Robot Review: Terrorhurtz (S09E01)

And we’re back with the Robot Reviews! If you were here last year then you know that these get horribly out of sync with the episode recaps, that’s just the way it is and until I gain the superhuman ability to multitask effectively, I’m afraid this is how it’s going to stay.

Anyway Terrorhurtz. Real veterans of robot combat, Terrorhurtz are always there or there about, and their powerful double headed axe provides a nice alternative to the plethora of spinners and flippers. The design itself is something completely unique, matched by pretty much nobody. Aswell as the polygon style shape to the robot, the protective front plates are there to deflect spinners and get robots to potentially ride up and become easy targets. The tail at the end s a counterbalance that actually allows them to fire the very powerful axe and actually stay on the ground.

Terrorhurtz is no stranger to success, being one of the few robots to have won the UK Championships twice (In the live circuit), and they also reached the grand final in the 6th wars on TV. Terrorhurtz finished 3rd last year in their head to head group, having been eliminated on a tie breaker, and would be looking for revenge this time around.

This year Terrorhurtz found themselves in a heat with RapidJellyfish and Nuts 2, who they had faced in their heat last year too. Terrorhurtz were heavy favourites to get through this melee. The very flat Jellyfish looked an easy target for Terrorhurtz, whilst the lack of any potent weaponry (Bar Rapid’s flipper, but if the axe works then THz can self right) seemed to also play into their hands.

Terrorhurtz initially however seemed to play it fairly safe, not getting too involved and allowing Rapid and Jellyfish to take most of the skirmish. They did make the most of lurking around though, and when Jellyfish was left alone, they went in for the attack. Jellyfish was possibly the best target they could have ever hoped for, being the size and shape it was. At one point Terrorhurtz ended up having to take the fight to Nuts’ minibots, which were rather annoyingly getting underneath the robot and generally getting in the way. Kind of what they were supposed to be doing I guess.

Fighting the war against minibots.PNG
Fighting the war against minibots

But once Nuts were out and Jellyfish pretty much gone, Terrorhurtz set their sights on Rapid, and began chasing them around the arena, even at one point catching them in the corner and bringing the axe down a couple of times. A good show of aggression, and Terrorhurtz were through.

Getting into the head to heads is par for the course for a robot like Terrorhurtz, but they faced their first real test against a very good looking Sabretooth. Armed with a drum spinner and celebrating their first ever televised victory, they were on a high. Terrorhurtz on the other hand were more concerned with applying lube to their axe to make it work better.

Terrorhurtz though is a robot very much equipped to deal with robots with spinning weapons, and that included Sabretooth. Early on, Terrorhurtz were more than happy to hit them head on, absorbing any blow from the drum and deal out some punishment of their own. It was the kind of strategy that gave them victory over Carbide last year, and it looked like it could work again. Unfortunately, one wrong move by Terrorhurtz gave Sabretooth an opportunity to attack the unprotected rear end, and completely tear out the oh so important tail section. Oops.

The calmness with which John Reid says “Very bad” As Terrorhurtz runs away is amazing. Doesn’t make it any better for Terrorhurtz though.

Off balance.PNG
Off balance attack

Terrorhurtz aren’t backing down, of course not, but the robot now tries to do a wheelie every time they accelerate and that’s playing into Sabretooth’s hands. Also, every time they try to fire the axe, Terrorhurtz starts bucking about like a raging bull. Basically, it’s unusable. This is further compounded by Sabretooth hitting the pit button and activating Rogue Shunt, who pretty much finished Terrorhurtz off. First they were unstable, now they’re just dead.

But that’s just one battle. There were still points to be had, and next up they faced the wobbling mass of Jellyfish, who they had fought in the melee. And as the battle started, they went up to Jellyfish, sent the axe crashing down on top of them, and Jellyfish were immobilised. They literally one banged Jellyfish out of commission. Now that’s power.

So finally Terrorhurtz had a crunch match against the raging spinner of Aftershock. They didn’t necessarily need a victory to go through, but it would be rather helpful in securing a place in the heat final. The problem was that Aftershock had so far torn apart the opposition, and they weren’t just going to stop for Terrorhurtz.

This was apparent right from the off, which just the second attack by Aftershock tearing pieces out of the rear end of Terrorhurtz. They survived a full frontal attack fine, but it was the attack from behind that caused damage. But nothing quite caused as much damage as the simultaneous hits from Aftershock and the floor flipper, which sent Terrorhurtz flying through the air, and broke the axe on impact with the ground.

Axe first.PNG
Axe first

Once again, Terrorhurtz weren’t just going to give up. After playing cat and mouse with Aftershock around the arena spikes, they just decided to go for it and try to bash them into submission. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work, with one final hit from Aftershock turning them over, and rendering them immobile. And, unfortunately, that was the end of it for Terrorhurtz. 3rd place in the group stage once again, and again on a tie breaker, this time with Sabretooth. Can’t get a break, can they?

So, how did Terrorhurtz do? I would think they’d have to be disappointed, to go in as one of the favourites and fall so early once again. They never backed down from a fight, but their battle with Sabretooth left them scarred and Aftershock left them dead in the water. Still, the battle with Jellyfish gave some insight into what they’re capable of.

Expectation v Result (2nd-3rd): -1
Waltzed into the head to heads: +2
“This is very bad”: -1
Destroyed by Sabretooth: -2
John Reid consistently shouting in “Wait for a good hit!” only for Nick Lynch to completely ignore him: +2
Killed Jellyfish in 1 blow: +7
Death by floor flipper: -2

Robot Rating (Terrorhurtz): 5/10

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