Robot Review: PP3D (S09E02)

PP3D come back into Robot Wars looking more fierce, more powerful and more frightening than ever. The 8th Wars saw PP3D come up against tough opposition in the supposed heat of death, and ultimately crash out in the Head to Head stage after defeats to Apollo and Storm 2. However, the robot showed promise, and so they’re back again looking to go even further, and cause even more destruction. However, PP3D had a rather different way of doing things, becoming the first ever robot to be crowdfunded into Robot Wars. Basically, PP3D became the people’s robot. It worked though, and PP3D got into the 9th wars with their new and improved robot.

In terms of the robot itself, PP3D is something different. Yes, it’s another spinner, as are just under half the robots in the series altogether, but it has a design like no other. Instead of mounting the disc on top of the robot like Ironside 3 or in the middle like Carbide, PP3D has the spinning disc underneath the robot, creating something of an undercutter design. This is perfect for tearing out wheels or side skirts or anything else at the bottom of the robot. It also stops the problem of very short robots which some other spinners wouldn’t be able to reach. However, PP3D still finds itself under 100kg and even though its invertible, PP3D does sometimes struggle to control itself if its upside down.

PP3D found themselves in a heat this time around with Draven, Push To Exit and Cherub. Plenty of robots to destroy, that was for sure. But Draven could grab at the exposed wheels and PTE could potentially flip them out.

PP3D started out the fight aggressively, not afraid to take anybody on. Their first attack was on Draven, getting underneath and mangling up the underside of the robot. But Draven of course wasn’t the only victim, an attack on Cherub soon followed. Cherub were made of stern stuff, so it was back to Draven, who were much easier to target- that and the fact that each attack gave off a wonderful spark show.

Spark City 2

Eventually, the attack on Draven was enough to force the other robot into Shunt’s CPZ, where it became a duel effort. PP3D caused damage with the disc in pushing Draven into Shunt, but Shunt caused the killer blow. Very shortly afterwards, PP3D came across the squabbling mass of Cherub and Push To Exit, and decided it wanted a piece, barrelling straight into the pair. That hit was enough to knock Push To Exit out of commission altogether. And with that, PP3D were through!

So now, to the Head to Heads. PP3D first find themselves up against Cherub, the other robot to get through their melee, in something of a rematch. Cherub sustained one hit from PP3D in the melee, but stood up to it well.

It seemed to go much the same in this battle, with PP3D dealing out the blows, but Cherub seemingly absorbing them with little effect. If anything, PP3D is the one suffering from each hit, bouncing around all over the place. However, they seemed to be doing something right, as one hit forced Cherub to activate the rogue house robots feature, and Dead Metal actually caught up to Cherub. This gave PP3D time to get the disc up to full speed, and also led to the immortal phrase “She’s up tae speed now boys!” from Gary up in the booth.

Dead Metal lets Cherub go, and PP3D go in for the attack. With the disc at full power, the hit sends Cherub flying into the arena side wall, smashing an entire panel off. Cease is called and the wall rebuilt, but after the battle is restarted it’s clear both robots are dead. So we’re going to the judges.

4th Dimension

Cherub wins the judges’ decision. I still don’t agree, but the decision is final and PP3D now have it all to do.

So next up for PP3D are Behemoth, who have a new angled scoop designed specifically to stop spinners. So the test now is to see if PP3D can find a way around it.

At first it’s hard to know. There is contact, but the two robots only seem to bounce off each other slightly. PP3D’s disc hasn’t yet got up to full speed like it did with Cherub. However, once Behemoth move away, PP3D get the opportunity to spin up, and the next collision is a lot more powerful, sending both robots scattering. PP3D unfortunately find themselves in with Shunt. Shunt starts applying the hurt, but PP3D go one step further and spontaneously combust, letting off what I like to describe as internal fireworks.


This isn’t quite the end, but Behemoth decides it’s a good time to hit the pit release button, releasing the rogue house robots. Shunt comes over again on PP3D, bringing the axe down and pushing them into the arena side wall, where the fireworks go off once again. Now it is the end, and PP3D have been defeated once again.

So, with PP3D pretty much out of contention, there was one last shot at a victory with a battle against leaders Eruption. But if they found themselves up against it in their other fights, a fight against the robot that put everyone else out of the arena is going to be even tougher. The one thing on their side is history, with PP3D coming out victorious against Eruption in the 8th wars H2H.

It proved to be a fairly short fight. PP3D once again suffered from their own hits, with one actually launching the robot into Dead Metal and onto the flame pit. They seemed to be suffering quite badly, though Eruption were doing all they could to mess with Dead Metal, who was trying to grab hold of PP3D. Eventually Eruption got PP3D onto the floor flipper, which turned them over. This made PP3D more mobile, but also more exposed, and it didn’t take Eruption long to get underneath and drive them all the way to the arena side wall, before tossing them out.

PP3D, not just exiting the arena but the competition itself.

So, how did PP3D do? Well they were certainly entertaining, and the robot was certainly powerful, but in the end it was actually too powerful for its own good. The initial melee showed us what it could do, and even though they lost against Cherub, the power was on display again. But the fights against Behemoth and Eruption showed just how much damage PP3D had done to itself. I tipped them to win the heat, yet somehow they came out of it with 0 points.

Expectation v Result (1st-4th): -3
At least partly responsible for the demise of both Draven and Push To Exit: +8
“She’s up tae speed now boys!”: +4
Hit Cherub into the 4th dimension and took the arena wall with them: +3
Self-Destruct mode activated: -2
Internal fireworks display: -2
Eruption: -3

Robot Rating (PP3D): 5/10

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