Robot Review: TMHWK (S09E01)

TMWHK are one of just a handful of robots in the 9th wars that have an axe for a weapon. Whilst most go for spinners or flippers, the axe is something of a scarce breed of robot, though in the right hands they can be just as powerful as everyone else. Terrorhurtz have shown that in the past, and Thor showed it last year. Both of those robots are here in the 9th wars, but another looking to fly the flag for axebots is TMHWK. An extension of Tomahawk from the 7th wars, though now under ownership of a completely different, all female Dutch team, TMHWK has undergone significant changes, the biggest of which is probably the loss of their tracks in favour of a 2 wheel drive system. The axe itself is still duel sided- one flat edge to bludgeon and one sharp point to pierce. There are also two small wedges attached to the front of the robot to get in underneath others during attacks.

It’s also purple now.

TMHWK is completely new to the revived series, having not appeared last series despite their best efforts, but despite some live circuit practice it still suffered from technical and reliability issues. Could it put them behind it and go on to seal a place in the head to heads?

TMHWK were placed in the second of the melees, facing Aftershock, Sabretooth and Crank-E. You could say that this wasn’t a bad heat, with Crank-E and Sabretooth the right basic design to be able to land some good blows with the axe. Aftershock on the other hand,  probably a bit more difficult.

TMHWK started off the fight fairly aggressively- they saw the battle between Crank-E and Aftershock, and got themselves involved by ramming Crank-E into Aftershock’s vertical spinner. They basically assisted with the murder of Crank-E.

Pincer Movement.png
Pincer Movement

After Aftershock went ballistic on Crank-E, TMHWK probably decided it was a good idea to avoid getting involved with them again. Unfortunately, the only other robot around was Sabretooth, who had a spinning weapon themselves. And so they launched their own side on attack on TMHWK, which ripped off one of the plastic (HDPE) protective panels. I guess that means they did their job. But TMHK are now pretty much immobilised, which isn’t ideal.

Pretty in Plastic.png
Pretty in Plastic

The wheels might not have been turning, but the axe was still working. Turned out to be more of a hindrance than a help though, because firing the axe made them bounce around a bit, allowing Sabretooth to get underneath them and drive them across the arena and into Shunt, which was also on top of the spike trap. And, after Sabretooth decided to rip off one of the small front wedges, the spikes decided to rise up and turn TMHWK over. I mean they were already pretty much immobile already, but now there’s no way back.

So, how did TMHWK do? Well they went out in Round 1, which wasn’t great for them or anybody that wanted them to do well. But they showed some promise early on, and had a hand in the demise of Crank-E with their early attack. Unfortunately, they very swiftly died after that attack, and succumbed to the wrath of Sabretooth (And the arena spikes). Plus, we never really got to see what the axe was capable of.

Expectation v Result (Out in Rd1-Out in Rd1): 0
Assisted in the demise of Crank-E: +2
Expendable Plastic Side Skirts/Front Wedge/Robot in General: -1
Axe didn’t actually land a blow: -1
BONUS: Sacrificed themselves so that Sabretooth could claim their first ever victory: +2

Robot Rating (TMHWK): 2/10

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