Robot Review: Nuts 2 (S09E01)

Nuts were fan favourites in the 8th wars, taking a design that looked somewhat ridiculous and certainly unique, and managing to defy all the odds by getting through an initial melee that involved veterans Razer and Terrorhurtz. Of course, that only happened because Kill-E-Crank-E dragged Razer into the pit. But Nuts stood up fairly well in the head to heads, proving tough opposition to both Terrorhurtz and Behemoth and taking both to a judges’ decision. They got completely eviscerated by Carbide, but that above everything was just a lot of fun to watch. And due to their exploits, they finished 11th out of 40 in last year’s Robot Review. But what about this year?

Nuts 2 has been improved from last year, with the big difference coming in the length of the giant chain flails, which have been made a whole lot bigger and more menacing. The robot can now get up to speeds of 20mph and spin at over 500rpm. The actual look to the robot hasn’t changed that much- it’s still a box attached to two massive wheels connected by a metal ring that may or may not come off this time. They needed a bit of luck in the last wars to get through, but there’s no guarantee that luck could hold.

So who were Nuts 2 up against? Well there was Jellyfish, made by former Nuts team member Dave Lawrie, which I’m certain was place in their melee just for the entertainment factor. There was also the ultra expensive flipper Rapid, and veteran axebot (And robot that Nuts fought in the initial melee last year too) Terrorhurtz.

So, to battle! You’d think Nuts would be in a good position, because they have no spinners to come up against. They can run any way up, so that partly nullifies the threat of Rapid. If there’s ever a battle to come through, this is it.

But this is Robot Wars, and nothing is quite as straightforward as it should be. Very early on it’s easy to see that Nuts aren’t really getting stuck in with anybody. Whilst Terrorhurtz and Rapid are terrorising Jellyfish, Nuts are just spinning around in the middle of the arena. If anyone wants to get involved with them, they have to go to Nuts, not the other way around. Infact the most action Nuts gets comes towards the end of its time in the arena, when Rapid come along whilst the flipper is just starting to close, and get one of the chain flails stuck inside it. We then get something of a piggyback ride, but the end result is that Nuts now just find themselves on the other side of the arena.

Piggyback Nuts.png
Piggyback Nuts

And now for Nuts, they have another problem to deal with in the form of Matilda who, unhappy that they’ve invaded her CPZ, decides to try and get them out. First she uses the tusks, but nuts aren’t easily moved by that method, so next she uses the giant flywheel and sends Nuts catapulting out of the arena altogether! You heard me right, Matilda’s flywheel hit Nuts with such force that they went OUT OF THE ARENA.

So, how did Nuts do? Do I really need to ask that question? Plagued by an issue that meant they spent the entire battle with just one useable wheel, Nuts did a grand total of absolutely nothing except fly out of the arena. Not quite the heroics of last series, but still an entertaining way to go.

Expectation v Result (Out in Rd1-Out in Rd1): 0
Ineffective in battle: -1
Out of the arena: -1
Out of the arena in an entertaining fashion: +1

Robot Rating (Nuts 2): -1/10

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