Robot Wars S09E05 Part 2: REVENGE

So Apollo and Carbide have both safely made it through to the second round, which means we’re going to get the rematch we’ve all been waiting for. Coyote have also made it through, as have Crackers N Smash, the little clusterbot exceeding expectations to survive the melee. Any of the 4 could go through, but any of the 4 could find themselves ending the tournament in pieces.

Without further ado, let’s get on with the battles.

Head to Head 1: Carbide v Apollo

It had to be this fight first, didn’t it? Apollo and Carbide both dominated their melees, something I’m in no doubt was done purposefully (As in, they were up against opponents that they could realistically wipe the floor with) so that they could match them up in the Head to Heads. Despite Apollo’s crown as Champions, I’d have made Carbide slight favourites, just because the power of that bar spinner has been increased so much. Either way, it promises to be one hell of a fight, that’s for sure.

Your house robot (Yes, singular. Apparently having two house robots for this battle was something of a burden) is Sir Killalot. I suppose you might aswell go big or go home. The grudge match is on, let battle commence!

Apollo go straight in at Carbide, but the bar is already up to speed. They only suffer a few glancing blows in the initial exchange of fire, but when Apollo tries to chase Carbide around and get underneath, they just miss with the flip, and end up turning themselves over.


Apollo time their self righting flip well, doing it just as Carbide come in for attack so that the robots miss each other with Apollo still in the air. However Apollo are at a big disadvantage as they try to regain their bearings, and Carbide can start the attack. Apollo is made of strong stuff and it almost looks like the bar is simply bouncing off, but there’s no telling what each hit is doing to Apollo’s internals.

Carbide keep going, and even when they ride up Apollo’s flipper, they’re still causing damage, this time in the form of one of the flipper panels which is ripped out of its housing. Hit after hit, now Apollo’s flipper is completely bent out of shape, so much that it won’t go back down to where it should. Still, Carbide are relentless. Apollo have stopped moving.

Final Assault.PNG
Final Assault

Carbide continue to attack, even though it’s clear now that Apollo have stopped moving. Carbide go for the wheels, naturally, though it’s somewhat more difficult than the rest of the robot. Apollo now have almost been counted out, but as soon as they are, Apollo shoots forward and Carbide react, landing one final blow that bends the flipper completely out of shape. That is Apollo, the reigning champions, well and truly beaten.

Revenge is sweet. Revenge is even sweeter when Killalot decides to pick Apollo up and roast them over the flame pit for a while.

Killalot's Revenge.PNG
Killalot’s revenge

Head to Head 2: Crackers N Smash v Coyote

We must remember that there are 2 other teams in the H2Hs, and they need attention too. Both CNS and Coyote suffered extensive damage in their melees. Crackers N Smash took a lot of hard hits from Carbide, and the robots have suffered as a result, especially in terms of how well their weaponry works. Coyote too have problems with weaponry, namely the chainsaw, which has pretty much given up the will to live, and so has now been removed completely. It can still fight though which at the end of the day is the main thing.

Dead Metal and Matilda are your pair of house robots, now we’ve moved back up to having 2 in the arena. It’s the clusterbot vs. the Coyote, let’s do this!

I would never know where to start with a clusterbot. You have to go for one half or another, but which half do you aim for? Coyote goes for Smash, just by virtue of it being closer, and clamps down with the jaw before driving them into the arena side wall. A good start by Coyote. They manage to eventually get Smash into the claws of Dead Metal, who brings down the saw. No sparks though… Booooo.

Catch and Grab.PNG
Catch & Grab

Once Dead Metal lets Smash go, Crackers joins in and between them they try to get Coyote into Dead Metal’s CPZ, but in the end all that happens is Smash gets caught once again! Dead Metal it would seem quite likes Smash. Coyote takes a time out from battle and hits the pit release button, which swings to the right, and we have Rogue House Robots! Guess what? Dead Metal goes rogue, and goes straight back after Smash! (Still a better love story than Twilight).

After a brief time on the flame pit, Smash once again escapes. Crackers meanwhile has taken the fight to Coyote and actually managed to get underneath them, which is something. They just don’t have the power to push Coyote across the arena. So Smash decides to roll the dice and hits the pit release button again, and again we go rogue! This time Matilda comes out, backwards, and thwacks Coyote in the face with the flywheel.

Coyote v Triceratops
Coyote vs. Robot Alien Triceratops from Hell

Crackers N Smash double team up on the wounded Coyote, pushing and shoving them into the arena side wall where they are vulnerable. Smash however then decides it’s a good idea to wander off over the flame pit and promptly die. It really wasn’t a good idea. However, Coyote has stopped moving too! And that means, with Crackers still running, that the clusterbot is going to take victory! 3 points!

Head to Head 3: Apollo v Coyote

So, the two robots with no points face off next. Apollo, despite the battering, would always be fancied. However, Carbide has caused them extensive damage, which includes bending the flipper so out of shape that it doesn’t come back flat to the floor anymore. So that needed to be sorted and ASAP. Coyote on the other hand are still reeling from the punishment Matilda gave them, and are desperately trying to hammer their way back into contention. The lack of Shane Swan in this series has been more than made up for by the amount of hammer wielding, so I’m happy.

Your house robots for this fight are Sir Killalot and Dead Metal. Let the robotic rumble commence!

Apollo seems to have straightened out the flipper arm, because it does now fit down to the floor. Coyote however seem to lack mobility straight from the off, and are pretty much going in semi-circles. This is perfect for Apollo, who comes over, and without a second hesitation flips them into Killalot’s CPZ. Probably not the start Coyote had in mind.

Coyote Fly
Ever seen a Coyote fly?

Sir K punts Coyote back out of his CPZ, letting them fend for themselves. They’re upside down, but can still run that way up. However, they’re now totally at Apollo’s mercy, and Apollo has none. They try to line themselves up to get Coyote out of the arena, but they can’t get the, high enough, and the flip just puts Coyote back the way it should be. This is fine, except Coyote still have mobility issues and haven’t moved from that part of the arena the entire fight. Apollo get another flip in, and Coyote are looking doomed.

Killalot, bless his hard, robotic soul, keeps having to push Coyote back into the fight every time Apollo flips them back into the CPZ. One time Apollo get so close that Sir K try to attack them instead. But now Coyote are in the perilous position of being on their side and completely immobile, whilst Apollo are lining them up again. This time they get underneath, and Coyote go sailing out of the arena. Apollo are back and in the points once again!

Going out
Going out

Apollo of course have previous for taking on house robots, and as the fight ends they go after the one robot they haven’t flipped- Sir Killalot. But the attack doesn’t work, and now Apollo are a hunted robot. Dead Metal joins the party and Apollo are scrambling to get away. They try to flip Dead Metal too but get the angle wrong. In the end they get away, but is this a warning?

We’re 3 fights in, but this is where I’m going to leave it for today. That just means tomorrow you get even more Carbide, which can never be a bad thing, especially with the form they’re in. But until then…


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