Robot Review: Push To Exit (S09E02)

Push To Exit (PTE) was something of a novelty for the new series of Robot Wars, being the first front hinged flipper to appear since the reboot began. Coming from the man who likes a hammer, Shane Swan, PTE was a speed demon as well as looking a formidable flipper. Unfortunately, Push To Exit never quite lived up to expectation, going out in the first round after an almighty hit from PP3D.

The actual robot was as different in design as it was in weaponry. PTE was a ‘T shaped’ robot, which had one cuboid shaped section at the back that contained all of the internals, whilst there was another long wedge that bisected this, containing the flipper arm. The robot ran a custom made ‘Swan Drive’ that allowed it to get up to 22mph, a rather frightening speed (But not quite Thor). Supposedly it was built within 3 weeks, which is a feat in itself.

Push To Exit came up in the second melee of Week 2, facing off against PP3D, Cherub and Lord Draven. None of these were exactly flipper friendly robots, with all of them either invertible or able to right themselves. However, that didn’t mean turning them over wouldn’t impair them- PP3D especially has control problems when upside down thanks to the disc. I think the strategy was basically flip, flip and flip some more.

The speed of PTE becomes instantly apparent as the battle starts, with the robot pretty much flying across the arena and slamming into the side wall. Fast? Definitely. Controllable? Not quite so much. Infact, Push To Exit seems to be sliding about all over the place. But they do look aggressive, sliding under both Draven and Cherub without actually firing the flipper, like something of a warning shot. They do get underneath Cherub properly at one point, but Cherub worm their way off before the flipper fires, and so they miss.

Under the angel.png
Under the angel

One thing Push To Exit are being very careful about is avoiding PP3D. Whilst Draven and Cherub take the spinner head on, PTE are keeping well out of it. Probably a good idea for longevity, not so good for aggression points. Unfortunately, once PP3D has taken care of Draven, it goes after the PTE/Cherub pair, who are having a fight of their own. Push To Exit are the ones on the end of that ferocious spinning disc, and something must have either come loose or broken, because PTE stopped dead. Out of the competition.

Point of impact 2.png
Point of impact

So, how did Push To Exit do? Well they certainly went out a lot sooner than I thought they would, I thought Push To Exit had a great design, and I’ve always been a fan of the front hinged flipper. In the end PP3D did the damage, but even before then PTE didn’t look all that controlled, and even if they had gone through, I think it would have counted against them. It was a shame to lose Shane Swan so early though, because I was really looking forward to seeing him hit something with a hammer.

Expectation v Result (2nd-Out in Rd1): -2
Push but no Exit: -1
Aggressive and wild, a wonderful combination: +0.5
The irony factory: Avoiding PP3D the entire battle, only to be taken out by them whilst attacking a completely different robot: +2
Shane Swan: +1
Inherent Bonus for having a front hinged flipper because I’m incredibly biased: +2

Robot Rating (Push To Exit): 2.5/10

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