Robot Wars S09E03 Part 3: Banging The Drum

I’m trying to write this whilst watching the England v Germany game, so I apologise if I seem distracted. Also, yesterday’s post was my 100th on here, so go me! Anyway, we’re not here to party, we’re here for some robot carnage.

Things are shaping up nicely in heat 3 of this series of Robot Wars. Newcomers Concussion have looked good, when they’re not stuck on the pit, and lead the standings with 6 points out of 6 and have one foot in the heat final- barring catastrophic failure. It’s a case of déjà vu for M.R Speed Squared however, as they currently sit on zero points and are officially no longer in contention for a heat final place. They haven’t yet caught fire, so I suppose that’s something. Then there are the two challengers: Thor, who’s new upgrades have partially become a hindrance rather than help, and Heavy Metal, who have so far had to survive losing a wheel amongst other things. But both robots sit on 3 points and will face off to see who joins Concussion in the final.

Head to Head 5: Concussion v M.R Speed Squared

Once again, it makes sense to have this battle coming first, with both robots guaranteed to be in or out one way or another. For Concussion it’s a chance to go through the round robin section undefeated, but with the need to try and keep damage down to a minimum ahead of the heat final. For M.R Speed Squared, this represents a chance to gain back a bit of dignity, and try not to end the night on zero points.

Your house robots are Dead Metal and Sir Killalot. Let’s do this!

Amazingly, M.R Speed Squared’s weapon actually works on start up. Except they must have done something to the robot in fixing the disc, because almost straight away it starts to wobble and gyrate. When Concussion hits the M.R Speed squared, it sends them into a set of violent aerobatics. I didn’t know competing robots could also be gymnasts, but apparently M.R Speed Squared didn’t get the memo.

Violent Aerobatics.png
Violent Aerobatics

This of course absolutely kills the spinner of MRS^2, and renders the robot weaponless once again. Concussion come in on their own attack, though in fairness, the spinner of M.R Speed Squared is at just the right height to act as a protector from Concussion’s drum. So sparks fly, but no real damage is done.

The best tactic for M.R Speed Squared now is to head for the pit button, and perhaps hope to push Concussion into the pit after the dial swings to the left and the pit opens up. It almost works the other way though, with Concussion getting underneath M.R Speed Squared and pushing them very, very close. But right at the end, they avoid it and direct themselves away. Concussion are keeping up the attack, banging into their opponents time and time again, but they’re just not doing any damage. At least, not any more damage that M.R Speed Squared has already done to itself.

Eventually Concussion manage to shift things up a gear, and push M.R Speed Squared into the claws of space hedgehog supreme, who brings down the circular sawblade and stars putting holes in the already sparse armour of MRS^2. Of course they let them go, but Concussion are soon at it again, and once again Dead Metal is called into action, this time over the flame pit no less.

Fires of robot hell.png
Fires of robot hell

But M.R Speed Squared escape Dead Metal a second time, only to be pushed straight into Sir Killalot! The house robots are being worked overtime this fight. Killalot picks the stricken robot, before giving off one of the signature Killalot spins and tossing them like a Frisbee across the arena. But they’re still going. And soon the tables perhaps start to turn, because as they start trying to push M.R Speed Squared across the floor, smoke starts to pour out of their machine! Have Concussion done themselves in? They’re still moving, kind of. The drum is certainly still spinning. But the clock counts down, and we are going to the judges.

So, Aggression, Damage and Control are your 3 judging categories. Concussion were on top early on certainly, but did their smoke show dent their chances of another victory? Apparently not, because by unanimous decision, Concussion are the winners!

Head to Head 6: Thor v Heavy Metal

This is the big fight. Who wins this takes the final place alongside Concussion to fight for a subsequent place in the week 6 grand finale. Thor are on the up after victory against M.R Speed Squared, whilst Heavy Metal have had to weld their wheel back onto their robot, and are up against it. But that doesn’t mean Thor haven’t had problems of its own, and in Robot Wars there are no guarantees.

Your house robots for this final head to head are Matilda and Dead Metal. Let’s rock and roll our way into battle!

Thor, with the brand new, low front scoop attachment, drive straight for Heavy Metal, get in underneath and send Heavy Metal twirling through the air. Heavy Metal fight back but can’t get underneath, it’s always Thor, and that’s posing them a problem. Not only that, but Heavy Metal are shredding those rubber studs at a rate of knots, and that’s lessening their grip on the arena floor.

Thor are trying to get underneath to get a good shot with the axe, but Heavy Metal are such a skittish robot that they can’t stay still long enough for Thor to get that hit. Mainly right now it’s more of a collision battle, with the robots themselves the weapons. Thor are going and going. Eventually they finally do manage to land an axe blow but Heavy Metal are just about holding on. Just. But then Thor push them backwards across the arena and into Matilda’s flywheel. Now there’s some damage caused.

Matilda's Magic.png
Matilda’s magic

Thor seems to like the idea of using Matilda though, and so push Heavy Metal back towards her. Except this time, as the robots all collide, Heavy Metal’s wheel comes off again! Yes, and it wasn’t even Matilda’s fault!

Wheely good.png
Wheely good attack

There’s not much Heavy Metal can do now but watch as Thor goes hammer on their machine, even eventually pushing it all the way into the pit release button. But it’s the end of the fight and the end of the competition for them. Thor are going through to the heat final! But we couldn’t finish things off without Matilda coming across and king fu kicking the spare wheel all the way across the arena with her flywheel. Senseless destruction is always such a big part of Robot Wars.

Heat Final: Concussion v Thor

Here we are, the final of week 3! Concussion have come through the week unbeaten, but with a robot that’s needed constant repairs just to keep going. Thor has had its own problems, but has proven battle experience and a mighty axe. Only one can go through automatically, but there may be the promise of a wildcard for the loser if the chips fall in their favour.
Your house robots for one final time this week are Matilda and Dead Metal. The heat final is on!

Thor, now knowing the drum and what it can do, go straight for Concussion, ramming the robot head on before the drum has been able to get up to speed. It’s a good tactic that works initially, but soon it’s Concussion that’s all over Thor, and trying to get their own hits in. If anything now Thor are actually trying to run away, driving as fast as they can across the arena to get away from Concussion, before coming back and hitting them head on, letting the sparks fly.


Eventually Concussion get a good hit, one that not only causes sparks but sends Thor rearing up onto the back wheels. Thor’s axe doesn’t actually seem to be working properly, shown when it falls forward after the hit without actually being fired. It snaps back into place, but then Thor are back to simply running away, all across the arena to try and avoid Concussion. Concussion do eventually catch back up after Thor get themselves stuck on the flame pit, and start trying to chip away at them with their drum. Thor finally fires the axe, but misses, and now CO2 looks to be venting again.

Concussion and Thor start battling around the pit release button, and in that battle the do activate it, and the pit. Now there’s one more hazard for them to avoid, but Thor are certainly struggling with venting and that looks a more pressing issue. Concussion are still harassing them around the arena too. It’s all going the way of Concussion so far.

The two robots separate, and Concussion is allowed to get the drum up to speed. Thor comes in for an attack, but this time when the drum makes contact, Thor goes flying over? Does it have enough CO2 left to self right this time? Yes!

Turn over.png
Enter a caption

This does nothing to stop the battle, infact it’s going into overdrive. Thor are fighting back, and actually occasionally using the axe. But their main effect has been to jam up Concussion’s drum with the robot itself, so the drum can no longer spin. They eventually manage to decouple, but Thor have stopped! Are they dead? No! They start up again, but the clock is counting down, and we’re off to another judges’ decision!

You know the criteria. Who do you think won? For me it was fairly easy, and there was only one team in it the whole way through. Concussion were aggressive, controlled and the drum did some damage. Fortunately the judges all agree, and Concussion are the winners of heat 3!

So, we’re half way to knowing our line-up in the final. Aftershock, Eruption and Concussion are all through. Week 4 promises to be a mesmerising battle of the spinners as the likes of Pulsar, Ironside 3, Supernova and Apex come face to face. We’re getting there, bit by bit. Until next time…


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