Robot Review: Hobgoblin (S09E02)

Having just recapped week 3’s episode, we’re right back into week 2 to recommence the Robot Reviews. This time around we’re looking at Hobgoblin, a robot that came in promising so much yet delivering basically nothing at all. Hobgoblin is a completely new robot, and has some interesting design features.

Other than the striking black, purple and green paint job, Hobgoblin has a different spinning mechanism at its disposal. Some robots use drums, some use discs, and some are full body spinners. Hobgoblin on the other hand is a ‘beater bot’, which basically means the instrument used to cause destruction practically beats the other robot to death by blunt force. It’s similar to a drum, but instead of being a continuous mass all the way round, it instead has two focal points to deliver the blows. The beater spins at 2,500rpm. Other design features include a thin scoop at the front to get underneath other robots, and give it an edge.

Hobgoblin found itself in a heat with EruptionBehemoth and Cobra. None of those robots necessarily had the potential to do damage to Hobgoblin, but all were dangerous if they could find a way underneath, to either flip of ram or grab on.

Now I’d like to say Hobgoblin started, but it didn’t really. I mean it moved, very, very slowly, but it was also completely aimless. Infact, it took the other robots to come to Hobgoblin for anything to actually happen. That happening was Eruption getting underneath them and flipping them over.

Hobgoblin gone wild

Hobgoblin can’t self right, but they at least manage to cause some destruction… to the arena floor. But if they weren’t finished before, they’re finished now. That was short.

So, how did Hobgoblin do? I mean they got going, that was something, but other than that they decided to go like a worse version of last year’s Foxic. There’s no merit in that either. If they come back next year with a robot that works, I think it could do a lot of damage. But it has to work first.

Expectation v Result (Out in Rd1-Out in Rd1): 0
Slower to move than a brick in a tar pit: -1
Cannon Fodder for Eruption: -1
Gave the arena floor a battering: +1
BONUS: Damn nice paint job: +1

Robot Rating: Hobgoblin: 0/10

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