Robot Review: Behemoth (S09E02)

We’ve just come to the end of week 5 and here I am, still on week 2’s reviews. I suppose it was like this last year too, though maybe not quite as far behind. But good news(?) because I have a week to catch up, now that BLOODY GOLF has taken over what would have been the week 6 finale’s slot. The aim, though who knows how well this will go, is to have reached the end of week 3’s reviews by then. Wish me luck.

So Behemoth, a robot that seems to have been here since almost the beginning of time. They first joined in the 2nd wars and have been here ever since, with Behemoth getting more and more capable and high tech with each passing incarnation. Even with Robot Wars not on the TV, Behemoth still kept evolving. It is one of the few robots that has a functioning and competitive bucket scoop for a weapon.

Last year Behemoth had the unfortunate task of facing off against Carbide, but still at least made it through to the heat final. This year they wanted to go one step further and get into the week 6 finale, if not go all the way. To help them, Behemoth now had several different scoop attachments, not just the one scoop all the way. Like I said, evolving.

This year Behemoth found themselves up against familiar opposition from the live stage in Eruption, whilst Hobgoblin and Cobra posed challenges of their own. One thing Behemoth has a problem with is ground clearance, which doesn’t bode quite so well against Eruption, but Cobra and Hobgoblin looked certainly defeatable.

Behemoth started off in absolutely perfect style by crashing into the ever troublesome pit, getting stuck and having to fire the bucket to get themselves away. This allowed Cobra to come in and take a shot at them. A less than perfect start that is not Behemoth’s fault. Sounds about right.

Wave to the crowd.PNG
Wave to the crowd

But a little thing like this isn’t going to stop Behemoth go on the rampage. Mainly they start butting heads with Cobra, but at one point even manage to turn over Eruption, a small victory in the scheme of victories but a nice one nonetheless. The contest is close; Hobgoblin are gone but Eruption and Cobra remain. Nobody is doing any great damage, so it’s turning into a battle of attrition. Ramming somebody here and flipping somebody there. Cobra is invertible, which doesn’t help Behemoth either. The cards are stacked.

One thing Behemoth have been very good at is staying away from Eruption’s flipper, and have instead been concentrating fire (And flips) on Cobra. They have been aggressive and controlled (Bar a brief moment on the floor flipper), and when the clock counts down to a judges’ decision, those factors are crucial. Cobra are eliminated, with Behemoth having shown enough to go through into the Head to Heads.

So now we’re into the Head to Heads and one versus one. Behemoth’s first opponent is the same one they got through the melee with, Eruption. But now the focus is solely on them, could they avoid the ferocious flipper?

Short answer, no.

Behemoth had actually started well, exposing Eruption’s own ground clearance deficiencies to get underneath and keep tipping them over, not once but twice without reply. It was the perfect aggressive start to the fight and a good continuation of how they had fought in the melee.

Tipping the volcano.PNG
Tipping the volcano

But once again the arena would play havoc with Behemoth. Instead of getting caught on the pit, this time Behemoth managed to get into a corner of the arena that isn’t actually visible from the control booth. A blind spot of the warzone. Now that put everything back into Eruption’s hands, and they took it. Whilst Behemoth tried desperately to get themselves out, Eruption took the chance to get some flips in.

Behemoth did eventually get out, but now the battle was swinging in Eruption’s direction, with Behemoth on the defensive. Defence doesn’t work much against Eruption though, and soon enough Behemoth are dispatched. A failed attack allows Eruption underneath, and with a little clever driving Eruption position Behemoth perfectly, then toss them straight out of the arena. Gone.

So Behemoth have been defeated in the first Head to Head. Not to worry! They have the chance to get back in the running with a battle against PP3D, who have a rather destructive if unreliable disc. Because of this threat, Behemoth go for the special spinner killer scoop, perfect for deflecting blows from a spinning weapon.

And the spinner killer seemed to work, with the first tentative hits from PP3D doing no real damage. They would deflect them away, sending both robots in opposite directions, but that was the extent of the attack’s effect. Didn’t stop PP3D from attacking, and attacking often enough that Behemoth couldn’t really attack by themselves. Fortunately, they didn’t really have to.

One rather large hit from PP3D sent the spinner into Shunt. As Shunt attacked, PP3D suddenly combusted! Sparks shot out of the robot as something came loose, and suddenly Behemoth’s task was so much easier. They activated the rogue House Robots, which basically just gave Shunt an excuse to keep battering PP3D, leading to another spark show. PP3D were now very dead, and Behemoth had points on the board.

One last fight in the Head to Heads for Behemoth, with a win now guaranteeing them a place in the heat final against Eruption. Standing in their way is Cherub, the robot that may not look like much but has thrown up a couple of surprises so far.

Just to make things interesting, Behemoth decide now is a good time to attach a set of clamping jaws to the robot. This inevitably backfires when Behemoth crashes into Cherub and the jaws ride up the robot, meaning they can’t actually get underneath them anymore. Basically, not good.

This doesn’t stop Behemoth from being the aggressor, nor does it stop them from looking like some kind of black and yellow Praying Mantis. The fact is, they can’t grasp hold of Cherub no matter what they do, but at the same time Cherub can’t do anything to them except push them around. It’s looking like a stalemate, until Behemoth manage to push Cherub into the open flipper- yes flipper- and trap them there.

Banter 2

Apparently this doesn’t count as a knockout, so the fight had to be restarted, but it was clear to see that, barring an act of robot god like the floor flipper firing too early, this is going to the judges. And so it does. You might have thought Behemoth could still have done enough to claim a victory by judges’ decision, but no, the decision went Cherub’s way and Behemoth found themselves eliminated. Cue much drama as Ant Pritchard walks out of his interview. Banter.

So, how did Behemoth do? Well they got into the Head to Heads, which was a minimum requirement. The robot looked good, but was always up against it when up against Eruption, even though they looked good. PP3D came and went in a blaze of glory, but I would be bitterly disappointed to go out the way they did to Cherub. Not because it was Cherub, but because they knew that a regular scoop instead of the jaws would probably have handed them victory.

Expectation v Result (3rd-3rd): 0
Tamed the Cobra: +2
Flew like a bird… Out of the arena: -2
But put on a good show before that: +1
Sent PP3D off in a blaze of glory: +6
Got Cherub stuck under the floor flipper for banter: +2
THAT Judges decision: -3
#Drama: +1

Robot Rating (Behemoth): 7/10

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