I wondered is a lack of powerful weaponry would hinder them, but Cherub used their tough exterior and powerful drive to take opponents on, not running away and not letting themselves become exposed. Now that worked for robots such as PP3D with a spinner. But against Eruption, a flipper designed to get underneath you, it just didn’t work. But it was something different, and that’s something I can certainly appreciate.

Expectation v Result (Out in Rd1-2nd): +3
Survived the melees without a scratch (OK, maybe a few scratches): +5
Got sent into the 4th Dimension by PP3D: -3
But still won: +4
Out of the arena via Eruption: -3
Got stuck under the floor flipper for banter: -2
100% must have bribed the judges with chocolate: +4
Out of the arena via Eruption… Again: -3
Idk… Kids(?): +2

Robot Rating (Cherub): 7/10

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