Robot Review: Tauron (S09E03)

If you’re wondering where Cherub and Eruption have gone, I haven’t forgotten about them, but they take longer to write, so I’ll do them when I have more time. These ones are nice and easy because there’s only one battle to go through.

Tauron were one of the many new robots entering in this series, but they looked like they could cause the rest of the field a few problems. The first thing to notice is the rather large set of rotating hammerheads that constitute the weapon. Spinning at approximately 3,000rpm, a hit from one of the hammerheads would certainly pack a punch, literally. Being a vertically rotating weapon, contact would be likely to send the opposing robot flying through the air, making attacks as spectacular as they would be destructive. Not only that, but Tauron’s design means that the weapon is on a pivot, so can work just as well if the robot is flipped. It’s not often you see a vertical spinner that runs both ways up.

So the design looks good, but how will it fare in the arena? Well to test out its capabilities, Tauron would come face to face with ConcussionChimera 2 and Thor. Two axes and a drum spinner, but plenty of angles to land a hit on, especially on Thor. Plus, Chimera’s exposed wheels. So Tauron had a good chance of progressing.

However, things never quite go according to plan, do they?

Even though Tauron’s initial charge amounted to basically running away, they still managed to get a small hit on Thor. But what they probably didn’t expect was Concussion to come charging in and knock them out in one blow. One blow was all it took to kill Tauron’s hopes and dreams.

Watching On.PNG
Watching on

So, how did Tauron do? Well they didn’t really, although it could well have been so much different. The weapon looked good, it looked powerful. The robot looked good. Unfortunately the one hit was all that was needed to take it out, so Tauron never could show us what it was made of.

Expectation v Result (Out in Rd1-Out in Rd1): 0
Dead in 10 seconds: -2
Well, I suppose it did at least move: +1.5
Managed to strike Thor before it died, so it wasn’t totally useless: +1

Robot Rating (Tauron): 0.5/10

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