Robot Review: Draven (S09E02)

Draven are back with a mean looking machine. Perhaps slightly unfortunate to get knocked out last series after a run in with M.R Speed Squared, thought they were very definitely beaten. This was the melee mind that an absent minded Foxic managed to get through. But now Draven are back and looking for revenge, though they do still have to go through another melee with another spinner.

Draven has been upgraded from last series, and looks the part too. The sleek silver body contains a rather powerful crushing jaw, that has 6 tonnes of crushing force. Anything caught in the jaw can say goodbye to their pristine bodywork. The composition of Draven is interesting too, with them being one of the few robots ever to sport a Carbon Fibre chassis, which is coated in aerospace grade Titanium. Not quite the Hardox exterior quite a lot of robots seem to go for these days. But all in all, Draven looked good, like they might very well have a chance.

First, they would have to get through the melee, which contained Push To ExitCherub and PP3D. PP3D was the big one, with Draven’s run in with M.R Speed Squared last time round, they know more than most the damage spinners can do. But this is Robot Wars, and everyone can be a threat.

Draven certainly started out aggressive, taking on Push To Exit before the flipper bot ran away. They then decided to take on PP3D, which possibly wasn’t the greatest idea they ever had. PP3D’s undercutter disc quite easily got underneath them, sending out a shower of sparks before Draven managed to get away. Getting away just so happened to involve driving over the flipper and narrowly avoiding being flipped over.

Somehow, naturally, Draven gravitated back to PP3D, and almost had their face chewed off by the disc. Instead, PP3D changes attack position and starts tearing out the underside from Draven, which is much more effective and gives off a wonderful light show in the process. This kind of puts Draven on its last legs wheels, but not to worry, because the worst is yet to come.

The Undercutter.PNG
The Undercutter

No, things get worse when Draven stumble into Shunt and his CPZ. Shunt’s first attack with the axe catches Draven’s face, but does no damage. However, PP3D then push Draven back into Shunt, whose next attack puts a giant hole on the bodywork and must have hit something vital, because Draven stop dead.


Out go Draven.

How did Draven do? Well they came across yet another fatal spinner, though this time the actual killer blow came from Shunt. Draven looks cool, has an interesting and unique weapon, but it’s just not powerful nor well armoured enough. I think it was always going to struggle to get through the first round.

But also, before I give the score, can I just point something out. I did not realise that “Chief Goth” was a genuine team position in Robot Wars, and ever since I found it a couple of hours ago, I haven’t stopped internally laughing at the randomness of having it as a team position. What does a Chief Goth actually do? I suppose that will have to remain a mystery, but thank you Team Draven for inventing a team position that cheered me up no end.

Chief Goth

Expectation v Result (Out in Rd1-Out in Rd1): 0
Had the balls to pick a fight with PP3D: +2
However, having brass balls does not guarantee you’ll actually come out of the fight with dignity… And Draven didn’t come out of the fight with dignity: -1
Shunt’s killer blow: -1
“Chief Goth”: +2

Robot Rating: Draven (S09E02): 2/10

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