Robot Review: Chimera 2 (S09E03)

If anyone remembers Chimera from last series, it was possibly one of the worst robots to enter (Barring Overdozer, which was an actual abomination on wheels but great fun at the same time). It came into the competition as a large spiked pole on a pair of very exposed wheels, which themselves sported car tyres. They were mercilessly torn apart by M.R Speed Squared, and left to be consigned to an early grave. Surely the next attempt would be better?

Step forward Chimera 2. A vastly improved robot, Chimera 2 looked ready to compete, and to actually make a go of it. Gone are the easy to target car tyres and in come some HDPE wheels. The spiked pole is replaced by an actual axe, and there’s a wedge at the front to get underneath and draw other robots in.

But to go one further and get past the heats, Chimera would also have to get past their rivals. Tauron, Concussion and Thor were the robots standing in their way. Thor, another axebot, would be very similar to Chimera and so a direct rival, whilst both Concussion and Tauron had nasty looking spinners.

As the battle starts, it’s clear to see that Chimera 2 is an interesting design, and though much improved still keeps elements of the original. The wedge, for example, is on a pivot, as demonstrated when Concussion hits them with the drum spinner and sends the wedge head over heels. The axe too is still more like a thwackbot than a powered system like Thor, and so never has as much power behind it. But the robot looks far, far more durable this time around.

Whilst Chimera had spent most of the early battle facing off against Concussion, they are also something of a perfect target for Thor, with the flat top of Chimera a very nice and exposed area for the axe to attack, and so the axe does, even letting off a few sparks in the process.

The wrath of Thor.PNG
The wrath of Thor

Now, Chimera haven’t exactly set the world alight so far in this melee, but they’ve been going along well. Then Concussion comes along, again, and actually gets underneath Chimera. I’m not entirely sure what goes on whilst Concussion is underneath, but it’s enough to immobilise Chimera. Once Concussion move away, Chimera stops moving at all. It’s a shame because I was looking forward to seeing how much Chimera had improved, but that’s also Robot Wars. Maybe Chimera 3 will be even better?

So, how did Chimera do? Well a lot better than I thought they might, given how the first incarnation of Chimera went. The robot looked better, went better in the arena and lasted longer than its predecessor, but ultimately I don’t think the design is dangerous or destructive enough for Chimera to ever go too far in the competition. I’m always up for being proved wrong though.

Expectation v Result (Out in Rd1- Out in Rd1): 0
Got a concussion from Concussion and a hammering from Thor: -2
But the robot worked… And lasted longer than Tauron: +2
Damn nice paint job: +1
BONUS: 1000% better than the original Chimera: +2

Robot Rating (Chimera 2): 3/10

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