Robot Wars S07E05 Part 2: Featherweight Frenzy

It’s that time again! We always kick off the second part of these reviews with the special event taking place during this heat. But with Tornado, Ewe 2, Tetanus Booster and Leveller 2 already through to the next round, what could be better than a little bit of featherweight action?

Featherweights are always a lot of fun, and hopefully this time with a better resolution video to watch, I won’t get quite so confused as to which robot is which half the time and things will run a lot smoother. Regardless, shall we meet the robots?

Bernard is an invertible wedge-shaped robot with a little circular saw on the top of it, though I’m not entirely sure how much use a saw would actually be in a featherweight contest. DTK is a mini Dantomkia, and that’s basically all that needs to be said about it. Staglet is a cute little robot with a pair of gripping pincers on the front, and some adorable painted eyes that just scream that it’s going to get annihilated. Typhoon Cadet is also basically a mini version of its heavyweight counterpart, Typhoon. I know we haven’t seen them in this series yet, but Typhoon is basically a spinning cone of death. Alienator is an interesting robot. Basically a box shape with a small spinning disc on the front, it also has two large circular armour plates on the front and the rear ends. These constitute a ‘rollover’ mechanism that supposedly stop the robot from being flipped over. Interesting. Cutlet is a wedge shaped robot with a flipper. Nothing more simple than that. Our final competitor, Mammoth, is a walker! It’s basically a walking box, armed with a cutting blade that probably isn’t going to do anything. But it’s a walker.

Your house robots are Matilda and Sir Killalot, because you have to have one of the big guns in there for a featherweight fight. Anyway, let’s begin!
It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the first move came from, but DTK was responsible for the first serious attack, flipping Bernard. Infact DTK was the early aggressor, trying to get attacks on Alienator and Mammoth but with less success. Mammoth in itself was just standing there, moving very slowly and not really looking an attacking threat. Of the other robots, Staglet seemed to have some push behind it, so that was one plus point for them.

Mammoth finally gets going, showing some impressive speed for a walker, but still nothing that could constitute decent weaponry. Little Staglet does come over to try and push Mammoth, but literally gets nowhere. They’re just spinning their wheels.

The Mammoth and The Stag.png
The Mammoth and The Stag

One robot that hasn’t been mentioned is Typhoon Cadet. That’s because Typhoon Cadet isn’t actually moving. It’s spinning rather rapidly on the spot, but it’s not going anywhere. Great job that, isn’t it? Staglet meanwhile give up on Mammoth and instead start having a pushing contest with Alienator, one that has a bit of to-me-to-you to it. They end up getting very close to the flame pit, but not before crashing straight into Typhoon Cadet, who still aren’t really moving.

DTK, after dropping out of the picture for a short while, is back and attacking the walker, Mammoth. Due to Mammoth’s excessively high ground clearance, DTK is able to get under and get the flipper in, but Mammoth comes back down to the ground on all of its legs. And on top of Staglet but that’s just a finer detail. Alienator meanwhile has detached from reality and gone over to the pit release mechanism. Just to make things that little bit more interesting.

And indeed, it’s almost like opening the pit has given DTK license to go on a rampage. First they flip Staglet, but they can run both ways so that’s not so much of a problem. But then they flip Cutlet, who can’t seem to get back up, and Typhoon Cadet, who were pretty much gone anyway. Mammoth, sensing an opportunity to be useful, starts trying to push the beached Cutlet across the arena. It’s slow going, but they do make progress. Slowly, slowly… And they’re in the pit! Bravo to Mammoth for actually managing to get them down there.

Revenge of the Walker.png
Revenge of the Walker

2 seconds later, having been tussling with DTK, Staglet rolls into the pit aswell. That’s two gone in quick succession. DTK keeps up the rampage by getting underneath Mammoth once again, but this time they actually manage to get them on their side. Now Mammoth can’t self-right, so, erm, it’s curtains. Alienator meanwhile hasn’t actually moved from the pit release since they pressed it, and get a visit from Refbot, who starts to count them down. However, 5 seconds in, Alienator start moving again and run away! Ha!

With Alienator escaping, Refbot’s attention turns to Typhoon Cadet, which is still spinning on its side in the clutches of Sir Killalot, as it has been ever since DTK turned them over. After being counted out, Killalot takes them to the floor flipper- now these are featherweights, so when the flipper went off, Typhoon flew! Stayed in the arena mind you.

Mammoth is the next to be counted out. Now they’re sitting nicely on the drop zone, which can mean only one thing. It’s drop time! This time round we have a washing machine or an oven or something, because why not? But credit to Mammoth, whatever it was barely scratched it! It certainly came off better than the kitchen appliance too. That just leaves us with Alienator, DTK and Bernard, and they can’t be split, so it’s time to go to the judges! Ah the judges.

DTK have been really impressive, so it’s no surprise that they’re through. But we need one more out of Bernard and Alienator. Now I don’t know about you, but sitting by the pit release button for a good 30 seconds is not really going to help your chances. And with that, Bernard are also through!

Now usually at this point I’d do the first second round battle, but I’m going to do it a little bit different this time around and leave this one here, then give you the final 3 battles in the final part, which will be on Saturday. And then we have the main event itself! Robot Wars the 9th wars and fiery frenzy that includes spinners, axes, flippers and a robot called Jellyfish. 7pm Sunday 5th March, BBC2. Don’t miss it.

Until then…


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