Robot Wars S07E04 Part 3: Thunder and Lightning

So last time out Gravity somewhat cemented itself in a league of its own, taking the seeded 13 Black not only out of commission, but out of the arena. So our attention now turns the two robots left to potentially put up a challenge: Lightning and Thor. A fantastic name matchup aswell as a good robot matchup too. It’s the unusual flippers versus the large hammer/axe. Anyone can win. But can they defeat Gravity?

Shunt and Bash, one of this series’ favourite pairings, are your house robots. And we’re ready to begin!
Thor starts off the primary aggressor, trying to ram into Lightning, but only ending up putting themselves into a CPZ. Still, Thor is trying, though their first attack with the axe ends up being wildly off target. Lighting had pretty much already run away before the axe hit the ground. Lightning is somewhat trying to fight back, but only somewhat. Thor are still on top, though they really can’t get an axe blow on target to save their robotic lives right now.

Things start to settle down, and now it’s more of a game of cat and mouse. That, and both Lightning and Thor decide to play a game of chicken with Shunt by passing very close to his CPZ. True to form, Thor and Lightning then reconvene, and Thor misses again.

The mighty hammer.png
The Mighty Hammer

Lightning are at least trying to do something. They’re battling hard against Thor and dodging the attacks well, they just aren’t doing very much on the offensive. They haven’t yet even fired the flipper. Thor, despite having worse aim than a blind sniper, is at least attempting to fire shots. Infact, it’s going so bad for Lightning that even the alien has fallen off the robot. Eventually they end up in another CPZ, where Thor lets off another typical wayward strike, but it did lead to this perfect capture moment.

Spontaneous Combustion.png
Spontaneous Combustion

Lightning are now starting to get back into this. They’re pushing Thor around the arena, getting underneath. They’re beginning to dominate, even if they’re not doing much with that domination. And once they’d got Thor into a CPZ, they actually fired the flipper! Well, I say fired. The flipper moved, slowly. Thor was unharmed. However, both are now in a CPZ, which gives Shunt and Bash the license to come out and start causing mayhem. Shunt’s main focus is on Thor, whilst Bash just seems happy to spit fire. It does, however, finally give Thor the opportunity to land a hit on Lightning. I feel proud.

But apparently Thor still has a thing for Shunt, so wanders over and starts and exchange that’s rather one sided in favour of Shunt. It’s only a small exchange, and soon everything is back to normal. Lightning decides that normal isn’t a good idea, and presses the pit release button, then reverses back and gets stuck on Thor, who can land a few more blows. Admittedly, the axe doesn’t seem to have as much power behind it anymore.

Lightning at the moment isn’t moving. It’s not that they’re dead, just stuck. So Refbot comes in and gives them a quick shove, and Lightning is free. Free to drive straight into Sgt Bash. But now there’s an opportunity, because Thor is slowly dying. The axe isn’t swinging anywhere near as hard, and they’re barely moving themselves. And so Lightning comes in, gets right underneath, and then uses that side flipper to jettison them down the pit. Well, I didn’t see that coming.

Into oblivion.png
Into Oblivion

And so this is it. Flipper versus flipper. Robot Wars the 7th Wars, genuinely becoming age of the flippers, for these 4 heats anyway. It’s Gravity vs. Lightning for a place in the Series Semi-Finals. Gravity have so far looked unbeatable, but can Lightning but an end to that? Well your house robots for this final showdown are Shunt and Dead Metal. Let the battle of the flippers commence!

Gravity start faster- Lightning are somewhat lethargic off the line. But they can’t attack, not straight away, not whilst their robot is riding up onto of Lightning instead of getting underneath. So they have to reset slightly, come at them again.

And then Gravity got underneath Lightning, and tossed them high into the air. Just as we’ve come to expect.

Like a pancake.png
Like a pancake

Lightning, being a flipper themselves, can self right. So this battle can go on. Gravity are now at the other side of the arena, allowing the two robots to face off. Almost like two charging knights of the realm, they go for each other, but this time its Lightning that gets under Gravity, but no flipper action, so Gravity simply drives over them.

Gravity, for what it’s worth, are slightly struggling with the fact they only have two wheels at the very rear of the robot. Every time they accelerate, their front end comes off the ground. It’s seemingly their one weakness. But regardless, Gravity go in for another attack. It’s not entirely successful though, and they actually get themselves wedged on a small piece of Lightning that’s hanging off. Cue pushing and shoving match.

After much of this pushing and shoving, Gravity eventually break free. And they use their re-found freedom to get underneath and flip Lightning into a barrel roll. Lightning land on their wheels, but the attack has taken its toll. Basically, Lightning is dead. Well then.

Gravity start to play around with Lightning, getting in a few more flips. It’s always so entertaining to see Gravity flip other robots around, such is their power. They are a seriously, seriously impressive robot. Refbot finally comes over and starts to count Lightning out, and that’s the end of the road to the funky side flipper.

Final Countdown.png
Final Countdown

Of course, Gravity couldn’t just leave it there, could they? So they come across, and flip Shunt over! Now that’s a way to end things off. They try for Dead Metal too, but don’t quite pull it off. Still, it’s nice to see where Apollo got their inspiration. With everything said and done, Gravity can’t let Dead Metal go, and start chasing back after them. They try once, twice, three times but Dead Metal stays steady. But Gravity would not give up, and eventually, over they go!

A fallen soldier.png
A Fallen Soldier

So, there we have it. Gravity become robot number 4 to take their place in the semi finals. The flippers are on a march. Can anybody stop them? Only time will tell.

And on another note- March 5th 2017 at 7pm BBC2. Robot Wars is back! Which means that I get to go into overdrive mode on this blog once again rather than just doing this once/twice a week like I’ve been doing recently. It’s going to be so much fun. Until then…


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