Robot Review: Expulsion (S09E03)

If there’s one thing that’s been on the rise in the 9th wars, it’s the increased number of robots coming out of schools/colleges or other educational institutions. Expulsion is one such robot, coming out of Brentwood School in Essex. Built by a group of sixth form students, Expulsion is one of the cheaper robots in the competition but also one that has some innovative design behind it. Whilst Expulsion is one of the many spinners to enter this series, the blades only come out to play once the weapon is up to full speed, theoretically stopping other robots from jamming up the spinner before it can do damage.

However, building a robot on a budget comes at a cost (Pun intended), and Expulsion’s top speed is just 5mph. Not only that, but Expulsion doesn’t have particularly strong armour, leaving it susceptible to other spinners. Whilst Foxic and Heavy Metal don’t pose much of a threat in that respect, M.R Speed Squared do, and they could easily become Expulsion’s mortal enemy. With that said, Foxic’s high top speed and Heavy Metal’s general awkwardness pose problems of their own.

Unfortunately, once in the arena, Expulsion’s lack of mobility became rather apparent. After getting rammed early on by Foxic, they were pretty much sitting ducks for M.R Speed Squared, who came in to take a chunk out of the front of the robot. At no point in this is it clear if the weapon is actually spinning up at all or not.

And apparently everyone wants a go at Expulsion, because next Heavy Metal is pushing the robot over to the arena spikes and Sir Killalot, despite Expulsion’s efforts to get away. When the spikes fire, it actually looks like it’s going to tip Expulsion over, until Foxic comes in again with a speedy slam and puts them back on their wheels. Expulsion are still alive at this point, but then M.R Speed Squared come in again, and even though it’s only a glancing blow, it’s enough to take out the back left corner of the robot and stop them dead.

Killalot decides he doesn’t want a dead robot in his corner and pushes them out into the arena, just in time for MRS^2 to go to town on them, tearing pieces out of Expulsion with each hit.


For Expulsion, that’s the end of the road.

So how did Expulsion do? Well they never really got going in the fight due to their lack of mobility, and that was always going to make them a big target for other robots. The weapon never really got going either, and so all round it was a disappointing battle for the team. But the creative design showed promise, and maybe with a bit more speed, a bit more armour, Expulsion could really have a chance.

Expectation v Result (Out in Rd1-Out in Rd1): 0
Plaything for the other competitors: -2
I could probably walk faster than Expulsion: -1
Creative and ingenious weapon design (Even if we never got to see it): +2
Still lasted longer than Tauron: +2

Robot Rating (Expulsion): 1/10

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