Robot Review: Jellyfish (S09E01)

Jellyfish. What a robot. The last article covered Rapid, which was a sleek, efficient looking, over engineered, high pressure flipper and cost £25,000. Jellyfish is the exact opposite, a robot that is made almost exclusively of HDPE plastic and looks like an arts and crafts project rather than a fighting robot. The weapon is a simple sliding grabber, designed to clamp onto opponents so that they can be dragged around the arena. Hardly something that’s going to cause masses of destruction, but instead a more tactical option- another robot isn’t going to be able to do anything whilst stuck in a grabber, is it?

But still, to look at Jellyfish, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I thought Cherub (Which will appear in today’s episode of Robot Wars) was weird because it spends half the fights doing handstands, but Jellyfish probably takes the cake. Another thing I should point out- Jellyfish is massive. It’s bigger than Gabriel, and Gabriel was also massive. Jellyfish is also really flat, which in essence makes it the plastic pancake version of Tough As Nails.

Now Jellyfish was created by Dave Lawrie, who last series was a part of the Nuts team. So it was probably inevitable that they were placed in a heat alongside Nuts 2. I mean, they had to do that, right? Jellyfish also found itself up against the aforementioned Rapid and the swinging axe of darkness Terrorhurtz. The only reprieve for Jellyfish here is a lack of spinner in the melee. But other than that…

It was fairly clear early on into the melee that Jellyfish was going to be heavily targeted, especially by Rapid, given that it only weighed about 85Kg. And it was Rapid that launched the first attack on Jellyfish, sending the great mass twirling through the air before gracefully landing back to Earth. This basically explains the entire battle- Rapid kept coming and coming, and whenever Jellyfish were in a vulnerable position, they would be flipped.

Rapid fire.png
Rapid fire

Jellyfish weren’t immune from Terrorhurtz either, with the powerful axe wielding robot looking to take advantage of Jellyfish’s wide, flat structure. Although Terrorhurtz’ first attack on Jellyfish came with the robot pinned against the arena side wall, so the axe actually came down on the edge of the robot, which stopped any major damage being caused.

It hurtz.png
It Hurtz

But Rapid were still the main aggressors against Jellyfish. And in the end, it was one final flip from Rapid that seemed to do the damage. Or even if it didn’t, it was after that flip that Jellyfish stopped moving. And if they stopped moving, then that means they’re out.

You’d think that’s where this would end. But we all know what happened to Rapid, and with Rapid having been eliminated permanently from the head to heads because of some gearbox trouble, Jellyfish- as 3rd place in the melee- were reinstated. Yes! Jellyfish are back from the dead. And now they have t come up against Terrorhurtz once again.

If I was to guess, I’d say it probably took Terrorhurtz about 4 seconds to take Jellyfish out of commission. It was genuinely the first blow from the axe that managed to smash up Jellyfish’s internals and stop the robot dead. That’s all it took. Not quite a triumphant return then. Bring back Rapid(?)

Snow Plough.png
Terrorhurtz- snow plough edition

But hey, there’s still one battle left for Jellyfish to reclaim its honour. That battle comes against Sabretooth, who are still somehow functional after the utter demolition they endured at the hands of Aftershock. That’s one good thing for Jellyfish, they never had to face off against Aftershock. I have a feeling it would have been a massacre.

Now we all know Sabretooth wasn’t running to full capacity, but Jellyfish started the battle on the front foot, almost smothering their rival to stop the drum getting up to any good speed. Sabretooth is a fairly small robot compared to Jellyfish which makes it nice to grab and push around. And even when Sabretooth did manage to get a couple of hits in, the plastic absorbed them pretty well. It even survived Sabretooth doing a rodeo jump over them. It also apparently seems to be surviving the steering being wired backwards.

Eventually, Jellyfish take full control, not only dominating Sabretooth, but managing to actually get them jammed in the clamp. Now Sabretooth are at their mercy.


Sabretooth try to wriggle themselves free which just results in them getting tangled up on Jellyfish’s rear pole. So Sabretooth might not be being clamped, but they’re not free either. They’re well and truly stuck on the Jellyfish. This continues until Killalot does the job Refbot used to do and intervenes. But it doesn’t matter, this is going all the way to a judges’ decision. And Jellyfish, with all their aggression and the controlled clamping of Sabretooth, it was enough to sway 2 of the judges. And that’s all they needed, because Jellyfish are going home with 2 points! So what they still finish 4th, it’s points.

So, how did Jellyfish do? Well all things considered, remarkably well. Jellyfish is one of the most wonderfully random robots I’ve ever seen, but just looking at it you wouldn’t believe it would get past the first round. And in fairness, it didn’t, thanks to Rapid. But then it was also thanks to Rapid that Jellyfish got reintroduced to the wild of the arena. And despite being dead in one blow against Terrorhurtz, they put on a fantastic display to nullify Sabretooth and take home some points, and a lot of pride.

Expectation v Result: (Out in Rd1-4th): +2
Death by Rapid: -1
Into the Head to Heads via proxy: -1
One banged by Terrorhurtz: -2
Gave Sabretooth a rather large hug: +6
Survived to the end despite looking like an arts and crafts project: +2
BONUS- “I think the steering is backwards”: +1

Robot Rating (Jellyfish): 7/10

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