Robot Wars S09E02 Part 2: Lights. Camera. FIREWORKS!

So we know our 4: PP3D, Cherub, Eruption and Behemoth. Cherub are perhaps the most surprising name on the list, but the ingeniously designed robot did what Push To Exit and Lord Draven failed to do, and that’s stand up to PP3D’s ridiculously powerful disc. So they’re here on merit, no doubt about that. However, the head to heads are a different matter for all concerned. One on one 3 fights in a row, everyone plays everyone. We saw the trouble everyone who faced Aftershock had last week repairing their robots in time, but how would everyone get on this time around. It’s time to begin…

Head to Head 1: Behemoth v Eruption

First up is a battle of the flippers, not that Behemoth really has a flipper- it’s more of a lifting bucket. But the aims are still the same in that the aim is to turn other robots over and possibly pelt them out of the arena. Both fought together in the first melee but largely avoided each other, though Behemoth did flip Eruption over a couple of times. Either way, this is going to be a close one.

Matilda and Dead Metal are your custodian in the arena. Let’s get the head to heads underway!

Both robots are looking to get underneath each other to get the flips in, so the starting few seconds led with both robots trying to avoid each other’s front ends. Unfortunately doing something like that is inherently doomed to fail, and in the head on collision it’s Behemoth that come out on top, tossing Eruption onto their rear end. And Eruption overbalances, causing the robot to continue the tumble over onto its top. They try to self right in the midst of the flame pit, but it’s tough going to get the robot the right way up. But Eruption is a powerful robot, and soon they’re back on their wheels and back in business.

Sit up.png
Sit up and take notice

Behemoth come back at them straight away, and are looking well on top. But after flipping Eruption once again, Behemoth find themselves in the corner of the arena, and that’s where things start to go wrong. You see, the Behemoth boys can’t actually see where their robot is. If that isn’t a problem, I don’t know what is. So here we have Behemoth bumbling about in the corner because none of their team members know what they’re supposed to do with it. Eruption on the other hand is perfectly placed to take advantage, although they’re too busy enjoying the fun. Meanwhile in the booth, the Behemoth team are literally climbing up the control booth window do get a better look. Somebody needs to sack the arena design crew.

And lean in.PNG
And lean in…

Eventually, after Eruption flip them a couple of times, Behemoth do get clear. But now they’re being chased everywhere by Eruption, who are starting to come out on top in all of this. For all of Behemoth’s work, they’re now running around like headless chickens. But Behemoth shall never surrender! So they try to launch their own attack and miss, which ends with their robot bouncing up so much that Eruption can get underneath.

And then flip them straight out of the arena.

Watch Behemoth fly.PNG
Watch Behemoth fly

With a flipper like Eruption in the arena it’s always possible you’re going to get an OotA, but that was something spectacular. And Eruption have put their mark on proceedings now- beware, or you may be out of the arena too.

Head to Head 2: Cherub v PP3D

So with the flippers out of the way, the next battle sees PP3D come up against Cherub. Again, this is a battle that happened in the midst of melee 2, with Cherub looking strong even against the power of PP3D’s undercutter disc. But can they still hold up when it’s only PP3D they have to contend with? And will PP3D be able to use their spinner to its full potential, and break through Cherub’s stubborn exterior, or will they burn out their wiring again. Or even worse?.

Your house robots consist of the axe master and the sawblade scorpion. It’s Shunt and Dead Metal! Let’s get H2H 2 underway!

Now PP3D may have a very powerful weapon, but the weapon needs to be able to get up to speed before it can deal any real damage to the opponent. So as Cherub chase PP3D down, the spinner is getting up to speed. And when they finally do make contact, Cherub are sent flying across the arena. They’re OK to continue though, and are not shrinking back from the fight. They drive straight into PP3D’s disc, sending PP3D jumping about all over the place from the impact. This could really go either way.

Mid air rave.PNG
Mid air rave

PP3D and Cherub continue trading attacks, and although Cherub don’t really have much of a weapon to use against PP3D, they’re being just as aggressive. One hit from PP3D does catch Cherub quite heavily though, sending them all the way into the pit release button. Except, of course, the pit release button doesn’t just release the pit anymore, as is proven when the dial swings to the right and Dead Metal goes on a frenetic rampage.

Dead Metal instantly fixates onto Cherub, which is kinda ironic considering Cherub pushed the button, but that’s the risk you take. Now with Cherub is their grasp, Dead Metal sets to work, bringing the saw blade down and tearing pieces out of Cherub. “She’s up to speed now boys!” Gary laughs triumphantly in PP3D’s control both, a moment that made me laugh for a good few seconds myself. But he’s not wrong, PP3D is up to speed. And as soon as Dead Metal lets them go, PP3D comes in with a hit so powerful I’m pretty sure it send Cherub into the 4th dimension. What it certainly did was send Cherub flying into the arena side wall at the speed of light, tearing an entire panel loose and simultaneously rendering the arena, Cherub and PP3D all completely unusable. MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION!

4th Dimension.PNG
Sending Cherub into the 4th Dimension

But now the arena has been destroyed, and so cease is called. The arena is swiftly fixed and the battle restarted, but that makes absolutely no difference because both PP3D and Cherub are completely dead. So, we go to the judges! They now have to review the fight and decide who takes home the 2 points. And the winner is…


Now I don’t agree with this decision. The 3 categories are Aggression, Damage and Control., weighted in that order. PP3D were by far and away winners on damage, no doubts about that. I’ll give Cherub control, because they held firm despite PP3D’s attacks. But aggression could easily have gone either way, and I’d say personally both robots were just as aggressive as each other. Nullifying that category leaves damage > control, and hence PP3D > Cherub. But hey, I’m not a judge. I’d love to be, but I’m not. Cherub wins.

Head to Head 3: Eruption v Cherub

I’m not going to lie, this was probably the most one sided matchup in the entire heat. Not because Cherub is a bad robot, but because Cherub wasn’t working.. On a good day Cherub could probably give Eruption a hard time, but here… Nah. Either way.

Your really rather unnecessary house robots for this fight are Matilda and Dead Metal. Shall we get this over with?

Right from the start, it’s clear to see Cherub aren’t moving. At least, the wheels aren’t. The front forks certainly are working though, which means for the first time we get to see Cherub do a handstand! It’s not a handstand that lasts for long, because Eruption come over and flip them out-of-the-way. They were trying to get them out of the arena, but not quite this time.

Handstands at dawn.PNG
Handstands at dawn

Eruption are just toying with Cherub now. They’re definitely trying to get them out, but Cherub won’t go quietly. Usually they just end up against the arena side wall. But Eruption keep coming at them, determined to toss them out. Once Eruption realise they have time on their side, it becomes a lot easier- they go and position Cherub beside the low arena wall without flipping them to line them up then, once ready, get underneath and toss Cherub right out of the arena. 2/2 OotAs for the Head to Heads for Eruption.

Over the edge.PNG
Over the edge

Head to Head 4: Behemoth v PP3D

It’s the battle of robots without any points. Behemoth come up against PP3D knowing the spinner can do some real damage, but as much to itself as to its opponents. And Behemoth also have another trick up their sleeve in the form of their new angled scoop, built purposefully to deflect spinners. For PP3D the task remains to cause as much damage as possible. Oh, and get some points on the board whilst they’re at it.

Shunt and Dead Metal reprise their roles as house robots supreme. Let’s get this battle underway!

Now we know that PP3D takes a little while to get their spinner up to speed, so they don’t go in to attack straight away. Behemoth however have no such limitations, and therefore simply plough straight into PP3D. The first hit actually lands on Behemoth’s side, but doesn’t cause all that much damage. The subsequent blows that hit the disc don’t do much either- if anything, it’s PP3D that are worse off from each of the hits.

This doesn’t stop PP3D of course, but after a brief interlude they’re able to land a powerful hit on Behemoth, but that sends PP3D right into the path of Shunt, who’s more than happy to start bringing the axe down and try to take pieces out of them. PP3D is jumping about, trying to get away. But just as they get clear, PP3D starts exploding! Sparks shoot out of the gaps in the body panels like fireworks as something internal burns up. PP3D is now pretty much a fiery carnival act!


Behemoth decides to get the hell out of there, something I completely understand, and instead back into the pit release button. But once again it’s not the pit that goes down, but the house robots are unleashed! Now PP3D are in even more trouble because they’ve got Shunt going in for the kill.

Going Rogue.PNG
Going Rogue

Shunt’s attack isn’t exactly good for PP3D, who once against start busting out the fireworks. It’s very clear by now that they’re immobile, and the countdown clock starts. It probably can’t come soon enough, and when it finally hits zero, Behemoth can add 3 points to their total and have themselves right back in it. For PP3D, they’re out even with one fight to go. But hey, it was an explosive exit.

So now we have just one remaining pair of head to heads. Eruption are through, PP3D out. The big battle is going to be Behemoth v Cherub, and my god was that fight controversial. But that’s all for next time. Until then…


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