Robot Review: Foxic (S09E03)

Ah, Foxic. One of the great entertainers of last series, Craig Danby is back with an improved and updated of the loveable, murderous Fox. Despite getting to the Head to Heads last series, Foxic was anything but at its best, spending most of the time randomly zigzagging around the arena or driving into house robots. The battle against M.R Speed Squared lives on in the memory of everyone simply because of how little action happened in the 3 minutes of fighting. I still maintain Foxic should have taken the points though, they were a little more entertaining. Either way, they exited the competition on zero points and with a point to prove.

This year’s Foxic has a visual overhaul, with many more pointed edges and a far more elegant front scoop. The jagged top of Foxic is designed to snag robots that end up riding on top of them, so that they can be dragged around the arena and into whatever hazard is available. Foxic’s actual weapon is a lifter/flipper, but possibly the most impressive thing is the 25mph top speed of the robot, which gives it more than enough power to be a menace.

But Foxic still has to get through the initial melee before it can reach for the big time. One of the big talking points of the melee is a rematch against M.R Speed Squared, whilst Expulsion and Heavy Metal are also standing in the way. It’s OK though, because Craig has the power of the magical Fox onesie to guide him through.

Somebody buy me that onesie for my birthday

Onto the actual battle though, and true to style Foxic goes straight for the pit release button. I have a feeling Craig wanted the rogue house robots, but the pit does actually go down this time. This means Foxic have to do some actual work, but the robot looks good as is speeds through Expulsion, driving under them almost like a snow plough. They’re quick to beat away a strike from M.R Speed Squared too, showing the toughness of Foxic’s exterior.

But Foxic definitely seem to have a thing for Expulsion, targeting them even when they’re stuck on the spikes and in the clutches of Sir Killalot. If anything, it probably helped Expulsion to be rammed by Foxic. But so far so good, even if M.R Speed Squared’s next hit almost takes out on of Foxic’s wheels. The Fox is looking like it could withstand anything, and with Expulsion pretty much dead and gone, Foxic were looking ever stronger.

That is, of course, before Foxic decided to reverse onto the floor flipper, which then tossed them over onto their back. Now for all Foxic’s aggression, there’s one thing that hasn’t been working, and that’s the lifter. The same lifter that’s supposed to self right the robot. So now Foxic is beached like a turtle and can’t move, or right itself. It’s toast. Fox toast.

Flipper's Revenge.PNG
Flipper’s Revenge

It’s such a shame, but it’s not like I can go back in time and change the outcome, because that’s probably as illegal as it is immoral. Foxic are unfortunately out.

So how did Foxic do? Well it showed so much promise, and looked so good, I was expecting big things from Foxic. Was I expecting it to go all the way? No. But I wanted them to make the H2Hs and I think they would have been more than competitive if they did. Foxic looks so much better than last series, and if it hadn’t gone over the floor flipper then I know it would have done enough to go through. It was a good, if short, performance, ruined by one moment.

I really hope Foxic come back in S10 with a little more luck, because the robot is capable of so much more.

Expectation v Result (3rd-Out in Rd1): -2
One badass looking Fox: +1
Power, aggression and seemingly a thing against Expulsion: +3
Revenge of the floor flipper: -3
But… They did last longer than Tauron (I’m not letting this joke go): +1
BONUS: Craig Danby’s Fox onesie: +4

Robot Rating (Foxic): 4/10

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